Chanakya - Episode 32

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While Acharya Vishnugupt and Siharan were trying to meet each other for
discussing future plans...
...the King was trying to obtain information about Acharya Vishnugupt.
King questioned Minister Rakshas about Vishnugupt.
He is the son of Acharya Chanak of Pataliputra...
King became worried after knowing Acharya Vishnugupt's past.
Worried about the problems he might create, King ordered the Minister to
either subdue Acharya Vishnugupt or banish him from the state.
...or I'll banish him from the state.
Then don't say that I did not listen to you.
If you can't do anything, then tell me. I will set everything right.
Pataliputra was unaware about Acharya's plans.
And quietly, Sharangav too came to Pataliputra.
Now, your other students too...
Acharya Ajay became more inquisitive with the arrival of Sharangav.
...they will study as well as help me in my mission.
Disturbed by these events, Dhananand came in conflict with the P.M. again.
That's with my consent!
You're the P.M. of Magadha because of my kindness!
Therefore, Prime Minister! Learn some decorum.
In that case I'm ready to surrender both the decorum and my post today.
Angered by P.M Varruchi's offensive attitude...
the King tried to instigate General Bhadrashal.
General. Magadha needs your strength and valor even today.
And you look so discouraged!
You may go. Be not in fear. Have courage.
The King of Magadha is with you.
While the palace was going towards the conflict...
Susidharak entered the political arena with his strategy.
Play with one coin, win ten; play with ten win hundred.
Play with one hundred and win a thousand!
Bhagurayan asked Susidharak to keep Acharya Vishnugupt under surveillance.
What is the Brahmin's name? - Vishnugupt.
What does he do?
I don't know much except that he was a political science teacher at Takshashila
When Minister Rakshas went to see P.M. Varruchi...
Tell him that it is my humble request to leave me alone today.
Neither I want to go near anybody, nor do I want anybody to come near me.
He has come here. And that shows how he must be feeling.
But I find it hard to share my agony with him.
At Varruchi's home he saw the former P.M. Shaktar.
The Minister became worried.
Nobleman...! Acharya Vishnugupt wants to meet you.
What did you say his name was? - Acharya Vishnugupt.
Greetings! - Greetings, Acharya.
Before making a request, let me introduce myself.
I am Acharya Chanak's son Vishnugupt. I'm original resident of Patliputra.
Only a few days ago I returned from Takshashila to Pataliputra.
I'm a teacher of political science.
Takshashila gave me a chance to teach politics.
I have come in search of an opportunity.
I think, this brief introduction will be sufficient for you.
If need be then your spies will be able to give more details.
Yes...!...! No.
So leave that tedious job to them. It'll be appropriate for both of us.
There'll be no doubt left.
Acharya, please have a seat
No I'd go. Some people would be looking for me. I don't want them to wait.
But you didn't tell your purpose of coming here.
I have heard a lot about you and your alertness since I returned.
So I was curious about you.
Your reputation assured me that you'd prove helpful in accomplishing my aim.
Hence, I came to see you today. Forgive me if I've made a mistake.
But how can I prove helpful to you?
I know you won't be so unkind not to side with me after knowing the truth.
Therefore I am not worried about you, and satisfied that my method is right.
May I know your objective?
It is a testing time for both of us. Let your spies be of some help.
My spies have no time to find out the plans of a teacher.
Really! Or is it difficult?
You are wasting my time. - Alright, I will leave.
If you really need my help then I expect the truth from you.
Do you promise to help me then? - It depends on your objective.
Then may I sit?
Please sit.
Yes. You wanted to say something?
What could be a teacher's objective?
To give his nation a bright future. It is my aim too.
Any impediments in the way should be removed.
And that's my objective too.
The path to my goal extends from the common man to the King.
I want to reach from bottom to top of the society and government.
I have already begun my journey.
But before reaching the top I want to create a guide for the King and the
society which shall make them aware of their rights and duties.
But how can I help you?
By not coming in my way. - Meaning?
I want to meet the most competent spies of your organization.
So as I could learn about the real conditions of the society and
the administration and understand their good and bad points.
Information I get from your alert and able spies will be useful for my book.
What you say is praiseworthy, but...
If you don't help me, then I'll have to disguise myself to get the information.
Being against your rules your spies can arrest me thinking that I'm a criminal!
My work is unavoidable.
It is up to you to either help me or change your rules.
But I'm determined to go from the common man to the King.
Will you help me?
Acharya, it is a matter of confidentiality.
I don't have the right to decide.
But I will try to find some way to help you.
So I can hope for help from you. - Perhaps.
This hope too has immense strength. I will wait for your decision.
Your spies will find me. Farewell!
Farewell, Acharya.
What's the matter, nobleman?
Why do you look so panicky so early in the morning?
You are still here? I thought...
I can be free only if you release me.
I spent the entire night without a drop of wine.
Will I get some milk now?
Greetings, P.M.
Is this the King's reaction?
Forgive me, P.M., but I requested the Cabinet members to leave.
Minister, this is an insult to the Cabinet system and to me.
I know I have violated your right.
Not just violated, you have insulted me.
That wasn't my intention, P.M.
Then did you want to teach me how to conduct myself?
I wanted to avoid the conflict in the royal family.
I'm trying to stop the explosion that awaits a spark.
Don't try it, Minister. How many explosions can you stop?
The whole of Magadha is sitting on a pile of explosives.
That's why I, you and all of us have to try.
Don't give false consolation to yourself, Minister. This explosion is beyond our control.
When those in the highest position of power are cheating Magadha...
then how can Magadha remain safe from these explosion?
Why are you silent, Minister?
You sent away the members of Cabinet to protect the King's honor...!
But what about Magadha's honor? Have you any answer?
How will Magadha preserve its values...
when land is given away without the Cabinet's permission to people in power?
And a building of a university is opposed for petty interests.
How can Magadha be safe when its military powers is... the hands of greedy rich people?
If you have time then see these facts and decide if you can remain...
...aloof from these explosions!
And if you have the guts, then ask the King if he was unaware of it?
And if your sense of duty hasn't weakened then reveal to Magadha
who is responsible for these irregularities.
And tell the King that I've given up both decorum and the P.M.'s post.
Greetings, PM!
Greetings PM! - Greetings PM!
[If I can remove certain incompetent men from their high positions...
then Magadha's development will be speeded up. ]
[I'll inform you my decision soon!}
Prime Minister...!
Shriyak. I am no longer the P.M.. I have resigned.
Where is your friend Acharya Vishnugupt. - He would be at his home.
Do you want to see him? - Yes. I want to seek his forgiveness.
If you wish, I will get him here. - No, I will go to him.
Shriyak, will you take me to his home?
When do you want to go? - Can you take me right now?
Let's go!
Greetings Minister! - Greetings!
Greetings PM!
Calamity gives no warning and time waits for nobody!
Invaders are coming towards my country; I can't wait for anyone.
Neither your state nor your Emperor is more important than my nation...
nor is your society which is engaged in pursuit of luxuries.
I want to speak to the P.M. of Magadha and Minister Rakshas.
I am the P.M. of Magadha. What do you want to say?
I am a teacher from Takshashila. I've come a long way to seek help.
A Greek warrior, Alexander has set out to conquer the world...
and has destroyed many nations, kingdoms and people.
He is now approaching the borders of India.
He has even signed a treaty with Prince Ambhi of Takshashila.
Ambhi will open the gates of the country to the invaders.
King Parvateshwar will not be able to stop him alone.
The republics of Panchnad lack unity.
Devastation is sure but nobody is doing anything!
Nation's honor is at stake and nobody is concerned!
Nation is on the verge of downfall and nobody is doing anything!
Defenseless borders are waiting for you and nobody is doing anything!
Nation needs Magadha's strength and Magadha is not prepared yet.
So I've come to beseech you that you request the King of Magadha to take the...
responsibility of protecting borders of India.
So that India can unite and challenge Alexander's invasion.
We've received no such information, Acharya.
I was just telling that to your guards. That calamities give no pre-warning.
If Magadha's doesn't reach Takshashila at once then India's defeat is certain.
Even if I agree, but how can Magadha cross borders of other states?
No one has told us for the need for the joint defense against Alexander's attack
Does that lessen Magadha's responsibility?
But Takshashila is free, Kaykai is free and republics of Panchnad are free.
They are free to take their own decisions.
Magadha can't interfere in their freedom.
If Magadha does not interfere then neither Gandharv will remain free...
...nor Kaykai or republics of Panchnad or this nation.
The invaders won't see difference in Kaykai, Gandharv and Magadha.
Gandharv, Kaykai, Abhisar and republics are all indivisible limbs of India.
If their freedom hinders the freedom of the nation
then their freedom will have to be trampled upon.
A nation's freedom can't be sacrificed for the freedom of a state, Minister!
If for the defense of this nation Gandharv, Kaykai etc. don't cooperate...
then they too won't remain independent!
I can't support your views, Acharya.
I agree with the Minister, Acharya.
Unless invited, Magadha can't interfere in the affairs of other state.
This will be against the tradition of Magadha.
Nation's defense isn't a festival that you should be invited to fight for.
And I am not ignorant about Magadha's traditions, Minister.
But this is no time for an argument, so I shall keep quiet about this.
But I must say that I haven't come to you because of Magadha's traditions.
I've come because of it strengths.
It's the question of my nation's defense so even if you disagree with my views...
...I'll request you to consider this question seriously.
This nation needs the strength of Magadha, Minister.
I request you to discuss this matter with the King.
Or take me to the King. I'll appeal to the King.
I will try to convince him about the gravity of the issue.
Can you get Magadha's strengths as alms which you'll take in your begging bowl?
Go! Don't waste your time. You're wasting our time too. Go!
Prime Minister! Take my request seriously.
It is the question of the nation's safety.
You can't shrug off your responsibilities this way.
If the honor of this nation is ruined then Magadha can't preserve its own.
Magadha too will have to face the consequences.
Prime Minister, please...! Minister!... Minister!
Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!
Greetings, Acharya!
Welcome, P.M.! Please come in.
Greetings, PM!
[...aloof from these explosions!]
India could have saved her prestige...
had you supported those who fought bravely, but were defeated.
My memory is etched with many a bitter experiences.
I know many bitter truths of which no son of soil would be proud.
I have seen India breaking apart; India that is still breaking!
I've seen the society incapable of protecting its culture and values.
I've seen India which is tolerating the cruel people and carrying their burden.
I've seen helpless and weakening India.
There is nothing wonderful about the India that I have seen.
There is only pathos in it.
I apologize, Acharya that...
It is so easy to be ignorant and to shrug off responsibilities, P.M.
Nobleman Varruchi has sacrificed his Prime Minister's position today.
Isn't it Magadha's misfortune that its politicians are laying a tradition...
where escapism from responsibilities is being justified and called sacrifice!
Those who should resign continue to cling to their seats...
and those who should demand others to resign are resigning themselves!
It only shows weakness of your character, nobleman!
Your sacrifice isn't worthy of praise!
Where the dignity of the position of Prime Minister has been destroyed...
there is no dignified option except resigning from such position, Acharya!
You are so anxious about your dignity. But what about the dignity of this nation?
You are so alert about your image. Is anybody alert about this land's image
You decided your direction in your interest.
What about this land's interest?
You forsook this land to those who are compelling you to resign!
They should surrender the power, not you!
Dhananand should surrender the power, not you.
Dhananand's followers should resign, not you!
And if you're unable to think about this land then this land does not need you!
This society does not need you.
I would say that you're responsible for all your problems, not Dhananand.
You're responsible for the downfall of Magadha, P.M.
I beg your forgiveness.
I beg your forgiveness. I got carried away.
No, Acharya.
You were right.
Because of my this mistake, I had accepted defeat many times.
Don't be disheartened, nobleman.
I am sure this land will give you another chance.
And when that happens, decide keeping the nation's welfare in mind.
My support and sympathy will always be with you.
Today, I am incapable and helpless.
But in the future I will certainly help you achieve your goal..
I will certainly give you that opportunity too, nobleman.
Allow me to leave.
Farewell! - Farewell!
Was your mission successful?
Which mission?
Should I shout from the rooftop to tell Patliputra why you have come here?
Bhagini, you too sit here. Your husband is telling a story.
Vishnu, I am serious.
Varruchi and Shriyak visited me. - What did they say?
Varruchi has resigned as the P.M..
Now. - But he will continue as the P.M.
Didn't the King accept his resignation?
Varruchi has resigned because of the King.
Then how can he remain the P.M..
His resignation may not be accepted. - How can you be so sure?
It isn't the King, it is the testing time for the Minister Rakshas.
What are your future plans? - You will have to wait.
I have decided your role.
Prime Minister!
Minister, you are an astute politician. How can you make such a mistake?
With the change of positions, titles and relationships also change!
Do I have to remind you this fact?
Prime Minister! - Minister!
Calling me by this title is an insult to me.
Even if this title looks insulting, you'll have to accept this title.
Minister, You are overstepping your limits.
Will you let me finish, P.M.?
You have resigned, so you don't like this title.
But have you tried to find out whether your resignation has been accepted?
If the King has rejected it, then I'll reject his decision.
And I reject your suicidal decision! - Meaning?
Your resignation is unacceptable to me.
Who are you to decide that? - Minister Rakshas!
Yes Prime Minister Varruchi!
I too have worked shoulder to shoulder with you for the glory of Magadha.
I too have been insulted.
For years! And not only by the King, but by Magadha's citizens too.
Due to my devotion to the King and rigidity, citizens call me a demon.
I accepted even this adjective.
For the sake of Magadha, I became a Minister Rakshas from Kathyayan.
I wanted to escape from here.
But where do I go?
The dreams of Magadha's glory have put shackles on my feet.
I can't escape. I am suffering as much as you are.
I have killed myself many times. Many times I've been hurt.
But you could not hear my cries.
I have strangled my desires and thoughts many times,
because I have placed Magadha above my personal ambitions.
I've suffered the wrath.
Wrath of Nand. And I've suffered the hatred of people who oppose the King.
I've stood between King and his subjects. I've become the shield for both sides.
I've endured the blows from both directions.
People's anger for the King was taken by me like a shield..
And also the King's anger towards the people has fallen on me.
But did you ever hear my screams?
I have always walked on the double edged sword, P.M.
But I've never allowed the cries of my pain to reach your ears.
Even a demon has a heart, some tender feelings.
He too has the emotions of respect and insult.
But I've never let them hinder the progress of Magadha.
Even today, I did not wish to disclose my feelings to you.
But today you have scratched the scars of these feelings on my heart.
And they splashed out.
I will not let you go this way, P.M.. I won't!
Minister, I knew you very well.
That's why I stood by you till today.
When I had returned from Takshashila, I had many dreams.
I had many revolutionary and idealistic dreams.
I've reached up to here on the strength of those dreams.
Otherwise, in the framework of Magadha's politics, it would have been difficult.
But due to the mirage of dreams I kept on reassuring myself...
and I kept on pursuing a wonderful future for Magadha.
But all I got was disappointment.
Now this Magadha is in your hands.
You ought to try and see.
But from my experience, I must tell you that you are protecting a worn out and
doomed Nand dynasty, and with that you are punishing Magadha.
How long will you support this hollow and sick tree?
Minister! Its roots have been infected by termites.
You won't be able to save it.
How can I forsake the tree that provided me with shade?
I know the Nands are not blameless.
But the Nands too are the result of Magadha's political tradition...
which is built on a foundation of bloodshed and strength.
Magadha will have to wait for an honest ruler until the truth triumphs.
Prime Minister!...
Even if the Nands are ousted, will Magadha get its freedom?
How long Magadha will live on this false hope?
Why don't you accept the truth that every moment, every individual
is writing his and Magadha's future?
Every person's behavior is influencing Magadha's future.
Every person is either creating or destroying it?
And if Magadha's present is not better than its past...
then the present generation too should think about it.
No citizen of Magadha can escape from his responsibility.
This is a challenge to the people and their present actions.
All of us will have to analyze and evaluate ourselves in this context.
Magadha's future isn't being decided by the King, but by our actions too.
How can you and I belie this truth, P.M.?
We have the responsibility of guiding the society too.
And you want to escape your responsibility!
You want to resign!
Won't this be a betrayal with Magadha?
Won't this be a betrayal with those hoping for a clean government from you?
Won't those be discouraged who are on the side of truth in this struggle?
The King does not need your service, but Magadha does, P.M.!
You can reject the King's decision.
But will you be able to reject Magadha's decision?
I am not asking you to seek the King's refuge.
I am asking you to abide by the truth and your duty.
The decision is yours.
But while deciding keep in mind that it will affect Magadha's future.
Permit me to leave now!
I give you the responsibility to investigate the corruption in the...
...revenue department and the army.
Act on my orders as soon as possible.
As you say, Lord.
Greetings, Minister. - Greetings, Bhagurayan.
What is the news about Magadha?
The P.M. and Minister Shriyak were seen at Acharya Vishnugupt's house.
Any other important news.
Acharya Vishnugupt came to my home this morning.
Greetings, Minister!
Acharya wants to reach the ordinary citizens as well as the King.
I want to reach from bottom to top of the society and government.
I do not understand.
Acharya Vishnugupt wants to guide the King and the society.
I want to create a guide that will make them aware of their duties and rights.
So, to learn about the real conditions of the society and
the administration and understand their good and bad points..
I want to meet the most competent spies of your organization.
He is making a fool of us.
He expects me to help him.
If I do not, then he will disguise himself to acquire the information.
What does that Brahmin think of himself?
Every sentence and act of his is a mystery, Minister!
The denotation and connotation of his words varied very much.
It is difficult to say, whether he is warning or challenging us.
He is doing both.
Now I begin to understand it.
But I never thought that he would be so brave!
Bhagurayan. - Yes, Lord.
Who is spying on Vishnugupt?
Neither you nor other spies know him. His name is Susidharak.
Let go of me! Lemme go in!
Leave me!
Catch him!
Catch him! - Nab him!
Get him!
Get him!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Get him!