General Hospital 01/17/11 Part 3/3 with subtitles

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Siobhan: You need to hear what I'm saying to you Lucky Spencer.
I don't want to find a way to work this out.
We can't change who we are.
Lucky: Are you going to go back to Ireland or what?
Siobhan: I might.
Lucky: Despite the danger?
Siobhan: I'm in danger here. I'm in danger wherever I go.
But the last place I want to be is in some God-forsaken American town
Freezing in the dead of winter with a cop who's got two kids to raise
Who wants to work things out so we can settle down.
Lucky: I never said that to you. Ever.
Siobhan: You want me to give you something that I don't have.
You want me to care about you the same way that you care about me and I don't.
So the best thing for both of us is to just end this now
Before someone gets seriously hurt.
That's why I'm leaving. And you can't stop me.
Sam: Jason!
Anybody home?
Jason: We kind of have a situation.
Sonny: Uh, Claire Walsh. This is Claire Walsh.
My fiancée, Brenda Barrett.
Brenda: Hi, nice to meet you.
Claire: Well I'm on my way out. So I think we're done here, right?
Sonny: Yeah.
Jason: So, uh, Dante has confirmed that Jerry Jacks and Aleksander Janacek are not related.
Sonny: So Jerry's not the Balkan.
Jason: Jerry's probably not even dead.
Sonny: So the Balkan's still a threat.
Jason: Which means your wedding can't happen.
Dante: I don't know what Brenda told you.
Theo: Was I not clear? She killed a man in 2007.
You were an accessory after the fact. If she gets hysterical and falls apart on
the stand she implicates both of you for capital murder.
Dante: It was self-defense.
Theo: Two killings in self-defense in less than five years?
Two dead men. Two alleys. And you and Ms Barrett the only witnesses.
I don't believe even I could sell that to a jury.
Dante: Look, Aleksander Janacek was a punk. Okay? He was a spoiled brat.
He spent all his daddy's money pretending he ran the syndicate himself.
He treated Brenda like she was a possession.
Like a car or a watch. Something he could use.
Theo: She accepted his advances, didn't she?
Dante: Yeah, sure, for a while she went out with him.
Then she found out who he was and she dumped him.
He didn't take no for an answer. He followed her to New York.
He trapped her in an alleyway.
He figured if he couldn't have her no one else could. I tried to stop him.
Theo: And lost control of your sidearm. A sloppy mistake.
Dante: Right. Okay. Yeah. Aleksander, he was a big guy.
He was choking me. I almost blacked out. The next thing I know I hear a shot.
I look over, Brenda's holding my gun. She killed him to save my life.
Jason: Hey. Sam: Hi.
Jason: Glad you're here.
Sam: Well?
Jason: Well, uh okay. DNA evidence proves
That Jerry's not the Balkan so we're back to square one.
And the cops raided Vaughn's.
Sam: No.
Jason: Yeah. Abby got hauled in for solicitation
And Michael was at the PCPD and he saw Abby get brought in.
Sam: Wait a minute. Why? She's not a hooker.
Jason: The arresting officer, Ronnie Dimestico.
He said something to set Michael off.
Sam: Oh-oh. No, no, no. He didn't hit a cop, did he?
Jason: No, Dante didn't let it get that far.
But if Abby gets hauled in again, Michael loses it, he's going back to prison.
Sam: Jason, this was never supposed to happen.
Jason: I know. And I know that Michael likes Abby and he swears to me that she's helping
But he cannot get into any more trouble.
Michael: Abby. Hey. I was getting worried.
I was calling and texting you and didn't hear back from you at all.
Abby: No, I just needed some time, you know. To, uh, think.
Michael: Okay. Yeah. I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure that you're okay.
Abby: No, I know, I appreciate you trying to help, you know.
You're such a nice kid.
Michael: Aren't we past me being a nice kid?
Abby: Well I appreciated, you know the way you stood up for me with your brother.
He seems like a decent cop.
Michael: Yeah. He is. Unlike Ronnie Dimestico.
I just can't believe he brought you in like that. You know? You're not like them at all.
You're not a hooker.
Abby: What makes you so sure?
The Balkan: Were you aware that Brenda Barrett
Murdered my son with her own delicate hands?
Siobhan: How could I know that?
The Balkan: First she shot Aleksander. Then Falconeri dumped him in a swamp.
Like an animal.
Siobhan: I'm very sorry.
The Balkan: Did they really believe no one would care?
That no one would come looking? They'll pay for what they did.
And soon I'll have my revenge.
Siobhan: I'm afraid that you'll be having it without me.
Jason: You know I can see how Abby's good for Michael.
He's talking. He's more confident. He actually seems hopeful about his future
for the first time since Pentonville.
Sam: His face lights up when he talks about her.
Jason: I know. She listens to him. She accepts him.
And I understand how important that is because it's what you do for me.
But the closer Michael gets to Abby the more volatile he's going to be
If somebody starts harrassing her.
Sam: Okay. Well then maybe you should talk to him.
Jason: I tried. I mean, he says he understands
But his understanding didn't stop him from almost hitting a cop today.
[Knock on door]
Carly: Jason, it's me. You gotta open up the door.
We need to talk about Michael. Abby was arrested for prostitution today.
Do you know how bad that is for Michael?
Michael:I know you're not a hooker because you told me you weren't.
You got mad when I offered you money.
Abby: Because you're so sweet I didn't want to throw it in your face.
Michael: You're not a hooker, Abby.
Abby: Look Sam called me for that first date because she knows I'm a pro.
I'm discreet, you know, she knew I'd be nice to you no matter what happened.
Michael: No, no. You're dancing because you're paying your way through school.
Abby: I'm stripping, Michael.
Michael: Then you go inside the place in your head where nothing bad happens.
You can't feel anything.
Abby: Yeah, well that place works for turning tricks, too.
You know the club is just a way to advertise.
Believe me, sex pays a lot more money than just taking my clothes off for strangers.
Michael: No, you're a dancer. You're not a hooker.
Abby: I'm a prostitute.
Lucky: Yeah everything was fine earlier today then I thought Siobhan and I
were going to go to the Foxwood Lodge for the night.
Dante: Foxwood? Pulling out all the stops, huh?
Lucky: Yeah, well, she didn't think so. I don't know. It was just the whole thing
was weird. Something about it just doesn't feel right. It was literally like one
minute we're fine and the next, man, she's-- she's walking away.
Dante: Maybe she felt crowded.
Lucky: I've been doing everything in my power to avoid that.
I think something's going on that she's not telling me.
Siobhan: Lucky broke up with me.
The Balkan: Change his mind.
Siobhan: He'll get even more suspicious if I come crawling back.
It's not in my nature and he knows it.
I can't help you anymore.
The Balkan: You'll reconcile with Lucky. You'll be at that wedding.
And you'll continue to do whatever I want.
Siobhan: I'm telling you, I can't. The man wants nothing more to--
[Cell phone rings]
The Balkan: Answer it.
Siobhan: Hello?
[Voice on phone sobs]
Siobhan: Megan?
Megan: Siobhan please help me, please.
Siobhan: Where are you?
Megan: [crying] I don't know. It's dark.
Siobhan: I promise. I'll get you out of there.
Megan: Help me, please! Oh God! Leave me alone.
Siobhan: Just hold on. I'll help you.
Megan: I'm scared, Siobhan. I don't know what they'll do to me.
Siobhan: Hold on. I'll help you.
[Call ends]
Siobhan: My sister never did anything to you.
She doesn't even know you. She has nothing to do with anything.
Let her go.
The Balkan: That's up to you.
Siobhan: What do you want?
The Balkan: Help me make sure this wedding never happens.
Sonny: We're gonna be together for the rest of our lives.
If we wait a week, a month, for the wedding I don't see that as being a big deal.
Brenda: The longer we wait then there's a better chance of something happening.
Sonny: I'm not backing out.
Brenda: But something's going to go wrong. That's how it always happens.
Sonny: A lot of risk in my business. It comes with-- with what I do.
Brenda: Exactly and it's a perfect point. So it's risky. It's already risky, so?
What's the point in waiting? I've waited for you my whole life.
Sonny: Yes.
Brenda: Well I'm not waiting anymore.
Sonny: But the wedding is a perfect opportunity
For the Balkan to come after you.
Brenda: I don't care. I'm not running and hiding.
Being miserable my whole life.
I don't want to be afraid. I don't want to live my life in fear.
Sonny: You have to. We've gotta deal with reality.
Brenda: My reality is that I want to be with you. I want to marry you.
You're mine. Come here.
Sonny: I don't want to argue about this, you know.
Brenda: Uh-huh. So we're going to get married on February 18.
Sonny: I promise.