This Week in Android Development, November 16th 2012

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RETO MEIER: Hello, everyone.
My name is Reto Meier, and welcome to "This Week in
Android Development," November 16, 2012.
We've had a huge couple of weeks in Android Development
developments, so this week's episode is stuffed fuller than
the turducken I'll be feasting on next week at Thanksgiving.
Earlier this week, lightning reflexes and nerves of steel
were prerequisites for picking up a shiny new Nexus 4, 7, or
10 when the latest members of the Nexus family appeared,
albeit briefly, for sale on Google Play.
You can't have a new framework without a new API to go along
with it, so Tuesday also saw the grand unveiling of Android
API level 17, featuring the new Daydream API, lock screen
widgets, and improved render script computational
A new API is no fun without a set of new tools to use with
it, so don't forget to check out the latest tools revision.
That's R21 for those keeping count.
That's also available for download now.
It features the incredibly cool multi-config editor, more
app templates, and the new UI automated test framework.
If all of these new releases has inspired you to hone up on
your Android development skills but you're not sure
where to start, check out the newly rearranged Android
training on the Android developer side.
It's been a busy few weeks for Android Developers Live, too,
with the premiere of "Table Flip" with me.
The first episode focused the dark heat of a thousand dying
suns at apps with exit buttons.
Check out the YouTube video to learn why.
Later that week, Ian and I looked at instant messaging
apps on "The App Clinic" before Roman, Nick, and Adam
took their take on what it takes to make the ultimate
unified messaging app.
They also invited the Android design community to become
part of Android Design In Action, starting with the
community hang out and an Android
design stencil giveaway.
Then earlier today, I flew solo for a personal fitness
app clinic, the irony of which cannot possibly be
We're taking a break next week as we search for Ian, who's
review of one of the less well-reviewed GPS tracking
apps has resulted in him being lost in the backwoods of the
Sierra Nevada forests.
Then we'll be back after stuffing ourselves stupid with
Thanksgiving fare.
Want to help us decide which apps to review
when we come back?
Check out our Trello board at to
nominate your apps and cast your votes.
We'll have an abbreviated lineup on Android Developers
Live next week, as most of our team is
traveling, cooking, or eating.
But don't forget you can find the complete schedule for next
week's live shows at Google Developers Live.
Today's live wallpaper was Fancy Falling Quads from, and know that if I didn't know better, I'd hang
my hat right there.
My name is Reto Meier, thanks for watching.