Лицегрязь 泥 [Facemud]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 05.11.2012

Yeah. Yeah. Mhm, yeah.
Even though we don't see her face, obviously she's Japanese.
And this has 200.000 views in 3 days.
And yes, in this vid japanese girls take turns in diving head first into mud.
Japan, WTF?
What the space human-monster like incredible F!
I really hope these healthy mud baths also cure brains.
Or do they have some sort of underground kitchen there?
[oh no, milk's running]
You know, somewhere nearby space robots are trimming bushes in the park.
How?! How both of those things can happen in one country?
This vid, it's so...
It makes me want to ride a unicorn through a TV garbage dump.
Phew, it really calms me down.
I can probably survive another view oof Japanese girls.
[dirty women]
I know! They are hypnotized by a robot mud monster from Alpha Centaurus with robot tentacles!
Don't worry, it's just your regular japanese porn.
And this is Horosho!
Thanks nnMotionPictures!
Thanks to him we can take a break from all the dirty stuff.
Oh my dear Tape, i can watch this little jumping shit forever!
No wonder it has more than a million views.
Think the master also has fun with his pet every day.
Need to find the longest stairs in the world and take a 10 hour version of it.
Or you can get the dog on the escalator.
On a great flamind escalator. With water running down. And watch it forever.
If the Mars rover used the same technology, Mars expedition would be much more cute and drooling.
And this is Horosho!
And the third vid was sent by zasranecify.
Looks like the author of this vid had a blackout and went out to see what's wrong.
And there was an old man.
Why are you doing this?
My PC will fail now. Or a frigde. Why did you turn it off?
Why did you open the box? What are you, an electrician?
Do you hear me?
Not listening, go away.
Well, you get the situation.
But that's not the point.
What have you done you... silly old man?
Heard that? Did you hear how he called him?
Silly old man.
Silly. Old. Man.
Cursing like a sir.
But what the hell's he doing?
Go call the fire brigade! GO! What're you looking at!
Go call 911!
What do you mean "call yourself", I aint uploading this to YouTube without the ending.
But even the progressing gawker syndrome has nothing on this young man's strength of will.
So what have you done you... silly old man?
You know, even tho this old man's hands are growing like... 60cm lower than usual.
Even tho you really wan't to tell him everything to his face
He beat the system! He didn't curse.
Maybe we should all learn something here and be more polite?
You're taking duck pics in the bathroom again, you ... silly vagina.
I think this site is the bottom, loved sometime ago.
Viktor Tsoi is a sexual minority and a phallos degustator.
What have you done you... silly old man?
Prolly the old man got nervous that he's on camera so he accidentally connected the wrong wires.
No wonder! The guy was talking too much so the old man ... failed.
And this is Horosho!
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So, what do you do to prepare for doing nothing?
teaching french kids propper accent
live with my mom
i pretend im dead
Bring me a pc and a chair and i'll show you how it's done
entered the university for the second time
wake up early to do nothihng even more.
Kostik, do something with that face of yours.
Not this!~
yeah something like this �