Using Energy Neutralizers Effectively - Learn PVP Lesson

Uploaded by Abbadon2110 on 26.07.2012

Hey guys, in this video we're going to be talking about energy neutralizers and how to
maximum effectiveness out of them
in any area of the game
wherever you can get little edges, it's gonna help you to fly better and all those
little edges are gonna add up to make you a better pilot and to give you more victories
so in this video this is actually a very very short segment of a long battle I
I had with my arty hurricane
about a week ago
in this fight i got lots of kills it went on for a long time, it was a lot of fun
but this video is actually a part of my upcoming
hurricane pro guide
which will be released in
a week maybe more, hopefully less from the release of this video
so depending on when you're watching this and they are tpm
if so you can go to keep programs to try it
but for this video on using the arty hurricane it has to neutralize small
newt so not even the best news
on the other campaigners meet units but for this one because of power grab
this moment
in this video on talk to you about
what you can do to get the most uh... energy which was arson what you need to
so that you don't have other people
exploiting the weakness of your energy neutralized k
ideally would have done this for the cursor pilgrim because that's what
really counts the most and that's when i when these lessons was backgrounds
the curse in the program and
i had to learn these lessons the hard way because they got me killed
several times
possibly costly skills i don't know
but i'll learn the hard way and now i try to make a habit avoids doing this is
one thing
so start the video
and i guess i should be some background i hear attacked the bricks of planet and
tucson got all this on video before this but
if i showed you the whole thing i would
take us forever to do it in we'll have that much time to cover this one topic
right after the break that the planet
and knew there was probably some backup coming
and this is rise another drop the bricks
uh... after
his friends worked and they all worked in the
sixty to eighty k away from us
i'm not too
threatened by most doubled the tornado i think might be a bit diffuse range
but the others can do anything
butter rawness is my main
threat on the field right now
because at that trends gets in close
an orbit so that
you know say five hundred meters or anything really close my party's not
let's go inside the video
so you know as you can see i'm finishing off the bridge here
units and he'd trying to pop in fast now ideally
what i wanted was to partner british
and have him down before the trends got this clubs
caused by the lock the transformer they're there
pop predicts
got my gun cycle finished i coulda puppetry is on its way up
gun cycle still going
france is already in
micorp 'cause run you can see that approval of city and now you can see
status of the way
my mike or tried to shut off systems cramped
and he also has a webcam
some of the last is dropping quickly and the rest of his fleet is
starting to gain on the pretty fast uh... specially the legion but you can
see in the radial velocity which is
how fast were closing
the legions gaining by nine hundred eighteen meters sec at
being closer
the others are still moving away slightly but i won't
stay that way for long
so at this point
that to rawness has me tackled and he's in orbit my party will not hit him
and i'm not even really trying to spoil bank because i know my hearty want him
let's go back just a little bit
and i want to watch how i
an issue in mind neutrality ramon
and notice i didn't do a u_s_ three f four notice i didn't clifton really fast
together i didn't go
click click
really fast
that's because let's talk a little bit about
the mechanics of the news and these are small news
i got to see or some shit so i have one name some have two sometimes three four
but the way that newt's work
the small groups have a cycle time of six seconds
a lot of people think because like there's a little stream coming from your
ship going to be appointed
that the energy neutralization is consistent throughout that six seconds
dot cycle
but in fact it's all at once so you initiator new fleeing
everything all the new year to do is done right then
and for the next six seconds or
five-and-a-half from whatever
it's it's there does absolutely nothing
now for small newt's that's not as big of an issue but when he got a medium
newt's it's a twelve seconds cycle
so now you've got eleven and a half twelve seconds
were absolutely nothing is going on in your car
party pastor is regenerating
take that to heavy newt's and now you've got twenty four seconds
twenty-four saket cycles on your neutralizes now what that means is
and i've
done this more times might account for tips
is like if you're in a
battleship with news and you knew afraid it's got to tackle
bedford it without any kind of cat mister without anything else
with just natural recharge
can operate his frigate
almost at a hundred percent without
any problem
in between your neutral neutralization cycle so in between the newt cycles
there should be enough to pass your regeneration
to run the ship with no problem
now on a smaller scale for example on the scale of distress
if our run both newt these that's a moment
they would probably
destroyed aka pastor of the trends completely remove all of this capacitor
down to zero
but then for the next six seconds to her gym
so for the next six sec if you'd probably get enough capacitor
his scramble maybe his web
and worst of all potentially his
my court right that's the thing we really don't want him to users micorp dr
because if he is mike or drive he can stay with me
and he can keep up as transversal which means i can him
and his buddies
are closing
what i do to keep him capacitor dead
more of the time and in between the cycle
and i didn't do it perfect here because those under the heat of the firing
you know too much worried about the battlefield but
i did it somewhat national id better by
the first one
been the second one and i didn't do it all at once i wait a second inbetween
ideally i would love this little white thing come halfway around
then click this one
so that they were
completely opposite each other so as
with three second cycle
you work with this one one-two-three quit this one
and then now you've got the neutralize are going to health every three seconds
meeting that he only has three seconds of natural regeneration in between
cycles i did it somewhat here but only get about a one second
delay instead of the three sets that are really should have
let's look at what the results flaw that was
now something else here at bc and drops
so i'm not
really in that much trouble here so i feel safe that i can you see in from the
train to get out but i want to kill the trend inside
so now
everything's looking ok
dot he seemed runs out for kit to engage in my guess idea lying to something away
from their fleet because i wanna
mission constantly moving away an increasing the time it takes for their
fleet to get on top
occasionally see entrance and uh...
if you look at the ritz read part of it all up
it looks like a spot just broke up
you can see the point where this just dropped
it's on the part of the gin
couple things
his his pcm so his point that is where they have now dropped
that means i can tickle my mark or truck and start moving away from this ha
starfleet again
and putting distance in between the entrance because
the biggest effect of minute
was that i've turned off his micorp dr
either he can turn it back home because of the pastor or really more likely
he doesn't realize it off
he's sitting there was no mark or drive on
and now watch what he does
is still trying to orbit five hundred
is still trying to orbit five hundred when he's moving atomax
speed of one four forty five
and with my michael dr undoing like fifteen hundred or something like that
sitting down with the now
the legion has a point so i sort of panic a little bit because i didn't want
to lead you to a point on me
and i'm worried that that legions going to get an anti-media
with that
from start to think i need to work out
i'm hoping i can get no speed too
outrun the point but the legion when i go to overlook my mark or tried to
assist with that
so trying to work at this point right about here
i realize hold on
the differences still approaching me
soliciting their approaching to get his orbit five hundred
is approaching with no micorp drive along straight at me he has no
transversal velocity
minority will track him perfectly and he's right about
in the sweet spot of minorities to do their maximum out a little bit beyond it
i can track him
really nice there sixteen seventeen k so i realize that
and astore trying to work off and i
again try to go for prints
and watch what happens
point didn't get a chance to engage
horrendous down
so right there
the newts now maybe or maybe not my staggering of the nudes
got me that kill
probably not
but in a lot of cases it's a little things like that
where your point stays captain
for more of the time
get you the the extra kills and give you the uh...
so i got away there but that's not enough right that's why we're on for a
while after that
i had to go repair and
but i started to engage in monetary at
the basic lesson here is if you're using energy neutralized specially ownership
lekha pilgrim workers you need to stagger your notes you need to space the
so that you keep your opponent cap dead
for more of the cycle time so let me give you an example of how i'd i'd in my
i was
i think i was in a fleet of
it was battle cruisers with the couple tected cruisers this was
two years ago and gives them
i was leading the fleet and
infront or
either that or i was scouting out aside system or something and i jumped into a
gate ecosystem
and there was a trick flash drake sitting there on the gate
so i knew that my fleet was
about a jump in half to just behind me
so i called them in unquote
tackled the drake
state it rains kept a new data i thought i had him
he was able to get into the scramble me before i was able to get out to mike
tight orbiter whatever
somehow or another he got a scramble
so i figured okay no big deal i'm gonna knew tim nominee getaway
so i line the something like it might need to go into the problem was
i had minute own
both the same time rational
they have three nukes i had all of them
on the same cycle so there was the
the twelve seconds inbetween
that he was able to read in the she ate his
scranton works ramblers take almost no capacitor same thing for damage control
if you want to keep those modules often there
keeping a damage control off
for the entire unified
drastically lower your opponent appoints and make to fight a lot faster and give
you a big edge
but in this case and he was able to keep that scramble me so no my court dr
no ability to work
and by the time i freaked out there
he was able to get on the entire time because i didn't stagger minute
and because of that i lost a curse and that was one of the hard lessons are
department and the despair of those years
to make sure that i can keepin captain for more the times was happened there is
the uh... the scramble a cycle time too
so every time his sram cycle
came up in the capital
he had to capitol to restart it
because i had all the minute on on the same cycle so set twelve seconds in
he needed to get that screen in
on the exact ascetic at all three new tatum uncapped
trained on this campus
hist new presario scrambles to keep going
so that's what's really important to keep your new staggered and to try to
practice that and you sent flights