West Wing Week: 12/16/11 or "A Final March Toward Home"

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♪♪(Drum and Bugle Corps)♪♪
Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's
happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
With America's War in Iraq coming to an end,
the President welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to the
White House and invited him to a moving wreath-laying ceremony,
and then spoke to troops at Fort Bragg on ending the war
responsibly and standing by those who fought for it.
After nearly nine years of sacrifice,
the tide of war is receding and the troops are coming home.
That's December 9th to December 15th or,
"A Final March Toward Home."
The President: So as your Commander-in-Chief, and on behalf of a grateful
nation, I'm proud to finally say these two words --
and I know your families agree -- welcome home.
(cheers and applause)
Welcome home.
Welcome home.
Merry Christmas, everybody!
Narrator: The holiday season was in full swing by the time this
particularly historic West Wing Week began with a flurry of
White House traditions being honored over the weekend --
first with the arrival and installation of the Menorah;
then with the President attending the Army-Navy Game.
And the First Family attending the Annual Christmas in
Washington Celebration.
The President: You guys have got to help us deliver the books.
Are you strong?
Okay, let's put it on there.
Narrator: On Monday, the President welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister
Nouri al-Maliki to the White House.
The two leaders held talks on the removal of U.S. military
forces from Iraq and on efforts to start a new chapter in the
Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the
United States and Iraq.
The President: This is a season of homecomings.
And military families across America are being reunited for
the holidays.
In the coming days, the last American soldiers will cross the
border out of Iraq with honor and with their heads held high.
After nearly nine years, our war in Iraq ends this month.
Narrator: Later, at Arlington National Cemetery,
they honored the sacrifices and service of all those who served
in Iraq to reach this moment full of promise for an enduring
U.S.-Iraq friendship at the end of America's War in Iraq.
(bugler playing "Taps")
Narrator: On Wednesday, the President and First Lady spoke directly to the
troops at Fort Bragg and to members of the Armed Services
and their families everywhere.
The President spoke about the enormous sacrifices and
achievements of the brave Americans who served in the
Iraq War.
And about the extraordinary milestone of bringing that war
to an end.
The President: This country needs to learn from you.
Folks in Washington need to learn from you.
Audience: Hooah!
The President: For all the disagreements that we face, you remind us,
there's something bigger than our differences.
Something that makes us one nation and one people.
That's why you, the 9/11 generation,
has earned your place in history.
I could not be prouder of you.
And America could not be prouder of you.
Narrator: On Thursday, the President once again vowing that we can't wait
for Congress to ensure a fair shake for working Americans,
announced a rule change that will ensure that more home
health care workers qualify for the overtime pay
that they've earned.
The President's special guest at the event was Pauline Beck,
a home health care worker from California who allowed
then-candidate Obama to spend a day working alongside her
on the job.
Meanwhile, as the countdown clock continues to tick,
it's time to help the middle class and all those trying to
reach it by ensuring that taxes don't go up by an average of
$1,000 for 160 million working Americans next year.
To find out more information on any of these topics or to see
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And thanks again for checking out your West Wing Week.
The President: Now, I'm sure you realize why I don't like following
Michelle Obama.
She's pretty good.
Audience: Hooah!
The President: And it is true I am a little biased but let me just say it:
Michelle, you are a remarkable First Lady.
(cheers and applause)
You are a great advocate for military families.
Audience: Hooah!
The President: And you're cute.
First Lady Michelle Obama: No.