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Yeah ...
Re-skin the fuselage or ... not, that's the question
Nahh ... no
Is there ever a time ... when you're NOT poring over your helicopter plans?
Yes, nights -- when I'm dreaming about them
And would it be conceivable that we could do something together in the city tonight?
Maybe go to a club or two
Yes, I know. Since you got here, we haven't really done very much.
We've bought a helicopter
Yeah. And either I sit here over these plans, or I hunker in No Limits and, uh, finance replacement parts. I'm sorry.
Maybe I can help you with something
With the helicopter? No way.
I was thinking more ... of the other option
It couldn't hurt anything to... spice up the joint a little
Mm hmm. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll give it some thought.
And how about if you just left the thinking up to me?
Stella, there are few things that scare me more
Seriously though!
As long as I'm waiting around for the hospital to contact me ...
... I want to make myself useful somehow
Why exactly in No Limits?
I might have a few ideas ...
... how to transform a sleepy little coffeehouse into an "in place" to be
That's exactly what I'm afraid of, and I know what's coming next
You're going to don this... this puppy-dog look that you think I won't be able to resist and that will make me say "yes"
But you know what, young lady ...? It's not going to work.
Well, did you sleep well?
I'm ... just surprised that you're still here
Yeah, it just sort of happened that way ...
Looks like, huh?
Partied pretty well, did we?
Yeah, not too shabby
Uhm ...
I ... I can't really remember right now exactly what, uhm ..
Did we, uhm ...
Did anything happen between us?
Ohh, yes!
Oh, and it was fantastic!
Oh, it was so ...!
It was so monumental!
Oh! It was ...!
Ohnnh! Never in my whole life has it been like that!
Relax -- nothing happened between us. Just a joke!
Oh, thank god!
All right, I get it
No no, no no -- that's not how I meant it
How then?
Look, you offered to let me sleep here because I was tired
But don't worry, I'm leaving
Wait, wait. Please.
Would you like to have breakfast with me?
The two of us? Together?
Okay ...
Yes, okay!
Another possibility would be to purchase beverages together with another restaurant
Oh, yeah!
Canola oil in place of sunflower oil ... it's cheaper and equally as healthy
Ah, yes. Yeah, if you think that will save money and we'll still have ... a little left over for the tail rotor.
I'm sure there'll be enough for at least a few bolts in there
-- Ahem ... | -- Great
-- Gregor? | -- What?
These things here are all going to expire soon. Well -- according to the expiration date.
What should I do with them?
Expiration date? Uhh ... toss'em.
All right --
I'm not putting together a list for you, of how you can save money, just so you can turn around and throw it away!
I see ... that conflicts, so to say, with the household budget lesson, does it?
We could use them to ...
... put on an Advent dinner!
Forget it -- throw'em away!
No way! It's getting close to Christmas.
That would be just the thing for your image
"An ... Advent Dinner for All"
Yeah good. Whatever.
You'll be amazed! What I see is something like --
Hey -- no details! Okay?
Do whatever you think is best. You can do that -- that's what you're trained for.
You take care of your Advent dinner and I'll take care of my tail rotor
Your coffee's in here!
I just don't understand how someone could go out and run all over the place after such a delicious breakfast!
First of all, I only ate a little bit and secondly, a short training session can't hurt anything
As if YOU needed to worry about losing weight
Jogging is a mental thing
That's too deep for me!
All right -- take care
See you
Uhm ... Sebastian!
I just wanted to thank you for the dress you gave me
It's really beautiful
I can't think of anyone else it would look as good on as you
It's just ...
A nice dress -- that's hardly enough to make a lady of me
And that means ...?
That means, I'd love to continue our lesson. Well, of course only if you have the time!
You seem to really be enjoying it
I don't know whether or when, but as soon as I can find an opening after work, I'll call you, okay?
Hey, tell me this ... What's Stella up to down there in No Limits?
She's practicing budgetary and nutritional management. Our whirlwind has found a way to keep herself busy.
You do know that our whirlwind can quickly turn into a hurricane, don't you?
No, she just wants to put on a swanky Advent dinner for us!
Reflective music, candlelight, nice conversation
You know, whatever she puts her hand to is guaranteed to be a hit. You're also invited, by the way, but ...
... don't come in that outfit
Ah, so there'll even be a dress code, will there?
Well, to tell the truth, at the moment I don't really care about Christmas dinner
Why not? Has something happened?
Olli is staying over... over the Christmas holiday in Ibiza
Hey -- come anyway
I'll invite a few people
Even, uhh ... even Sarah and Leonard
What, seriously?
So they'll ... so they'll know that I'm no longer a social recluse, but that I'm okay again
You want to set an example with the invitation, or what?
Sort of
Peace on earth and goodwill to men
Hey, Sarah -- it's me
Gregor -- hi!
Listen, we haven't really seen much of each other recently, and uhm ...
Oh, yeah. Uhm ...
I'm sorry, I should've called. I was just so ... busy and stressed because of the wedding, and ...
No no -- that's not what I meant. I just thought, I uhh...
I wanted to invite the two of you over this afternoon
As a kind of ceremonial act, I guess
Yeah, uhm ... today?
Well, I really should practice my piano. I've gotten totally rusty.
I don't mean that as a "No" though. I ...
It's just ... could we maybe postpone it?
We can't
We're planning a fancy Advent dinner in No Limits, and uhh ...
... a "No" is not something we can accept on such short notice
Well, good. How would it be then with a "Yes"?
Much better
I'd really like that, because ... it's been a long time, and uh
Well, yeah ... uh, tell your husband he should put on his fancy duds
-- Of course | -- Good
-- See you then | -- See you later
Gregor, wait a sec!
Uhm, Lydia can't come, she's out with her parents
Am I too late?
Noo -- no one would start without the main character
Uhm ...
Gregor -- what's going on here?
Hey, excuse me. Is that free too?
Nooo! Uhh ...
I would say it's a complete success!
What IS it?!
You said "Advent Dinner" and not ...
"Meal for the Homeless"!
"Peace on earth and goodwill to men"
Yeah, up yours!
Gregor! Gregor!
It's a total Brownie point for the image of your business ...
During the Christmas season, to think of those that otherwise no one else thinks of!
Yeah, that may all be well and good, but in 2 minutes my guests will be arriving
And I've been raving to them about what an ultra-classy function this was going to be
You said I could do whatever I wanted!
How was I supposed to have a CLUE that you were expecting some fancy-schmancy number!?!
Man ...
Uhm, when are your guests coming anyway?
Yah, come in
You're still working?
Well, I think it's totally cool that you found time for our lesson
What do you think of my dress?
It is ... a bit new!
What's going on with you?
Is something wrong?
You tell me
What do you mean?
You know what
Because I recently spent the night with you?
We were in the same bed, okay?
Yes, and nothing happened!
So why are you insinuating to Lydia that there was something between us?