S3 Episode 7:Doctor Doctor

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Okay yes, this room is drab and shit
and someone should throw that fucking ugly Christmas tree away
And yes this isn't the best way to start a new year, but it could be worse
How could it be worse?
Well it could be a beach day like a normal summer
But of course it's a crappy Melbourne summer day, so we might as well be indoors
We're in a sexual health clinic Toby
And I'm a stupid dick-brain, moron, douche for getting into this situation
But glass half full
It's going to be fine, 3 more weeks on PEP, big deal
We'll watch box set's of TV all January
But not fucking Glee
I hate that shit
It did just get worse
Yeah there is a price to pay for fucking up;
TV privledges
No Glee
We are watching Twin Peaks, True Blood, and Breaking Bad
All 3 seasons
Breaking Bad again?
Yeah I love that Jessie, he's such a fuck up
Doctor: Peter
I'll be outside chain smoking, that tree is doing my head in
Doctor: I can't say when you were exposed, but it must be at least 6-8 weeks ago
because it takes that long for the virus to show up in your blood
I think I know when it happened
Oh right, I see
Peter: 5 months ago in Mexico
Well PEP can only be prescribed within 72 hours of exposure
Well it's too bad I couldn't get fucking PEP in fucking Cancun
when I went after a night out at fucking Carumba
Sorry to shoot the messenger
I'm just a little upset
Doctor: Of course, completely understandable
I hate being the one to break this news to you, but eh,
I'm meant to be on holiday's myself but I was
Peter: It's not your fault
HIV services are mainly on leave right now
I had a flu in LA
And this psycho drama was going over and over in my head the whole flight back
Are you okay?
Yeah, um, a flu can indicate seroconversion but not always
Did this time
Peter: It was a shit awful flight
Peter: even in premium economy
I put off having the test for this very reason
Hearing the truth
Look I think I'm gonna go
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah I'll be fine, um,
You'll have to make an appointment in the next couple of days
Yeah sure
All good?
Yep all good
Let's get out of here
See and look it's cleared up
We can watch Glee if you want
Thanks Tobes
Toby: I really hate it though