Джяз d^_^b [Jeehzz]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Oct 21, 2011

Sup I’m Stas Davidov!
I want to congratulate president Medvedev with finally creating a FB account
Also sending regards to Pavel Durov on this matter!
And the first vid was sent by Tsunam1k
And it reminds me of my early childhood
You go outside to play and see girls doing jumprope
You go outside to play and see girls doing jumprope
Well, not exactly girls...
but it ain’t bad [will have to do, with a beer]
But they never beat my jumprope record!
6 times! [beat that!]
Hey, can you do a hopscotch? [insolence: 15%]
Volleyball? [insolence: 21%]
Can you give me a lift downtown? [insolence: 54%]
What if i find it? [insolence: abibas]
The only problem with this thing is that it only can give you a lift literally [pun intended]
I wouldn’t be surprised if this Optimus Prime beta can’t even drive
A perfect car for russian roads
You know, to jump over bears and stuff [Johnny from Texas]
If they’d paint it black it probably would’ve had an ability to fly as well
[Black Lightning, the Beginning]
And it would’ve jumped for a long time it that guy didn’t screw it up
Nope, not him
Not even him, Altho they are doing a shit job as well
The guy on the back seat [the one %)]
With a girl
If you know what i mean :P
And this is horosho!
Second video was sent by BomjKolyadun
Luv the name
When i was a kid i dreamed of becoming a rock star [like Jonas Brothers] and that all the gals would be mine
Well those guys are leaving the dream! [manliness!]
Awesome mooooosic! [MOO]
Coz it’s Jaaaazzzz! [jeehzz]
[sold out!]
And after the concert it will get hot with the gals! [mmmm]
If you know what i mean. [BBQ of course]
Hey to everyone who came to see our concert!
You look delicious!
And the milk they give is prolly special as well
In 5/4
Coz it’s Jaaaazzzz! [jeehzz]
Or they give milk chocolate on the spot! [moolate]
Coz it’s Jaaaazzzz! [jeehzz]
Now i can’t eat beef [vegan academy]
Cows listen to some good music
Unlike you, you little Bieber fan [will eat human flesh]
From now on it’s only chicken for me [or this, yep]
I heard they like blues
Altho esthetic cows only exist in Europe [eurocows]
our own cattle is ok with being chavy
Also one of musicians’ dads with a camera got into the video
Yup, a photo with bowines on the background and a big black phallic thing in your mouth [1. bowines 2. BBPT 3. ????? 4. PROFIT]
Great idea [mastermind!]
Coz it’s Jaaaazzzz! [jeehzz]
And this is horosho!
Third vid was sent by MrOsiris91
If you’re eating right now - stop right now [diet tips from Stas]
Coz a fly will be sucked now. [Fly will be sucked now]
Fly will be sucked now
[fly is being sucked.]
[fly is not being sucked.]
[fly has been sucked.]
Just by looking at it i get the feeling of a fly in my mouth
Tastes like chicken, prolly
I once tried to blow a flog thru a straw [zeppefrog]
Barely survived
I have butterflies in my stomache! It must be love!
Dumbass, you been sucking flies again?
Fly will be sucked now
I always though that “to suck” means something different [smth from Twilight]
Maybe it’s the bad influence of society
BTW, a great swear phrase
suck a fly! [Suck] [a fly!]
Dude can work as a vacuum. In the army.
Maybe cleaning toilets with a toothbrush will go out of fashion [old skool]
The main thing is - now we know:
Flies do not always go on shit.
Sometimes shit itself goes to the fly.
And this is horosho!
And the question was sent by Solntseva
Do you eat shit?
This one’s straightforward
Do you? [Do you eat shit?]
Leave your /interesting/ answers here on YouTube!
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. Subscribe, thumb-up and send your videos here [thisishorosho.ru] to the “На Обзор” section
So, where do your folks hide candy?
In candy wrappers.
Drive C/Program files/porn/Candy
Candy. 404 not found.
Let em try!!! Im 35 and i can reach the top drawer!!!
wait. Hold it.
I’m cupface.
Hey you, cupface!
Stas: yeah-yeah, it was something like taht. You even remember the lyrics, good boy. Smth to be proud of.
Serzh: someone sang it to me lately
Stas: yeahyeahaeyhaeyahe.
Stas: Rybak, on your mp3 player!
Serzh: it's ok.
Vitally: Serzh, don’t ever do that again.
Serzh: ok