New Heart, 8회, EP08, #07

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♪ If I think about our lovely past ♪
Good morning, Sky.
- Hi, Sky. - Oh, Sky, Sky!
He's a foreign doctor. Observation or dispatch?
Why don't you be more observant? Plastic surgery's hiring Russian doctors.
Russians are coming to Korea to get plastic surgery.
You need to understand to give them a nose job, eye job, breast augmentation,
and liposuction.
Why would a university hospital do nose and eye jobs?
There are so much to do like treat burn victims and cleft lip patients.
Treating patients is a goal, but it's also a service.
Service? Are we a club? Does that make me a host and you a hostess?
- What? - Look at you.
K-1 match round one. Blue boxer is pickled crab Eunsung Lee!
Red boxer is big eyes Heseok Nam! For commentary, we have Intae Woo.
- What do you think? - Well, um…
Hurry hurry up.
Analyzing the 16 wins and 2 losses, logically…
Let's make a bet.
I put my money on Heseok.
This isn't time for jokes!
It's the sign of times.
Plastic surgery, dermatology,
and obesity clinics are the only specialties that make money.
Is everyone crazy? Why else would I have applied to cardiothoracic surgery?
He's a little off. He's definitely not normal.
What's everyone thinking?
Cardiothoracic surgery, this is Eunsung Lee speaking.
Emergency surgery transfer? Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm?
He's 75 and received a heart transplant.
He suffered from a stroke.
Impending rupture?
I'll ask the professor and call you right back.
Which hospital are you calling from?
Yes, and a number.
Can you repeat that?
Sure. Okay, I'll call you right back.
- Tell them the answer's no. - What?
He has a complicated diagnosis. We don't even have beds.
If Professor Taejoon Kim were to okay it, then we can make room.
You handle it. Tell them to go elsewhere!
Our hands are tied as it is.
We only sleep 3 hours a day. We're spreading ourselves way too thin!
I'll hurt you if you make any surgery reservations.
Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm?
He's had a heart transplant and a stroke.
Don't accept him and refer him to another hospital.
We don't have any room in the ER! Our schedules are packed with surgeries!
I'm busy writing my journal.
Why would I accept someone who's about to burst?
Don't skip your meals and eat.
That's how you can recover.
- Eunsung. - Yes?
What's the status of the thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm patient?
Well, um…nothing's happened.
Why? Doesn't he need surgery?
Well, um…
Professor Kim didn't accept the patient.
Be careful.
- What do you think you're doing? - I'll perform the surgery.
I'm in charge of aortic surgeries.
Isn't it ridiculous for a chief to break the rules?
You're the one who put different people in charge of different things.
How can you break your own rules?
I thought you had passion for your work,
but obviously you have a rotten mentality.
- Move! - Rotten mentality?!
We don't have enough ORs or beds at the ICU.
How can you say you did your very best to those patients…
…that need intensive post-op care by moving them to the ward…
…and taking a patient who has a minimal chance of survival?
How can you let a patient die?
I don't know if you're hungry to raise your medical cases,
but patient's survival and recovery rate is more important to me.
Open him up if you want. But going forward,
I'll do any surgeries that come my way.
Fine, do whatever you want.
Move him�