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Hello, and welcome to the final part of Sonic in the Search for Love. It was over a year
ago when I started these readings for this fanfic. oh what a long year and a half it
has been.... But now, this fanfic has to come to an end. I present to you... the final 4
chapters of Sonic in the Search for Love.
Author's Note: If anyone trying to figure out what my Sig is from. It from the new Linkin
Park Cd and the song called Leave out all the rest.
Chapter 9
The three of them get up Friday morning after there long rest to see if they could find
any clues to find Krezz and to get a step closer to see what going on in Pouncefield.
After having breakfast they begin to tear up the apartment to see if there are any clues
there. After destroying the whole place the Master remembers that he had the V.C.R set
to record his favorite show that was on last night. He rewinds the tape and then presses
play. After thirty minutes lettering comes across the screen and it reads Come to Xephir
for I am waiting there for you. If you don’t your friends will die.
“The spy is in Xephir now we got to go there and capture that person and so then we will
know the truth” says Sonic. “Spy what spy?” asks Master.
“I’ll tell you the whole story so you two know what going on” says Sonic.
Sonic tells them everything that has happened to him till the point he arrived in Pouncefield.
After three hours of explaining the whole ordeal to them there eyes where wide open
in shocked and they hope they can help him.
“How do use suppose we get there?” asks Irina.
“I’m not sure because my plain destroyed” says Sonic.
“I have an idea on who this spy is…” just at that moment the Master gets shot with
a tranquilizer dart and falls on the floor. Irina rushes over to him to see what has happened.
“Are you ok my love?” asks Irina. Just at that moment she notices sticking out of
his neck. Irina pulls the dart and stabs it in the Master’s left nut. Sonic cringes
in pain. “Pull the dart out now because he’s going
to be really mad when he wakes up” says Sonic while protecting his nuts.
“In my country if some get shoot with a tranquilizer dart we stab the guy in one of
the balls. For us women we get stabbed right below are pussy. After that we suck the guy
off or lick the girl out” says Irina while stroking the Master’s dick.
“Your country weird” says Sonic and goes to see where that dart came from.
Sonic takes one last look at them and sees Irina sucking the Master’s dick.
After two hours passing by Sonic comes back with no luck on finding where that dart came
from. Sonic begins to walk over to where Irina and the Master are. Just in time to see the
Master wake up with the dart still in his left nut.
“Fuck that hurt!” says Master while pulling out the dart.
“Sorry my love it tradition in my county and I gave you a blow job while you were unconscious”
says Irina. “Don’t you ever do that again and thanks
for the blow job” says Master. “What were you saying about the spy?”
asks Sonic. “I forget now but it might come back to
me” says Master. “Does anyone have any other ideas?” asks
Sonic. “I have one let’s steal a plain” says
Irina. “Let not and say we did” says Sonic.
“I agree with Sonic” says Master. “We should leave a note just in case any
of are friends show up while were gone” says Irina.
“I’ll do that” says Sonic while he begins to write the note.
“Good that settled” says Irina. “Ya you done writing that note?” asks
Master. “Yep let me just put it on the fridge”
says Sonic while going into the kitchen to put the note up. Sonic grabs a magnate and
places the note on the fridge.
Just at that moment they hear a plane passing by over head and they all think it landed
on the top of the building. Sonic opens the door and let’s them go ahead of him. He
closes the door and runs to catch up with them. They wait for the elevator to come to
them after Irina presses the button. After a couple of minutes passing by the elevator
comes down and the door’s open. They walk into the elevator and the Master presses the
button for the top floor. The elevator makes it way to the top floor and it arrives to
there destination. They head out of the elevator to find the door to the roof.
After twenty minutes Sonic finds the door but it all chained up. After doing a Sonic
spin the chains break and the door opens. Sonic calls the rest of them over and they
begin to walk up the stairs to the roof. After making there way to the top they see a person
in the plain. The person looks at them and get out of the plane then makes there way
to the edge of the roof. The person jumps off the roof and they head over to the edge
of the building. They look down just in time to see a parachute open up and see’s the
person land on the ground. The person walks into Fishing Planes Hotel and they head back
to the plane in order to start there trip to Xephir. A note was lying on the pilot seat
and Sonic begins to read it.
Hello My Love
I hope you enjoy this plane I’ve sent to you. I know you’ve been busy since all that
has happened. I really enjoyed that one time I sucked your cock and I hope to do it again
sometime. Hope you find me soon while I get from anticipation.
From your Love
“Who that?” asks Irina. “Not sure I saw her once but haven’t seen
here again. I really like to see her again” says Sonic and begins to cry.
“Let’s go” says Master. “Agreed” says Sonic while wiping the tears
off his face.
They hope into the plane and head out to Xephir. As they begin to make there journey towards
Xephir an explosion can be heard but they decide to keep going in order to put an end
to this madness.
Later that night
Sonic sets the plane in a clearing in the forest outside of Xephir and they begin to
make camp for the night. After camp was set up Sonic can see a certain chipmunk off in
the distance. Sonic starts to run after the chipmunk and the other two have no idea what
going on. After a couple of minutes Sonic catches up to the chipmunk. He picks up the
chipmunk pushes him really hard into the nearest tree.
“Chip what did you do to my plain?” says Sonic in anger.
“Plane I didn’t do anything to your plane” says Chip.
“I know your lying just tell me the truth” says Sonic in anger and pushes Chip harder
into the tree this time. “Alright I’ll tell ya who paid me to do
this to ya” says Chip while coughing up blood.
“Alright talk” says Sonic.
(Due to the nature of this scene it will cause some people to fell noshes and may fell the
need to vomit and the scene has been deleted from this thread in order to protect you from
unheard of acts. Thank you and have a nice day from your computer. You’ll get this
if you’ve seen grind house.)
Saturday afternoon
“That what happened when I saw that chipmunk” says Sonic.
“Wow and let’s head to the city now” says Master.
“Ya let’s go” says Irina.
They continue there walk onto Xephir in hope to find some answers to all that has happened
so far and go see the person Chip was talking about. The walk was peaceful and they meet
Connie standing at the entrance to the city.
“Hi Connie” says Sonic. “Hi Sonic been awhile” says Connie.
“Sure has and thanks for the help” says Sonic.
“No problem and I’m glad to see you” says Connie.
“Me to and this is Master and Irina” says Sonic.
“Nice to meet you two” says Connie. “You too” says Irina.
“Why don’t you girls have a good time and will meet you back here say around eight
o’clock tonight?” asks Master. “We will and I’ll show her a good time”
says Connie.
The girls head off to do girly things while the two guys head off to meet with the one.
After thirty minutes they head up to the one’s house and Sonic rings the door bell but no
one comes to the door. Sonic tries again but no one comes to the door. They head down the
steps and Sonic slips on a banana on the way down the steps.
“Are you ok?” asks Master. “Ya I’m fine but what I don’t get is
why there is a banana lying on the ground?” asks Sonic.
“I don’t know” says Master.
Sonic looks to his left and sees the same girl from the porno store and begins to run
after her. The girl turns the corner and when Sonic gets there she disappeared into thin
air. Sonic begins to head back with a frown on his face and was so close of meeting that
girl again. If only Sonic looked up he would of saw the girl he was looking for.
“Sorry for your luck” says Master. “Thanks I hope I find her again” says
Sonic. “Let me treat to supper” says Master.
“Thanks man” says Sonic.
They head off to find some place to eat and order some food. They sit down and discuss
there next course of action. They take a look at the time and realizes it almost eight o’clock
and should start heading back. After the Master pays for the bill they head out to meet Irina
and Connie. They manage to get back to meet them. The girls waved to them and then they
talked about all the stuff that they did. They all said there goodbyes to Connie and
head back to the plane. Once they got there they all crashed and fell asleep instantly.
Sunday afternoon
They wake from a much need sleep and begin to pack up. After everything was packed up
they through the stuff into the plane and hopped in them selves. Sonic tries to start
the plane but realizes it out of gas.
“What with me and planes?” asks Sonic while slapping himself on the forehead.
“I don’t know I guess we got to walk and run back to Pouncefield” says Master.
“Your right but when you two are running your caring me” says Irina while pointing
at the Master. “I will” says Master and gives Irina a
kiss on the lips.
They begin there long trip back to Pouncefield after such a wonderful trip they just had.
After such a long trip and being exhausted from all that walking and running they head
back home to cool off. After getting to there apartment they noticed the place was clean
and realizes there friends might of came over while they were out. After putting there stuff
down, having a group shower and relaxing on there couch. They take a look at time and
realizes they should at least show up for there afternoon classes. They get there uniforms
on and head out the door. They get to the school and lunch is almost over. They head
into the café and notice there friends sitting down talking.
“Hi all” says Sonic. “Hi” says Scott.
“Where you three this weekend?” asks Krezz. “We were in Xephir looking for clues and
you?” asks Sonic. “I’ll tell ya the whole story” says
Tommy. “Let’s here it says Master.
“Ok here I go” says Tommy.
To be continued
The weekend will wrap up in the next chapter. I’m also serious about if you guys/ girls
want anything particular in the story and if you have any ideas for the story let me
know. Thanks in advance. Please post your comments here. I had 50% of this one done
during the time I announced Chapter 7 would be up. I had a lot of ideas for one weekend.
English is my native language and I'm trying to learn Japaness.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 10
“Hello you two and welcome to your final resting place” says the host.
They begin to open there eyes slowly and looks at the person feet. There heads begin to rise
slowly to the persons head. “Sally!” says both of them with there
eyes wide open. “Yes I am Sally your beloved princess. I
saw Sonic on the first day of school or at least I think it was him and punched him in
the eye” says Sally. “He’s alive my son alive. I’m so happy
right now” says Chuck with a smile on his face.
“That good news” says Tails while trying to undo the ropes on his hands.
Sally notices what he’s doing and kicks him in the shin.
“That won’t work and even if you do manage to undo those ropes or move the chair you
will die from lasers that will activate automatically and the first one aimed for your head. Once
there any slight change of presser in the room you’ll die both of you” says Sally.
“What if I do it while you’re in here?” asks Tails.
“We will all die and you will never see Sonic” says Sally.
“Why did you get someone to knock us out and be put in this room just to kill us?”
asks Chuck. “Simple I wanted to see you two suffer before
you give into your own death” says Sally. “Ok but why kill us when we didn’t do
anything to you or did we?” asks Chuck. “Yes you did do something to me so bad that
it doesn’t need repeating. I’ll just whisper it in your ear” says Sally.
“Alright” says Chuck. Sally walks over to Chuck and bends over to
whisper into his ear. While Sally is whispering into Chuck’s ear. Chuck nods his head in
agreement. Sally begins to stand up straight pulls down on her outfit.
“We have an understanding?” asks Sally. “Yes we do” says Chuck.
“What were you two talking about?” asks Tails.
“It none of your concern” says Chuck. “Let’s just say Chuck and I have an understanding”
says Sally. “Alright let me guess you’re going to
kill me and you and Sally get out of here. Am I right?” asks Tails.
“No your not and what Sally was telling me was personal that all” says Chuck.
“Alright” says Tails. “We could stay here and talk but I got other
mater’s to attend to” says Sally while she begins to walk out of the room.
The door shuts behind her and she heads back to her office to make one phone call to her
assistant from yesterday. Sally picks up the phone and begins to dial the number in. The
phone rings a couple of times and the person picks up the phone.
“Hello who is this?” asks the person “This is Sally and I need your help to speed
up the process with those two” says Sally. “Alright I told ya this yesterday” says
the person. “Sure I’ll be waiting for ya and be here
as soon as possible” says Sally. “I’m leaving right now and see ya soon”
says the person. “Alright see ya soon” says Sally.
The person hangs up the phone and so does Sally. She goes back to her desk, looks at
the pitcher of the spy on it and has the name of the spy. Sally has her hand covering the
name, begins wondering who this girl is and what she is doing here. Sally just stares
at it and is in very deep thought. After thirty minutes a knock comes at the door and Sally
snaps back to reality. She notices the fireplace is on and throws the pitcher in there. The
pitcher starts to burn very quickly and Sally just realized what she’s down. She sees
a name and tries to pull it but it was too late because the name is the first thing to
catch on fire. Sally gets up after looking at the pitcher burn and answers the door.
She opens the door and see’s her assistant standing there.
“Hello Sally” says the person. “Hello Shino I need your help” says Sally.
“Sure I’m glad to help you out anytime” says Shino.
“Thanks” says Sally. “I forget why are you doing this to your
friends from your village?” asks Shino. “I’m doing this to put my old life behind
me and no one will remember me. I want to be free from all this and be with Sonic but
to do that I have to kill that girl” says Sally.
“Alright I’ll do what I do best” says Shino and she begins to crack her knuckles.
Shino walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. She heads down the hall to
where the guests are and opens the door. She walks into the room, looks at both of them
and closes the door behind her. She walks to Tails and begins to walk around him. She
looks down, sees his two tails and her hands stretch out to grab them. Her hands squeeze
onto them very tightly and she begins to yank on them very hard. She continues to pull on
them, blood starts to come out and starts flowing down his tails.
“Stop that!” says Tails as he begins to cry in pain.
“Never I’ll only stop when your tails come off” says Shino.
“Stop I’ll do what ever you want” says Tails while crying in pain.
“I just want to see you suffer and that all I want” says Shino.
After a couple of minutes passing by Tails has both of his tails rip off and blood start
oozing out and onto the floor. Tails shuts his eyes because the pain to much to bear.
“You’ve killed us all” says Chuck. “No I haven’t the lasers can’t detect
blood and have a tail” says Shino and shoves a tail into Chucks mouth.
“Why did you do that?” asks Tails while crying.
“Why not and how does it fell to be with of tails Tails?” asks Shino while holding
the other tail. “Awful you bitch and now I got to change
my name if we get out of here alive” says Tails in pain.
“To what Tails with out tails, or formally Tails is now Snips” says Shino and begins
to laugh. “No I got to go back to using my first name
Miles. My full name is Miles Tails Prower” says Miles in pain.
“Ok Miles have your tail” says Shino and shoves the tail into Miles mouth.
Shino looks down and notices Miles has stopped bleeding from his ass. She begins to walk
towards the door, pulls a penny out of her pocket and sets it on the floor.
“Who ever drops the tail first will set off the lasers and will kill both of you.
Have fun” says Shino and heads out of the room.
Miles and Chuck look at each other and realize what they have to do in order to live through
this ordeal. They nod there heads and begin doing it.
Meanwhile outside of the room
“How did it go in there?” asks Sally. “Good they will be dead before the day over”
says Shino. “That good I can put my past behind me”
says Sally. “That good and while we have time let’s
have some shall we?” asks Shino. “Lets go to my office to have are fun”
says Sally, begins to turn around and slaps her but.
“I’m coming” says Shino and starts heading towards Sally.
They both head to the office for some fun while they wait for there guest’s death’s
to come.
Latter that night
“Ha ha I’ve finally beat you in Risk after all the times you beat me” says Shino.
“Congratulations you finally beat me and let’s go see are guest” says Sally.
“Ya let’s and I’m just going to put on my special coat before we do” says Shino.
“Alright” says Sally.
Shino puts on her coat and they both head out to see the guests. As they walk to see
them they begin to pitcher what has happened to them and there gruesome death. Sally opens
the door and let’s Shino go ahead of her. There both surprised that those two are alive
and the tails are gone but there fur all over the place.
“You two were suppose to die!” says Sally in anger.
“We do what we have to do to live and I ate my self. My self tasted good and what
are you going to feed to us next?” asks Tails
“Ahhhhhhhh!” says Sally and begins to pull on her hair.
“What does G.U stand for on your coat?” asks Chuck.
“Oh this it stands for Girls Unit” says Shino.
“Will leave you two be for tonight but tomorrow the torture going to be worse” says Sally
They storm out of the room and head back to the office for the night. When they get back
to the office they begin to watch TV. After a little bit Sally begins to look through
the DVD’s lying around and picks up the movie Hostel. She pops it into the DVD player
and they sit back and watch it. After the movie ended they begin to discuss what to
do to them the next. The discussion lasted well into the night, they fell into each arms
and fell asleep.
Sally and Shino wake up to the news that on the TV. The news story that they are talking
about is internet bullying and flaming. The story goes on for ten minutes about how it
destroying people reputations and there privacy online. After hearing this Sally and Shino
look at each other and realize they can’t kill them. They head out of the office and
head to where the other two are in there torture room. They get to the room and Shino opens
the door. They walk in and turn on the light and sees that those two have escaped somehow
during the night.
“How did they get out?” asks Sally. “I don’t know and I thought you said this
room was escaped proof” says Shino. “I know what I said. You have a camera set
up for this room?” asks Sally. “Ya I do and the video feed goes to your
office. Follow me” says Shino. “Alright” says Sally.
They head out of the torture room and back to the office. Sally opens the door and let’s
Shino in first. Shino heads over to the desk and opens the third drawer on the left hand
side. After Shino opens the door she presses the red button hidden on the other side. The
centre of the desk opens and a twenty seven inch TV comes along with DVD surveillance
videos. After a couple of minutes of searching through the DVD’s Shino notice that the
DVD from last night is missing.
“Sally we have a problem” says Shino with concern.
“What is it?” asks Sally. “The surveillance DVD from last night is
missing” says Shino. “How is that possible?” asks Sally and
begins scratching her head. “No idea and now we got to go look for them”
says Shino.
They begin to make there way out of the building when voice came over the speakers.
“Hello my dear friends you like to torture furries because they did something horrible
in your past. You can’t give them a chance to live. You don’t enjoy life and just like
to torture other’s that do. For that you shall die for your sins unless you can escape
as soon as the song free bird ends you shall die. The game starts now” says the voice.
The song begins to play and they begin to make there way to the front door. They try
as hard as the might but the door wouldn’t open. They run to the utility closet and Sally
unlocks the door while her hand starts to shake. The door wouldn’t open after it was
unlocked. They use there body weight and after a couple of tries the door finally opens.
“The song half over” says the voice and begins to laugh.
“We got to hurry” says Shino axially. “I know” says Sally shacking.
They begin to look around frantically and they see a sledge hammer and an axe. Shino
grabs the axe and Sally grabs the sledge hammer. The run to the main entrance of the building
with weapons in there hands.
Meanwhile outside
“Thanks for rescuing us from that horrible place” says Chuck.
“Where glad we could help and since are cat saw you go in we new something had to
be done” says the guy. “Thanks again and what was that place?”
asks Miles. “A medical arts building which was shut
down years ago” says the guy. “Who are you two anyway? asks Chuck.
“You really want to know?” asks the guy. “Ya we do” says Chuck
“Alright” says the guy. “To protect the world from devastation”
says Jessie. “To unite are people with in are nation”
says James. “To unite with truth and love” says Jessie.
“To stand are reach in the stars above” says James.
“Jessie” says Jessie. “James” says James.
“We are Team Rocket” says both of them in unison.
“Meow that right” says Meow. “We didn’t ask for a long speech” says
Miles. “It just fells so good to say” says James.
“It sure does” says Jessie. “Now where off” says James.
They look over at the building just in time to see it blow up. They all get knocked off
there feet from the enormous blast. After a few minutes they get back on there feet
and stare at the carnage below.
“Did you guys have anything to do with this?” asks Chuck. Chuck turns around and notices
that there not there anymore. “At least now we know he’s alive” says
Miles. “Ya now lets go find him” says Chuck.
They head off into the night to find out where Sonic lives and to tell him all that has happened
to them since they last saw each other. After a long walk they collapse on the sidewalk
from exhaustion.
Chuck and Tails wake up and slowly get up from where they were lying. After a couple
of minutes getting there sense of direction. They head to the nearest building and they
see the name Sonic Master. Miles was just about to press the button when one person
is coming out. The person lets them in and thanks him. They head to the elevator and
Chuck presses the button. After a few minutes the elevator comes down and they step on.
Miles presses the button and the elevator begins to head to the right floor. After the
elevator stopped they get out and head to the room. They hear voices on the other side.
After a couple minutes of disusing what to do Miles turns the handle and finds the door
unlocked. They head in and they begin to wonder where everyone went.
“Hello is anyone here?” asks Chuck. No one answers.
“Were looking for Sonic were friends of his” says Tails.
They all get out from couch and they begin to walk closer to them.
“Hello I’m Krezz, this is Scott, Ralf, Edward and Laura” says Krezz. All of them
wave. “We haven’t seen him but he should be
back today if you want to wait here for them. You can if you want?” asks Scott.
“That sounds good were quite tired anyway” says Tails.
“We got to head off to school bye” Edward. They all say there goodbyes and head out the
door to go to school. Chuck and Tails both have a shower after all
that they been through and then they immediately go to the bed room and fall asleep.
Latter that day
“That all that happened while you were gone” says Tommy.
“That took a lot longer for you to tell them about all that. We missed are afternoon
classes because of this” says Edward. “Will get caught up tomorrow” says Tommy.
“Let’s hope so” says Scott.
They head back to the apartment and see Chuck and Tails sitting there watching TV. Sonic
runs over to them, give them a great big hug and is very happy to see them alive. The celebrations
continue well into the night and they all spend the night at the apartment.
The next chapter is going to be a little farther into the school year. Not saying how far because
I’m not sure myself at this point. Please post your comments here. Are the girls dead
please cast your vote now.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 11
A day in the life of three male rabbits Three weeks later
After all that has happened thing begin to settle around Pouncefield and thing begin
to return to normal or as normal as possible. The students return to school to begin there
classes and begin to get ready for Halloween. Rodriguez returns from the hospital in a wheelchair
and has six broken ribs, a broken foot and won't be able to walk for a month. All the
students are very happy that Rodriguez won't be bugging them anytime soon.
Edward has a smile on his face and is planning something special for Laura this month and
hopes nothing goes wrong with his plain. Edna still trying to figure out how his brother
knows all about her yiff sessions with the other students, is happy Tommy with her and
loves him with all her heart. The rest of them begin to go there separate ways to see
if they can find out anything out on there own about what going on in Pouncefield. Chuck
still hasnt told Sonic about Sally and hes not sure if she dead for him self.
The first class of the day begins and the teacher takes attendance to make sure everyone
is here. A message comes over the P.A for all the students to hear.
This is your principal Dr. Eggman and there will be an assembly right after this in the
gym. If you dont show up you will receive hash. That is all says Dr. Eggman.
The students get up out of there seats and hurry to the gym. After a couple minutes of
the students making there way to gym and taking there seats the doors shut automatically behind
them. There are some students trapped outside of the gym and they all begin to wonder what
this punishment is going to be. They begin to head out of the school as fast as they
can but the doors are locked and have lasers surrounding the door. A message came over
the P.A for those students who didnt make it into the gym. For those of you who didnt
make it into the gym please come to my office because there no way out says Dr. Eggman.
The students bow there heads in shame and begin to walk slowly to the principals office
to receive there punishment. After arriving they were told to sit down in old splintered
wooden chairs. After thirty minutes Dr. Eggman walks in and shows them to his office. The
students get up with a lot of splinters in there buts. As they walk to his office they
begin to pull out the splinters out of the ass. Eggman unlocks the door to his office
and they all walk in. Dr. Eggman sits down on his nice leather chair and tells the students
to take a seat in even worse looking chairs then the ones outside. They sit down with
there asses already sore.
Since is your first offence youre going to get off easy. Were just going to sit here
for thirty minutes then you may leave. Do you understand me? asks Eggman.
The students nod there heads because there in to much pain to talk. After what seemed
like an eternity thirty minutes finally passed and the students were free to leave. They
get up while there asses really sore from all that pain and slowly walk out of his office.
While they were walking back to class they were pulling out as many splinters as they
When they got back to class everyone could see what has happened to them and they all
hope it doesnt happen to them or anything worse then that. The bell rung for lunch and
they all got out of there seats to go for lunch. They head to get there lunch out of
there lockers and then head to the cafe to eat there lunch they made the previous day
at home. They didnt sit down at a table because they knew there buts would be really sore
if they did. They see all the other students go on with there lives like nothing has happened
because they dont know what they were put through. They see Edward and his group of
friends talking about what to with Halloween coming up this month. Little did any of them
know is Edward already had something special planned for Halloween this year.
After standing there having there lunch they go to there next class which is gym and lucky
for them it was swim week. They put on there bathing suits and immediately jump into the
pool. The teacher tells them to get out of the pool and go lie on the cement to practice
CPR. The students didnt want to but they knew they had to or they be sent back to Dr. Eggman
office. They went to lie on the cement and three male bunnies came over to be there partners.
Things started out normal enough but the male bunnies begin to make out with them and they
immediately push them off. The students stormed out of the gym class and immediately got changed
back into there school uniforms. Just when they did the bell rung and they made there
way to there last class of the day.
They went to there last class which is math and with there asses sore. They knew it was
going to be worse after the class. Math class went by and the students were trying not to
break into tears the whole time. The bell rung and they went to grab there stuff out
of there locker. After they got there stuff out of there locker they closed the locker
and locked it. They turned around and saw the three bunnies standing right behind them.
The bunnies pushed the students against the locker and they begin to make out with them.
The students forced themselves off them and they run for the bus.
After running for the bus they see it pull away just as they get there. They decided
to walk home because none of them had money for the bus. After the hour and a half walk
they make it home with there feet and asses sore. There parents weren’t home and
they grabbed something to eat. After having something to eat they cleaned up and then
they immediately went upstairs to bed. After such a long day they only thought tomorrow
would be a lot better then this. They slept for the rest of the day and woke up at dawn
the next day. There asses werent sore anymore and they headed down to make breakfast for
themselves. After having breakfast they cleaned up and got ready for school. The clock struck
7:30 and they headed outside just in time to see the bus pull up. They got on the bus
and they all hope today better then yesterday for them. After picking the rest of the students
up they make there way towards the school to start a new day.
End of chapter 11
Well... that one was completely pointless in every possible way, wasn't it?
And now presented to you, for your ammusement, and for a lesson in preserverence, is the
final chapter... of Sonic in Search for Love.
The following was transcribed by my good friend Zealman from an audio-only reading by Djynn
Flyssa Some mistranscriptions may be present.
Chapter 12 All the students are so happy that the weekend
had almost arrived and then they could relax until school begins again.
With so much that has happened and so much still to come in the school year, the group
ponders on. They ponder, ponder, and ponder some more on what lies ahead for them this
weekend they all wonder if Valerie going to come after them again this weekend and what
new dangers may there be in store for them. They think on this for a long and hard on
their way to school. They all arrived at school with this on their minds. After going to their
lockers, they head off to class.
After arriving sonic, his classmates notice their teacher different then the one they
had last month they all wonder why. The male snuck and walks towards the students and begins
to circle them. He looked at them very carefully to study their faces to see who would cause
the most trouble in the class
“Hello student I am your replacement teacher for the rest of the school year. You can all
call me Mr. Frederick. Do I make myself clear, me old mucka?” says mr frederick in a heavy
british accent
“yes you do mr frederick” says all the students
“Good and who are you, old bean?” Asked mr frederick while pointing directly at sonic.
“Me? I’m…” says sonic while shacking his head nervously
“Spit it up, boy! Don’t you even know your own name? By golly, gee whiz?” Asked
mr frederick while getting slightly annoyed.
“Me? I’m Donny Darko…but everyone calls me donny” says sonic
“Alright, mister darko! Glad to see you remember your name and class due to cutbacks
I’ll be the only teacher you see for the rest of the school year.
"Alright, let’s continue with class today. Pip pip and tally ho!” says Mr Frederick.
The class continues on and sonic has to be very careful around his teacher just in case
this get back to ivo robotnick. An announcement comes on the P.A system.
“Will all the hedgehogs from mr frederick’s class come to my office?” aks ivo robotnick
says of the P.A system
“Well I guess see you later, donny, me old bint” says mr. frederick.
“cya” says sonic after walking out of the classroom and getting his stuff.
Sonic walks away slowly down the hall to ivo robotnick office. Along the way he notices
Tommy and Edna making out. They don’t notice him as he walks by and sonic continues on
his way. He walks by edward, laura, leon, and becky sitting in class and they notice
him going by. They all think the worst is going to happen to him.
They all wave and tears start going down their cheeks. Sonic waves back to them and continues
on his walk towards certain doom. Sonic walks some more to see Irena, Master, Krez and Scott
walking out of the boy’s bathroom. All their fur is messed up. Clothes are a mess and smiles
on their faces and they’re all worried about what going to happen to him.
While continuing his walk he sees other students with worried looks on their faces. Sonic comes
face to face with the Principal door and it worried what on the other side. He opens the
door with hesitation and has to go face to face with his enemy
(this scene will be mentioned in the ivo robotnick and if anyone ask I’m not going to tell
you hahahaha)
The lunch bell rings. Everyone gets up from their seats and begins to make way to the
cafe for lunch. The group seats down at their usual table and they don’t see sonic anywhere.
They all begin to wonder what has happened to him and hope it nothing bad. They all notice
3 male rabbits staring right at 3 male bunnies directly across from them. The male bunnies
were give the rabbits seductive looks and began to suck on their middle finger. They
notice this going on for 10 minutes and the rabbits storm out of the cafe while the bunnies
followed them.
"Just a normal day at saint lovejoy’s” says edward
“some things will never change” said edna
“edna!when did you get here?” asked edward
“just now” says edna
“have you seen sonic? asked edward
“yes we have. Tony and I were in the hall making out when I saw him walk by. It looked
at first like everything we’ve been working for had crashed down around him”
“okay I have to see the principal right NOW!” says edward, standing up.
“Agreed!” says everyone in unison as they begin to get up too. Just then the bell rings
and they all realize they have to get back to class.
“After school then?” Asks laura.
“After school then.” says edward
They all node their heads in agreement and then head off to class. During the rest of
their time there their minds are not on their work but on their friend and what has happened
to him.The final bell rings and they all met at the cafe before they head to see the principal.
After all of them show up they began their march with a determined look on their faces.
A lot of the students look at them and wonder what going on. They begin to follow them to
the principal office. Scott open the door and they all crouwd into ivo robotnick office.
“So students what can I do for you?” ask ivo robotnick with an interested look on his
“Oh your hedgehog friend I sent him home for the rest of the day. Shouldnt you all
be heading home to begin your weekend?”asks ivo robotnick
“Oh I do but when I look our friend better be there” says Krez
Just then the door opens from a back room and Rodriguez comes rolling into the room.
He notices the students staring at hi as he makes his way beside ivo robotnick.
“Hi everyone and hello father” says rodriguez
“Your father is here but that dont mean you can do anything you like!” says edward
“I am not his father and I have told him a hundred times. A screw must be loose in
his head” says ivo robotnick
“Alright father. And I suggest you all leave before things get worse for all of you”
says rodriguez in a threatening voice.
“Fine we will have this but this is not the last straw!” Says scott.
They all storm out of the door and begin to get their stuff out of their lockers. After
all that was done they met back up at the cafe and head for the master’s apartment.
After they all arrived they only notice chuck and miles there but no one else.
“Have any either one of you seen sonic?” Asks Rina
“No I thought he was with you all of you so what’s wrong?” Asked Chuck
“The last time we saw him was when he was about to go into robotnick office we havent
heard from him since” says Tommy.
“This isnt good! If the truth is revealed we’re all doomed! I just hope Ivo robotnick
hasn’t heard the truth!” says miles
“Lets hope not and what is the truth” says Krez
“Alright I’ll tell you the truth to why we are all here” says chuck
Chuck tells them the whole truth to why they are here and what has happened up to this
point. The rest on them tell their side of the story so the gaps are all filled in. They
begin to notice how hungry they all are and head out to eat. They head out onto the sidewalk
and begin to make their walk down to where all the resteraunts are. They pause in company
and finally decide to head into pizza hut.
Ugh, I can't believe it. Fanfiction is now being bombarded by corprate marketing. You
know, someone once said that they believed Pizza Hut sponsored this fanfic, but I actually
think Dominoes commissioned Sonic Master to write this chapter to make Pizza Hut look
bad. I mean god who would want to be associated with this fanfic. To think, not even fanfiction
is safe from the battlegrounds of corperations. Ugh, anyways.
They walk into the pizza hut and notice the place is dead. “Hello I am your waiter tonight
and let me show you to your table” says rotor. They follow him to the table and they
sit down. Rotor hands them the menus and heads off. They open their menus and after a little
bit rotor comes for their orders. The group gives rotor their orders and rotor heads off
to give their orders to the cook in the back. He comes back a little later with their drinks
and hands them out.
“I thought I recognized you two but your friend not here with you this time. You got
me fired and I thought your table was perfectly fine after you left” says Rotor
“There was a plane that hit our table and I’m glad you got fired”said edward
“Same here” says laura
“You havent heard the last of this from me” says rotor and heads off to get their
after a few minutes he starts walking back to them with their pizzas in hand and trips
over a chair that sticking out slightly. The pizzas fall to the ground upside down and
rotors head falls directly into one of the pizzas.
“not again” says rotor upset
“That was your last chance and YOU’RE FIRED!!!!” says the boss of the place
“YOU CANT FIRE ME I QUITE!” Says rotor, and storms out of the place.
The boss walks over to see what the problem is
“Is there anything I can help you with?” asks the boss.
“yes that was our food” says chuck
“I’m sorry about that consider this on the house” says the boss
“Thank you” says chuck
The boss walks back to the pizzas and gets the cook to make a couple more pizzas for
them. He comes back with the pizzas and they sit there quietly
enjoying their pizzas. After finish eating all their food they get up and leave.The boss
doesnt say anything and watches them go out the door.
They go back to their apartment after a nice meal and seeing rotor get what he deserves.
When they head into the apartment they notice everything in a mess. They wonder who was
here and for what reason. They start to look around the place for some clues but after
a very detailed search they couldnt find any. They begin to clean up the place before they
go to bed so they can sleep somewhat. The weekend went by very peacefully with no one
seeing problems. Except that sonic still hasn’t come home. With no clues or investigation
they give up for now until something else turns up.
They go to school on monday and a lot of students begin to wonder where sonic is. Rumors begin
to spread around the school like wildfire what had happened to him. No one could deny
the rumors because they couldnt tell if they were true or not and with nothing to go on
they hoped they werent true. They walk by sonic locker and notice it is bashed open.
They all look in the locker and notices it is completely empty, nothing inside. They
realize he’s still alive but wonder why he is hiding in the shadows or what happened
to him.
They let out a sigh of relief knowing that he will show himself when he wanted. The rest
of the day continued on without any problems. They all head to the apartment after school
in order to tell chuck and miles what had happened at the school. With all of them telling
their side of the story they all head home to get a decent night of sleep.
End of Chapter 12! Happy father day to everyone!
And that's all he wrote... Supposedly there was a 13th chapther, but it was either never
published or never saved on the internet, because I can't find it. But it's probably
for the best, as this fanfic has driven me completely insane!