[sub]BBS: TER14 Destiny Islands-Eraqus

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Light--It's so warm.
Somewhere out there, there's supposed to be a tree that bears a star shaped fruit...
Aqua, Ven--
Has our connection been severed?
Will I ever see you again?
Why has the light drawn me here?
What can I do?
Wait up!
You're going too fast!
What's wrong, Sora? Giving up already?
That's it! No more!
That light--
Was I drawn here to meet this boy?
He--y! Over here!
Riku, now let's race to see who gets to the boat first!
Take that!
Come on, I'll leave you behind!
Hey, mister--
Did you come from another world?
Why do you ask?
No one lives on this island, and I've never seen you on the main land either.
What about you?
How'd you get here from the main island?
My friend's dad brought me here today.
This is where we hang out, but...
we can't come here by ourselves yet.
It sounds like you wanna leave your island pretty badly.
A long time ago, there was someone who left this world.
How'd you get here, Mister?
Why do you want to go to another world?
wanna get stronger.
Like that guy who left this island long ago.
If I leave this place,
I feel like I could get stronger.
Why do you wanna get stronger?
So I can protect what's important to me.
Like my friends, and everyone.
There's a big world out there beyond this small one.
Try grabbing on to this key.
If you have the ability,
you'll be able to leave this small world as a keyblade master
and even travel to come see me.
When that happens,
I'll teach you how wide the world really is
and how to protect that which you hold dear.
Hurry hurry!
Let's keep today a secret between the two of us, ok?
Or else, the magic spell I cast on you will be broken!
Hey, what were you talkin' about?
Oh, just something.
Huh? What's "something" supposed to mean?
Who's that guy? Someone you know?
It's a secret!
Huh? No fair! Tell me!
I said it's a secret, so I can't tell anyone.
It's ok! Hey, I won't tell, so tell me!
No way!
Aw, man...
To protect what's important...
Like friends and everyone...
I, too, still have something I need to protect.
This feeling...Is it Ven?!
Master Terra, come to my side.
Master Xehanort!
Master Xehanort, did you call me?
Something terrible has happened.
Ventus has found out about the secret of his past.
Ven has!?
I think I just saw Ven flying away. What exactly has happened?
Ventus has gone to see Eraqus to ascertain the truth.
I just couldn't be upfront with him. I didn't know what to do.
Master Terra, as his friend, you must go protect Ventus!
No need to tell me.
You were not meant to exist!
Master! What are you doing!?
Terra! Move out of the way! That's an order!
Are you disobeying the order of your teacher?
That's right!
Why can you not understand your teacher's heart?
If my words do not reach your ears--
I'll have to use force on you both!
That's enough, Terra! I'm--
Shut up!
I don't care if you're a master.
I will use this power to protect my friend!
So you've fallen to the darkness, Terra?!
Wait, Terra!