NATO in Afghanistan - Afghan Special Forces

Uploaded by NATOCOMMUNITY on 19.12.2011

These soldiers are Afghanistan’s best of the best.
They’re the country’s own Special Forces unit which has, for a while now, been receiving
equipment and training from their US counterparts. Members are selected from elite units within
the police and army. At their training camp on the outskirts of
Kabul, the Afghan SF practice conducting raids. They use flash grenades to get residents to
come out of their compounds. After having searched them…
..the men enter inside the building. Special Forces have carried out 3,800 raids
against insurgent targets in the past year with the help of coalition forces.
In 91 percent of these raids, no shots are fired, according to ISAF.
‘There is only one per cent of civilian casualties in 3000 operations, but it’s
unacceptable because the enemy also use people as a shield. So they play a great role.’
Many of these raids are carried out at night. Coalition forces say they are one of their
most effective weapons in the fight against insurgency.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai however has called for them to end.
It’s an issue which both parties are in discussions over.
‘The night operations which we are conducting are successful from the beginning of the Special
Forces until now, and we did not have any civilian casualties, we have killed the insurgents.
We did not hurt civilians.’ Though the Americans were involved in creating
this unit, more and more now, they’re stepping out on their own.
‘Soon we will start our platoon-size independent operations with the help and assistance of
coalition forces, but our main operations will be independent in future.’
Many challenges lie ahead, but US and Afghan officials are confident this elite unit will
provide a significant contribution to the country’s stability when combat troops leave
Afghanistan in 2014. Alessandro Pavone, Afghanistan for the NATO