Easy homemade dog treats: How To Use Fido's Frosting

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 05.12.2010

Hello. Thank you for looking at Fido’s Frosting. I’m Frosting Fran and today we’re going
to show you how to use Fido’s Frosting. You’ll notice that on the packet there are
specific instructions as to how to use the frosting. For piping, you’re going to use
6 tablespoons of water. For spreading, 8 tablespoons, and 9 tablespoons of water for dipping or
drizzling. And we will have videos to show you how to do all of those things. But I must
stress that it is very important that you use the precise amount of water that is listed
here otherwise the frosting will not work the way that you would like it to work. So
let’s start by spreading some frosting on this dog bone cake that I’ve just made.
We will open the packet. Pour the frosting into a bowl. And you see it is a nice, white,
powdery frosting. And I must let you know that this is all natural yogurt. There is
no fat, no sugar in this frosting. So, it’s a very good frosting and even healthy for
your dog. So now we are going to be spreading the frosting on the cake. You notice I am
using an actual measuring spoon because it has to be precise. So I am going to add 8
tablespoons of water. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. And eight. So now we will
mix the frosting. And you see it has a very creamy consistency. Now at first it may seem
that you haven’t added enough water and it may look rather dry. But resist the temptation
to add more water. Just keep frosting - I mean keep stirring – and we’ll keep frosting
later. But keep stirring through. And you see? It comes out very creamy. And that’s
eight tablespoons of water to make frosting for spreading. And you can hear Fido in the
background is already excited about this cake that we are about to frost. So now we’re
going to take some of the frosting and spread it on the cake. And look how easy that spreads.
Very simple. And this much frosting in one packet will frost this entire cake and there
will be some left over that you can use for decoration, or for uh spreading on bones,
or biscuits, and we will get into that in the upcoming video. So I’m going to frost
this cake and come back later and show you the finished product. And please visit our
website. It’s www.FidosFrosting.com to see all the other um products that we have. We
have frostings in different flavors. We have banana smoothie, blueberry bliss, carob, champagne
and eggnog. So please visit our website, email us or call us if you have any questions, and
we’ll be happy to walk you through. Thank you.