Explore Nexus S: Youtube 2.0

Uploaded by googlenexus on 03.12.2010


Hi, I'm Horia, the tech lead for the YouTube app on Android.
I'd like to tell you about our YouTube 2.0 update that is
available on the Nexus S.
We've completely revamped the user interface in this version
to make the experience seamless and more fun.
Have a look.
To launch the app, tap the YouTube icon as usual.
The home screen is now a single feed of videos, stack ranked to
bring you the most relevant content.
If you're signed in, it's personalized.
You see your subscription updates and recommendations
at the top.
To search for videos, tap the Search button on the home
screen, or use the menu entry from anywhere in the app.
Go to a video by tapping on a result.
Notice that it starts playing in the top half of the screen.
While the video is playing, you can like or dislike it.
And if you tap on More, you can add it to favorites, save it to
a playlist, share it, copy its URL, or flag it.
Swipe the tabs to browse related videos or
read comments.
And the cool thing is, you can switch to full screen simply
by rotating the phone.
While in full screen, you can toggle highest quality
mode, or enable subtitles.
One tap brings up controls, another one pauses the video,
and another one resumes it.
You can also double tap to toggle full screen without
rotating the phone.
To go to a channel, tap the uploader's name.
You'll see more of their uploads, their favorites,
playlists, and recent activity.
And you'll be able to subscribe to their channel.
We've also updated the phone tap widget.
Long press, tap widget, then tap the YouTube entry to add
it to your home screen.
The widget will show your personalized YouTube feed,
including subscription updates and recommendations.
To make our own YouTube video, tap the camera icon, record
the video, and upload it in a single tap.
To find out more, visit this website, and remember to check
the Android Market for updates.