Acrylic Nail Liquid and Powder, Pick-up Correct Ratio For Nice Bead Consistency Tutorial by Naio

Uploaded by naiouk on 15.12.2011

I want to talk to you in this video about bead consistency.
I still know a lot of people who are still having problems with bead consistency.
When you're doing art work it doesn't matter so much if your bead's a little bit wetter,
but when you're doing your pink and whites your bead consistency needs to be correct.
And when you're doing your overlays on top of your art work
your bead consistency needs to be correct because it's that that gives you the strength.
So, I want to show you right and wrong ways of doing bead consistency.
A lot of people dip into the liquid and then start doing this on the side of the dappen dish,
getting all that liquid out the brush, and then they go into the powder,
and they pick up basically what is too much of a dry bead.
You can still see all the little dints in it,
it's not going shiny, it's not going wet at all... It's too dry.
That will be very difficult to work with.
The other thing people do is too wet consistency when they're doing their pink and whites.
They go in, they tap off ever so lightly and
they pick up a bead up and it literally falls off onto the towel.
Far too wet.
So the idea is is that you get into your head a structure of how to pick up each bead.
My idea of it is: brush goes all the way in, draws back fully on the side of the dappen dish, one, two, three.
Do that again: all the way in, draw back, one, two, three. That will give you a nice consistency bead.
It will start off slightly like a golf ball and then it will wetten up, and that'll be a nice bead to work with.
And that's about bead consistency.