White & Brown Irish Soda Bread Recipe : Mixing Flour & Wet Ingredients for Irish Soda Bread

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show how to make
Irish soda bread. Alright now we are going to make our big bowl here and our product.
Let's take that flour from here, pour that all in here and we are also going to take
our egg. Crack it. Well we are using a plastic bowl it is hard to crack the egg on the edge
of it. We are going to drop our egg down in there. Let's see, in goes the butter milk,
notice that we are leaving out all the other ingredients until this is all mixed up. Let's
get all out of there. I think butter milk is only good for one thing and that is cooking.
I'm not sure why you want to drink the nasty stuff. Go ahead and take my whisk here and
smash my egg. I'm not going to whisk this whole thing cause it is going to get to. We
are going to use the whisk here in the second, so I'm just going to use the whisk to kind
of get the egg in there. Try to work out some of the lumps. I'm going to make sure I try
to get all the way in the bottom and the flour off the side onto the bottom. Like I said
this whisk is only going to be used for a couple of minutes cause as you can see it
is already getting too thick that I can not really do anymore. It is time to put the whisk
away. I'm sorry shake all the dough off of it. So now I'm going to add in other ingredients,
here I got the melted butter. Make sure you get all that out of there. You want to use
melted butter but not hot butter cause hot butter would have an effect in the agents.
I'm going to take a wooden spoon here and mix that in. The idea here is to mix everything
up except for the lavender and throw that in in the very last second. Okay mix everything
up. A nice pastry substance now which we have.