Audacity Tutorial How to Add Voice Effects to Vocal Track to Sound More Full

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 12.10.2012

Hello musicians thank you for joining us my name is andrew mercer and in this video i'm
going to be uh... tackling a question that's come from many subscribers spots
on my blog
as well as in hearing you too
an equity is how can i make my vocal tracks for how can i make 'em thicker
spell the first time in six years
is that there's this video grade here i'm going to link to
is at video that will show you how to deal with microphone placement
now microphone placement in your vocals
very very important and that will definitely improve your general vocal
tracks mikham thicker four anyway
but this video on the talk about how to double up your tracks
to may consent even fuller in the mid especially in the mix we've got
a guitar bass drums keyboards and you want to make your vocal tracks really
full that uh... the mix
i've recorded myself singing have theory basics on here no comments please a_d_c_
d uh... ci i've done no treatment so that all know compressor no week you
it's just me and my car
so what i did then was i've recorded the exact same thing a second time
a_t_c_ dat u have cheat
seeking here it's doubling up just because that can have some effects and
you've heard that and millions of times in songs on the radio or whatever
but we were making fuller so what we're going to do is i'm gonna selected that
second track that's uh... likes click on the left hand to add their
an aborted attitude and i'm going to go down to duplicate
working to command d
the ego so now i have to have the exact same thing
the these are exactly the same these to serve as not to be any difference
concert had a red satin a d_c_ sees the same as before
so the next in order to do is and hand
this uh... first track
dole leads to the left
apartments at twenty one of my first thought
an eminent and the the other one second on all the way to the right
another play it
those to track to be separated it still won't change the whole lot a_t_c_ so
sounds pretty much the same
but here's the trick
and resume in a little bit now
consume in a little like that
and a placement for stricter
i'm gonna grab my timesheet tool
pocket the topic and sees the line with the double arrowhead and i'm linda
the first track a little bit
and the second one polluted forward c concede this one's a little lead the sec
ones later than the third one now
now let's have a list
a tragedy today l m n o p
that's pretty dramatic
it's pretty dramatic now all of a sudden your the backing vocals though with the
second track i did
pops way out in really makes it sound full buses into the whole thing
a_d_c_ d_-day gene
a charity k_l_m_ and no p even
there you go
now demand for my taste i'd probably want to bring the volume level down a
little on both of these tracks
you know down of the so it's more background sort of thing sorry to hassle
a_d_c_ denied this little nicer
so you can play with those things yourself submitted fit for you
ito i think the fact that the tracks
this might be good for a chorus or bridger some other sections on you want
to be made to pop out
gives like guys guys like if this helps you accumulate them below uh... also
share on face book sharing twitter andy shorts described for loads of no
tutorials come up all the time
okay does have a recording elsie next time