"Ƚ'Aɱour ʙʀaque" :. [ENG SUB]

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So you pressed the treadle, eh?
- Yes - You have guts!
- The grain is safe, right? - Oh, yeah!
Have no fear. The Firefighters will help.
Don't take advantage of a weak old lady, you band of criminals!
Well Then, you band of idiots?
Oh, shit!
All right!
Hey, you aren't doing your duties
I put the bags in their right place: Wagon 15, the Compartment 21.
And I assure you that this is the first time
that a train from Hungary has not delayed!
If I were a train, I would be always on time!
And the tribe? Do you breathe at night?
In Budapest, breathing is considered to be better for you. Even when you sleep.
And that is why you are wearing pajamas on Sunday?
It is the only pajamas that I have with me. I am poor.
But my mother was French.
And do you know any other languages?
Argot spoken by the mouth, Yugoslavia with the hands,
Japanese with the feet, with Arabic women, and with the French ...
Shut up now, do not stoop!
Means, crushes. As is done with something that wrong with the shoe.
- Grab, ciabatta? - Yes, ciabatta.
Oh, Well done.
My Father died a year ago, My Mother three months ago because she loved him.
To leave Hungary, it takes a call e. ..
The nephew of my mother, who is a movie star ... They say he's a star.
I go to the cinema, only for music,
and to fall in love with the most beautiful girl in the world.
I have never been in love, just sick.
It's the same thing!
I was locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital.
I protested on the streets after the arrest of my father.
- They put your father in jail? - For 5 years, 2 times!
- My 7 years, only once! - And my name is Leon!
It's not bad! I too ... My father was a king.
- My father was a Prince. - He was a traditionalist!
A poet, Jew, writer!
- I no ... my name is Mickey. - Pleasure.
My brothers, Francois, an idiot, and Antoine.
- Do not think you worry about this too? - Oh!
- Ferdinand LeBaron. - Sylvain.
- But don't you see that this is an idiot? - So?
Want to see some photos?
How did you I find it?
She is cold, you should warm her.
I was there between those guys.
I looked without seeing.
- But this evening ... - Tonight?
I do!
- What happens? - You believe?
Passports ... tickets ... cha, cha, cha.
Fuselli representatives.
Ten days of confusion in Budapest.
I joined in Nancy, inspector.
Chat somewhat, with a friend of Buda.
We first note 15th
Well, Hungarian.
- Thank you ... And look at the luggage. - With enthusiasm.
Being excited, sir, is like being inhabited by God
If you are afraid of Madame, with women not combine anything.
You "brothers" do not have the same surname.
And I am not a friend in Budapest.
Between a rock and a hard place!
It's great, eh?
The encounter, the will, we do not believe ...
Paris is certainly more expensive Buda side of your dick!
- Do not expect anyone? - I warned, I did not want to be disturb.
The ambulance is not to arrive until two hours before.
We buy "rillettes". Here you can buy it!
- Cigarettes, sweets ... - and less misfortune than that confusion in Budapest.
And what was that Psychiatric Hospital called?
And the surname of my brothers, do you recall?
Sorry ... but my head still hurts.
Oh, the beauty, health, disease, women!
That's my cousin's name.
All sluts! Except one.
Realization! The shoe!
We need to buy.
To buy you must pay. Come on, you understand?
Come on, get. Keep well.
Here they are defending everything.
Their women, their chairs, their money, their executives.
They are not peaceful and they are right.
- Here are hits! - A surprise.
Come on, faster, Prince!
Please, eat shit.
Eat it, and stop.
Have you seen the clash?
You ... Are you presentable?
The line, nails and feet?
- And my earrings do not lead? - Difficult to carry.
- Were you? - Yes, I am.
Earrings, diamond ...
- Why this evening? - Why ...
50% of shit for a boyfriend is not enough - all a waste.
Why me?
Why tonight ... I have the stuff!
And you, as you know weigh and measure the love?
What to watch?
Your top... is unbuttoned
I mean, you're beautiful.
It is my job.
Nothing courtesans and waitresses! Brrr ... brrr ...
- You want to eat, eh? - I'm not hungry, I've already eaten.
- Are you? - No, it's me. I'm ... a pawn.
Then, you seize my furniture?
Hi André.
All on the table!
The nonnetto is dead!
I Will never eat more omelettes with my poor father,
who has the police and sends cash to disappear in the bar.
Well, I am somewhat fragile these chairs are...
like all the rest from the empires.
If someone moves, you, as they can!
Piece of shit, I will break you like an egg
Have you given to painting too soon, Joseph Venini ...
Géricault, Picasso and Bacon,
I know your people, the salt cod!
Mixed economy: 50% of profits for you, and losses for all.
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening ...
The Middle East, the atomic bombs miniature gas war ...
the boys of 13 years became sausage meat from the marshes
between Iran and all other ...
Good export figures for the National Assembly ...
and I who have nothing.
- No, another. - Excuse me ...
- What do I do? - You pay!
Yes, I am all in due form!
The price of the queen, as in Shakespeare.
That you had to read since have ceased to fly the road!
A queen ... not cede ever.
I take, you pay - you deserve it.
Come on, all together!
My beautiful, king of the forest ... .
What should I say?
Love me ...
But I am not worth anything!
My queen.
Excuse me, I have blocked the Secretary.
- And what the fuck are you doing here? - And you and you and you ... you, what's your name?
Already came up so high, as Delacroix, De Lamotte ...
Ah, the names as gluttonous Bellamar beginning to stink in the ministries!
And pack it in with your clown!
- Heh no, leave it, it's honest. - Well, like in agreement, we remain honest.
Throw everything on the ground.
And what do you do? You have not understood anything.
She is very dear.
Forgive me.
Thanks ...
Do not burn the people.
I'll give you everything.
My name my memories, my life ...
My handkerchief.
Blow well ... It can be useful for you
It is my woman.
- Like? - Yes
- My handkerchief ... - And me?
Eh, yes.
And you?
Perhaps ...
Friends, lovers ...
abuse of spring.
I take you! And too respectable for you!
- It is a serious matter. - You're right.
Leaving his old al fresco is a serious matter.
Changing the name is imperial!
Whether we go to do with your new family, pump-shit?
Help me, Matalon, shit!
I have always said which was calibrated, boss.
You can start to dig the ditch!
And you do not have to close it!
Music, the credits!
- I love you. - My God
You have no spine!
You should have taken Groceries in Neuilly.
- The love or what? - He hates.
Nobody asked you!
And then, from where are you out?
Sorry, I did not want it.
We regret for what you're doing.
So Leon, what do you think of these nights in Paris?
And you have not yet heard the violins. Or did you miss the cops?
- Mica six singing a Prince? - No.
And why?
Do not judge anyone. Who judges the judge?
A man who has a woman and a friend is immune from justice.
Do not want to continue to choose for me?
The company has even lost his appetite.
Alright, the best for you, My Diamond ...
My black diamond ...
I am not a black diamond.
I live as my mother lived.
In luxury with expensive clothes.
In the flesh.
Without pleasure.
I wanted someone I loved, a husband.
As it usually happens in life.
You know that there are four main Venini?
I want to do ... a cemetery sea around you.
Hey, I have not studied it.
A black diamond on the bottom of the dunes.
Venini cold for a gi jackals.
And a new toothpick for my father.
This is the program.
Alé! The attack of blacks, now let an ass and moved to the head!
A bit of you ... you do not disturb this late at this engagement
- And then wait for my brother? - It is true, Martine, exaggerating ...
In short, it can happen to have their own things, no?
Come on, eat, drink! You are here as all the nine, seen?
However, you are too harsh with her.
Is that you do not give us too in with the coca?
The sad ass, cheap ... And your makeup.
Princesses with the principles, Serve with the servants.
Do not exceed the limits!
I do not say to you, Prince.
If I was beaten to death 6 months ago, this coup would never have happened!
There you have believed, and still do not believe it!
No good! Not used remain earth worms.
My star ...
Hey, Venini was seriously injured ...
According to well informed sources, would be a coup for Armenians.
Armenians are nervous.
Venin busy with the Turks officially.
Ah, it is more decent? Mickey Micheyan has sown the shit, you should drink it ...
Those boys are Idiots. It is the Moon, Mercury.
That Mickey is doomed, I read the stars.
You are also stupid. Do you want us to fight?
- There is a door. - I could not.
- Is that there? - Yes
But what between the legs that I did not?
It is fragile ...
All this is in the head. The head is there!
You, baldracca! And you, dear missionary, you will be served.
Here they are!
My brothers ...
It is not the same syndicated commissioner. There is private.
They are not, Inspector.
The ruffian told me who were there by nine.
And then I know them.
They are small fish.
My father was in the Resistance.
Then some small bad habits ...
Fish said ...
Ah, good evening, madam!
By Venini have hit hard, eh?
You made a gesture.
I will do another.
As betrothal gift.
- Good conduct, 7 years less 10 days. - Fuck, I could not predict it.
I had to leave the cage for knowledge that you created by Venini.
We are in the'45 or'68?
- In '45 you were the king of the road. - Good result.
- The road is always there. - Me too, but the posters have changed.
I am not so stupid from ending up on a poster.
But enough to compel coglione your father to take care of the house.
Your brother is right, we must forget in order to survive.
We have sent in a cool, we have guaranteed a small pension, it is so?
What I have done, I have done to your memory. And to her.
There is one too many, Mickey. To survive you must remember!
It was for you.
Resume your beloved son!
I love you!
Mickey ... Judah.
To survive you must survive!
Have you noticed how we are? The former has died, Donald has died, my woman ...
It is a rag your woman! Please, take these.
- Do not talk so about Martine. - It's a little late to the kindness!
I am a woman and a friend.
Are safe. You said you have, no?
- No, you are. - And more.
Keep it for me.
We are able to put across.
No more Beatles, there are now Attila and Destroyers, No Future ...
And if there's a future, Tomorrow is the 15th of Rue Nergal.
Save yourselves.
And you leave the money to this asshole?
- The fire and ice! - My virgin!
- You should curarti ... - You're right. I know of a pharmacy.
Will we have made a thousand years ago with Antoine for some bullshit,
some change left and amphetamines. Remember, Antoine?
I need a hearse.
- Do not want to leave them? - And what do you want?
What two crowns put on self and aspects that the opening of the cemetery?
You come?
Come. Time to bring out the asshole.
- Are you raving, or what? - He touched Martine.
Gravediggers of that shit.
Here they are!
- We say, my specialty lying. - Not that you mind.
- Who? - It's misery.
- If a mind, there is a reason. - There's a reason.
I like this.
Damn, the shoe.
We must not remain here. Do you have Money?
I have memories here.
I was 13 years old.
I was happy.
It was a dream.
Not volermene. I always tip toes frozen.
I'm like inside a cube of ice.
Sleeping ...
Dying ...
To die ...
Make love ...
Always fight ...
Who are you?
- Big fish, small fish ... - What?
Cousin, cousin, where did you find Mickey?
In a train.
- What transport? - Me
Are you an innocent?
I could say I'm a virgin man.
Not for long.
It hurts.
I bleed.
No, you're enjoying it.
That's me bleeding.
You come when I will.
Leon, do not expect.
Forget the address, forget everything.
Mickey is doing well. Begone!
I'd like to ... I can not ...
Do not give money here.
Autographs and postcards Post exclusively.
The ladies are asleep. Do not make any noise. Come into the kitchen.
Coffee, chocolate, tea?
Below, we, you know All of your disasters.
Floods, terrorism, wars, famine, innocent martyrs.
Propaganda, we would laugh. We want to see.
And when we see we no longer know who we are!
But my friend ...
in the country of the blind, the Guerci suffer.
We must not, you should not watch.
Refinement of the morning! Sdolcinature!
She is almost as beautiful as my mother.
You could have telegraphed.
It was easier to take the train.
On what platform you fell, a small mine?
She was a woman betrothed to a gangster.
I spent the night with her. I do not know where now. And here I am.
- Have you seen the Eiffel Tower? - I lost your luggage.
The portrait of my mother, the last letter of my father,
I have his tie, handkerchief ... I don't know where ...
"I loved," is not the truth.
You touched me. Emotions ...
I do think about your father.
Beautiful was your father.
It always falls before the beauty, especially if you do not bend.
What is the truth? Wash whiter?
My shirt the trip, the night. The rain ...
Do you do this to cause idiocy?
I provoke the imbecility ...
The im-be-cyl-li-ta!
And when your mother came to Paris for the last time I ...
I knew that I would not have the magazine.
I had a nice try to argue, convinced that I was happy,
that would have pleased your father.
Compare our destiny
as girls compare their clothes.
She went to find a saint, a martyr, beautiful, noble ...
That she was ... equipped to live, lived near the theater.
And I did that the theater I felt ... prevented in life.
Behold, I have left. She died of love.
While I was there waiting that a visa does not grant ever
the sister of a dissident.
And now I feel denied of theater and life.
- It's like a sky in the countryside. - It's the Atlantic, the sea breeze.
You know that there are seagulls flying in the sky of Paris?
And it is precisely the Seagull who recites it now.
After all, the seagull is my daughter.
A small film porno successful and behold return all'Academie francaise today.
And that allowed me to resume work, you understand?
Does not go well, seabirds do not arrive in Hungary.
And the birds like you we are in Hungary?
Better do a manual job, my head is still hurting.
Forgive me, sorry, you put me at ease.
- Nestor! - Madam?
The bird came to rest on the mud.
It leaves its trace, most beautiful of his flight, his life.
I think of my father, my mother.
I try ... not sure
- You don't even look me in the face? - It's difficult.
It is not your day? What, the woman of that gangster was better?
She loved me, you must understand.
What, you think I don't understand love?
It's better for the other.
- What's next? - For what is above.
But you talk to God?
Could you not remain just for two minutes?
It would be sad.
- What isn't? Open your eyes. - I don't know how to see.
- But I know inside and I see later ... - And have I came inside?
Want to check?
- So I'll be like your bitch! - No, you would not do.
And is this what you want? You are truly a beautiful asshole, cousin.
It's André.
André, that's my cousin Leon. André is a guy who fucks good.
It is well established by my mother, and I was placed in his lap.
Marivaux is nice, but side slut, he prefers me.
And once in America that could be done?
Mr. de La Fayette will give the instructions.
- Aglaé! - I come!
There is Simon there?
Who has two ... There are two ...
There are people who prefer to be dead rather than red.
Others prefer rather be red than dead.
At that time, shake Glucksmann his wild mane style
and launches its message:
"Nothing about neutron bombs to Fauchon!"
At last we meet again at the same place.
Order, discipline, social progress.
Your theory is more close to us than you think.
- You will see, already in Italy ... - To each his theory.
- It is more convenient. - And nothing against your practice.
- A delightful place on entertainment acchiappaborghesi on the one hand ...
and the other sow bombs under the floor of their living rooms.
We are reasonable. It's better for everyone.
Here we are in the house of a lady. Remember that this is a living room.
She is not allowed criticize everything and everyone.
Let your children come to me.
Simon, she has again disturbed my table. You are a rude,
does not know how to discuss with a fascist.
Simon, for a man like you, the revolution is the Seagull?
The Seagull is the truth. It takes a real scene on the lake.
It gives me the means.
At the end of the show, open the tanks and finally drown the bourgeois.
We do not combine anything, help me.
I hunted in a jail. I slog,
I turn the engine the other but not surplus.
The old is good for the circus ...
Aglaé to nail a place in that does not move more
it would take me the obelisk of Luxor.
- Marie then ... do not speak. - Is it a conspiracy?
- I have not even heard coming. - I opened it.
- Come in the living room? - I was going in the kitchen.
He has the courage André.
He loves me. I am sure that I prefer my mother.
If I'm with him, is to recite better in the theater, you understand.
Forbid you to judge.
You have confused ideas to do this.
All right. It's clean!
So, enlightened, ports reports of Mickey Marie?
- I do not know where they are ... - You are as Marie.
Put it where the Chiappe.
I told you that I would found. He is my dog.
My brother of sugar.
He knows the future.
Your future we'll leave, but this leaves me!
Marie has paid his return ticket, is the price.
The trip was a surprise and this is priceless.
So no cheating with your whistle.
Do not you know far more to be a man?
Shut up you.
I Don't trust you, Albert. The good Lord has addressed
if one tries not to understand ...
Hit, Albert ... Until hit means you're alive!
We know the hiding place of Mickey.
It is an hour that we feel the stench.
Understand, understand. Excuse me now, first and after.
I did not know how to reach you.
Before the fuse burning, you were gone. I remember.
I tried. LeBaron has found hanging in your window
and thanks to a photo of your cousin on "him",
take him to the apartment in the face that I had to empty.
- It's the most, have not understood anything! - And Mickey? You have done?
I destroy everything I love.
We repeat, chin.
Watch the Venini, it's not destroyed at all.
Indeed, you know that was a lover of my mother?
He discovered that the love had no money for this animal.
He was a thug that proved that he did not have the means
to offer what he thought it could throw away.
And now, no longer, does not want more, do not know.
Thank you, I do.
Here is the soup my first Venini mistreated.
Mickey has shaken the tree
Matalon and the bad the gate waiting to ...
If you are a man, don't continue lying there.
He is the man under discussion now.
A dirty affair between men, of honor, of power.
Complaints? Complaining about my mother?
I listen to my tears ...
Want to taste my love?
Love makes miracles. Do you want to see a miracle?
It is your law.
The puppet who made you jump in the air.
You do not jump and do not jump no more!
You can not understand.
I come! I promise.
- Do you want systems too? - No!
I have no shame.
It's not my fault.
The fault is mine.
Where have you hunted?
Fear not, the police will be here in 3 minutes.
First, let me speak.
I, the massacrer of the evening, I was not there.
I don't know this gentlemen at all
If you do this for me, there has never was a girl in the courtyard ...
What the hell on earth are you looking for?
I don't know.
We are not going to play a tambourine together.
She certainly has a motto princely.
Wherever I walk, the rogue disappears.
"The countess scal ..." ie "the barefoot princess," so to speak ...
Mankiewicz ...
You have seen death the mother at the hands of Venini.
The 4 brothers Venini ...
The 4 fingers of Mickey ...
I always wanted the good of Marie.
Are you looking for the fate of his mother.
But do
Two days after the board
against the merchants of flesh guns and ideas?
And we try again with horses crazy.
Mickey, you ...
The reserve, a thousand chances against one.
And the luxury of a desperate gambler.
Could I returned to Hungary
but I prefer to leave in our world.
I'm going to take the deposition of Mr. André,
democratic, as a papal bull.
But I want to continue to follow your tracks.
And those of Marie.
Sharpening their teeth and shaking the handcuffs.
Gladly send you sterile with your coffin
in Hungary.
You do not like me.
Fault ... her.
Marie is poor and defenseless. She goes too far.
Just so, innocent.
Remember that I am too generous with you.
As the same from me.
And this is my foot. You know my foot?
A nice Calcione a hog foot Parisian.
And this in addition.
So, courage, the man on the street with his suitcase.
So that if the steps even worse.
You still have all two ears?
It is my fault, I would not have never had to leave you alone.
I like when bleed ...
But I would much that bloody for me.
Curse you, Mary, full of ice.
The Lord is against you.
And cursed is the fruit of your womb ...
Nergal ... At 15 Rue Nergal!
Follow the guide, prince.
Without me you would never find your way to the gallows
Isn't this the search? Mickey has a knot at her.
Node ... I like this ... The knot's interesting
Without the victim, no farce ... without intrigue, everything is sad.
We have the seasoning.
Mickey without Marie: No prayer.
Marie with Mickey: No means.
"The lizard and the need" Nobel prize. Know him?
Yes, it is this.
It is a small survival course use of the convicted innocent.
I could astound with a little 'history of France.
It is useless, is the South against the North, Against the sordid dirty ...
... Lyon against the Saracen.
Second door on the right!
But, my dear, keep your eyes open!
Chicago Massacre of 1930, no lift!
There is a friend of Mickey's.
Come on, it burns. You must go, now!
European third type, that.
I have a job for you.
Mickey goes wrong. She lost the joy of living.
We transmit life if he continues with that woman.
Take it away, do it for me.
If it is not cheerful, Mickey's not a dick.
I do not want to see him, I do not want them both!
I do not want, no, no!
Purposes before, and now blames me?
- The love for piety, Mickey ... - I pity you did not?
- The love for pain. - I love her and that was it.
- You will comply. - Respect for the cemeteries!
You will not ever.
To have you in their hands has taken this empty apartment here in front.
Okay, your part to exterminate the Venini you have done,
but we still have three to go to the bottom. You feel?
Now it is you who will flee.
Mickey is not the brute that you think.
I do not think anything.
You ... it is difficult to get wrong.
In order to kill, should be a woman.
Wrap the blade in silk.
- Won't feel anything. - No.
Get in there.
No. ..
We are like children, Prince.
Marie ...
Marie ...
Marie ...
- You suffer? - And you?
Our customers!
How to put these idiotic.
Di 'un po', degenerate, Gothic mosques are you?
Oh, just nice, you know?
Dr. Gilbert Venini, I presume?
Livingstone, shit, asshole.
Are you there for ... Mickey wants Benamati entertained.
I have too expensive.
- Six to watch or you shaking your ass? - I am not shaking at all. And you?
- And he wants me to be your Mickey? - Disneyland!
- It will be tough. - No, regular.
Tomorrow at midnight, where you want. Before the Lord, face to face.
Poitiers or else. It was time.
For you, the shit flies, stay around your Mickey.
If you leave the casbah, we regret ...
- The stunt by Masturbator exhausted. - It is not exhausted, is there!
Begone, by!
So what? So what?
So what? Non ce l'hai un po 'di roba?
Your lovely brothers Simon and Edgar, for example?
Are too high, we do not reach.
- Yes, at 5 am, Edgar is the white Rue Lénine a Charenteuil ... - It's on us.
None of the stuff?
Company "Avvenire and Health", at 12th
Do not fear, not sanguinerà forever.
I am in the habit!
Company "The future and health".
The joke that we do that will put a new license plate:
"Past and cancer."
Come on, parties, burn!
Even you.
My brother Leon, then Mickey Venini and Edgar ...
It is doing this Venini?
It is a panzone Cosetta with or with the things?
I see no uniforms!
It is the director of the company buildings. I am in business with him.
Your business shit!
Ti cages and you believe in the system?
You saying, you do not have dignity!
Affecting the family business?
Are you sick of paranoia!
I want the recipe.
It's too complicated for you, will never understand.
What I can not understand?
Which together with your brothers missile trade with cocaine?
Coca push to make the road
and the money washed them to become construction materials for guinea pigs.
And that hog André the Secretary,
Simon and Venini in there, where?
Simon is untouchable! It is not the flow from dirty sewer rats!
Of sewer rats? This I brings to mind a bath.
There is a pool here?
The joint construction passing through the Bank of Polo Red ...
Spring bank and give me the banker!
What does the banker well as the banker to do?
Go to the Bois with the German dachshund?
Medium rare? Al dente? At the point right? Overcooked?
The theater has been put baldracca with an actress.
You could tell us what is your name?
Aglaé, gla, gla!
This information you saved my skin.
Unfortunately for you, Marie gave you goodnight.
- Can I do anything for you? - Noo ...
Why do you show this?
Because you are my friend!
You know what I want? You know what I feel?
Just now I was about to tell you I have a conviction.
Servant to someone? A nothing. Sprofondo.
You have a religion, you?
Remember, it's for you.
At least you do not kill. My woman ...
My cross, my skin. Want something else?
Disappear before you do a gift pack of all!
- I will go to seek it! - Not tired, she's already here!
All done.
Protect yourself.
From him, from me.
Impediscimi to empty,
to sink.
Tappami ...
Leave decant things ... Life is beautiful ...
Can you hear me?
They wet the road for fuck sull'asfalto.
Yes, I love you.
We have it all.
Weaknesses, ideas, history ...
This is what forces us to remain seated here
waiting for the Cossacks!
The weight of money, the ghosts of culture ...
The final solution.
The Cossacks!
If we do not, we could also go wrong, what do you think?
In any event, the battle sex we won.
The final solution, Anticaglia small middle class.
For us we just want the media, the powers of the people living, working.
The founders of the company, the anonymous heroes of the future.
The future is for the dark forces individuals organized.
Solution champagne!
Non .. can no longer say anything,
especially you can not kill
any thoughts or bite!
If the teeth are used to climb trees,
as the big toe of the foot?
There is another world without cruelty, more deformed and more Laido?
That when I have my hunger and thirst obligations to think about the meat
and blood who want my neighbor?
What butcher us legitimate children?
Attention to the vase, cousin.
We're badly in practice.
Clothes, furniture, prisons ...
I am like you.
I found a solution, the theater.
You will see, is not that jumble where he rolls my mother.
It really breaks through here.
It kills better and faster.
It does not make happy, but makes good, better than everything.
I would like to remain here.
Did I go to system.
I have the hip murder me.
The body of Simon I will not say no.
This I know to do.
We all lost, lost in our flesh.
- Also you are lost in your flesh, Aglaé, you understand? - Everything is cold.
You can not destroy that with media, middle-class scenery.
Costumes bourgeois, with a bourgeois game.
The bourgeois revolution in the service of
on behalf of all humanity which is Perita ...
Their souls have merged into one universal soul, that's me.
In my mind, the human conscience was confused with the animal instinct.
I remember everything and rivivo each exists in myself.
- There is something decadent. - Only in the entire universe ...
It is cool the actors Simon. You will have you.
- It's great what he says. I want the book. - Leave me.
- She has had? - Who was I?
- Who you had? - Tu.
I love you.
You know, I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Maybe you should remove trousers if you have the Holy Spirit.
You want to do?
Why are usually them that they do it to me.
I can also legarti feet.
For the same reason, usually because ...
to me that is doing this.
And this why?
Because usually Am I that are ridiculous.
So we can forget.
The return when I want.
Do not go! No, I must follow!
You need to do evil to survive?
- Even a child? - Not a child, it's worse.
The worst for me.
A respectable girl who wants the worst.
Does this suffering, we like to suffer.
And in theater you really have?
The try, hear, I will help you.
If you off from me, you're lost.
For this ... for this!
At the station ... Did ricambierò.
And Mickey is happy, because this is the pleasure.
The vision of Revelation,
Ia slut on his throne of blood, the fourth knight,
I'agnello the seventh seal, Kafka and his fish!
Kafka ...
... and his fish ...
There, I can not ...
I used to come here on holiday with my father and my mother.
My father died there, in that room.
A shot in the barn.
But I still ment.
It was hung?
Him ..
There is not successful.
Him ..
The rain ...
But she is raging mad. What is?
- Are you lost? - Yes
Here, with you ...
is not like a movie or in books,
where everything is clear ...
expected ...
organized ...
with a clear purpose.
Everything is chaos,
unexpected ...
pain ...
disorder ...
So I try to have them in the order, fans of my mother.
I am missing one.
- Do you want stories? - No.
To know my life.
There is no life.
There is only war.
I do not feel anything.
Close your eyes.
Marie ...
Marie ...
You fly, my friend,
cadrai you.
We prepare the fall.
Do you have exaggerated.
If I were human, the kill here, immediately.
But I will not be human.
I have a word myself.
I do not want you to hurry, but there is a theater in precise time.
Even the mail, on the other hand ...
for parcels ...
I am sending them.
The exact delivery time.
I still have ...
for new addresses.
And I am always me ...
Get a little 'of breath.
We must start now.
Do not take it, Leon. Commissioner ...
has failed to ensure peace cows.
It is necessary to provide the size, I ...
... ever.
Marie is his most valuable.
She burns the sharks than in other times have rejoiced to roast his wife.
A hero, Commissioner, suffering ...
Fixing glue! Do warm nuts!
The horses are waiting for me at the gate.
Accompagnatemi not, I will go alone. Give me a drink.
- Now where you go? - In town.
- This is Nina Nicolaevna? - Yes
Last Thursday, my uncle was not good and we have telegraphed to come.
Why you say that you kissed the land on which he walked?
You should kill me instead.
Rest, I must rest!
I am a seagull!
I said to you: lies, pain ...
Do not you want more.
I am an actress!
I am an actress!
He did not believe the theater,
we always joke with my dreams,
and I have come to an end to believe it too.
I have lost the courage!
The torments of love, jealousy ...
The continuing fear for my child.
They become petty, insignificant,
read like a slut,
I did not know what to do with my hands,
no longer controlling my voice.
You do not know this.
Sentire to recite so abominable.
I am a seagull.
Since I'm here way, way and I think very intensely.
And I grow the forces of my soul.
I know now, and understand, Kosta,
that in our profession an actress or a writer,
I'essenziale is not the glory or the splendor of which I dreamed.
But the main thing is knowing how to resist.
Learning to carry your cross and keep the faith.
Here the object is full.
So now we define the details.
It is shocking, eh?
They are conspiracy or what?
Our girlfriends ...
There is a doll ... here is the head and feet here.
I put it upside down.
Close your eyes, close your eyes ...
Fa 'see where his head.
And the walk?
And the sex?
It's good, eh? Good one.
Give me a pleasure. You can ask that illuminate the scene?
Desire a child ...
Turn all the lights, quick!
- Do as he says. - Do not want to mica again?
You do not. You played, you have enjoyed. I do what you had to ...
And you loved me?
I would bite.
Why say that he kissed the earth on which I walked?
Kill me, you needed.
I am so tired.
Rest, rest!
I am a seagull.
I am a seagull.
I am a seagull.
No, it's not true.
I am an actress, you ...
Even he is here,
si ...
But it does nothing,
Did not believe him at the theater,
is a mockery of my dreams, and I finished to cease to believe it too.
I have lost the courage, the torments of love, jealousy ...
the constant fear for my child.
I became a petty, insignificant,
read like a slut,
I did not know that what to do with my hands,
nor as being in the scene.
No longer controlling my voice!
Do not know what means this situation.
It's good for me.
Learn to bring your cross.
It preserves your faith. I have faith ...
- And the suffering. - This is ridiculous.
A girl so ...
And when I think of my vocation ...
- It is said: the whores ... - You should ...
Life does not make me more afraid.
Perhaps to die?
Here is still alive my last Venini, the untouchable,
not the only one who has ever touched me!
The only burning ...
Chiasso nothing particularly ...
In front of rabid dogs ...
Buon appetito, ladies!
Oh, ministers integrated!
Thanks, today there is no more.
For me it is not finished.
I have offered a theater for quarter of an hour and we are grateful.
I quell'innocente for delirium,
came down, wounded, from its hole in Hungary,
has made cornificare all.
The dog is innocent.
I contended that a bitch, I was deceived.
Want more?
- I want everything. - Where do you want and when you want, but immediately.
And he is present. You embarrassed?
The wax of the seventh seal drips on the fingers of the butcher ...
The lamb is ready ...
Please, there, like whores.
- Are you afraid of me? - No.
Further, where it is more true, where he feels.
[The door behind you ...]
I ...
So the tape that kills?
Gone with the wind ...
hole ... culo ...
Not angry, I rivedrai more.
I just wanted to understand, I forgive.
If Mickey is in agreement.
You hurt?
Bakunin, vitamins comrades.
Che Guevara, The Bolivian Diary. "
Works by Maurice Thorez, imperishable ...
"The young Marx, the miseries of the philosophy" ... I only know this.
Fred Astaire!
Woody Allen, I do not know.
"Gone-with-wind," Mickey, ce l'ho!
Come on, it burns.
Come on, come on!
I was there, the tree. I was 11 years,
I stewed over the tribunal.
I needed to see her,
Sunday in a much me in you not enough!
You have not even had his bags
and that the unfortunate My father did not want more!
He even. This was his misfortune!
And she was wrapped with those hogs
to live their money, of coca, their shit!
Mamma, mamma!
I did the same. Their they gave me to eat;
I was clothed, beaten, but I have not soiled.
I am like you, as you are!
Mamma, mamma!
Now that I'm re ...
and that the queen is the queen ...
Impossible, you know, is French!
I do not ever marry you!
The finish is mine.
I need this money!
I need this money.
It's too exile!
But who is he?
Ah yes, almost forgot, a surprise, the corset of your mother sold.
The hospital, the ambulance, 4 nurses
2 midwives, 4.300 kilos at birth,
incognito for 7 months, a triumph!
The fault is yours, the lady my age.
To each according to his misery.
To each according to his needs.
My poor little ...
It is the love?
My wolf ...
Love ... I will show you.
Mamma ...
The smell, this is proof.
Do not leave a wounded friend
on the face of old age.
Especially if it is incompetent.
Behold here, man.
Come on, come down, idiot.
Come on, jump! You want you pull down to the hilt?
Su, strength, inside!
And do not move.
Remember? You tell me ...
that if I did all this was for Marie.
Yes, you were right. You know that what a girl lost in France?
I do not know anyone.
It is a woman running until the day that crack.
You can not make anything for you.
You can try to kill themselves, is all.
I know that I say that I could make a haul
worldwide delicious parking in the city.
But I am not a good God
I am his secretary, all.
One more thing. I am not as those of your world.
Did I leave it where you want.
Tell him that your friend Minister
I clean up the city by yourself?
Who defend the law against the law?
Instigate those carrion against each other,
is an art ...
seldom rewarded.
Then, about a medal?
I tell everything.
I can not leave you more closely.
A sweet?
Do not swallow the pit.
You still lack one last detail.
Marie, I found less than one year.
I am his father.
Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua,
Albania, Egypt, the war!
Albania, war! Egypt, Nicaragua!
I often dream this strange and shocking for a woman unknown
and I love and who loves me ...
Do not miss this tender time, sweetness to be or not be ...
because I have lived nell'attendere and my heart was not that your hand.
Be wise, my pain, stay more calm.
Relied on the evening falls, here it is.
A dark envelops the city bringing about a peace, to those who worry the ...
It is from within hours with the dog.
I do not want to disconnect?
Do not open more eyes, does not say anything.
Try to shake shit.
Or we get lost seriously the great feast of the white city.
You are the only ...
And you have not done anything ...
Leon? It is the prince of the idiots!
I had to do it during his sleep, but thou hast thou awakened.
I wrapped the blade in the silk but she does not suffer. Courage, come.
Want to finish?
- Marie, I love her. - And to me ...
- Do you love me? - Yes, certainly.
He told me that no other he love like me.
And then I said that was not important.
My father, my mother, you ...
I'amore ... the same foot,
the same toes,
Ie the same footsteps.
The footsteps are dependent on the soles.
The mud without trace.
It's me.
You have the cold,
six warm,
six warm
I want to finish now?
Do not make the idiot.
Take off your shoes, so think that we are no longer here.
Do not give to anyone.
No, it's mine.
If we had done God we would have made ...
The Arabs have been gone!
I offer you a peace honorable!
Whether we are to make all alone in that hole?
- With me you have a chance. - Crack all together for you!
This look is without me.
I should also see him.
- I do not see anything. - But now you see.
At the end of a normal film, I too would get a kill,
become a hero.
There are no more heroes.
- There are only humiliated. - Do not say cazzate.
We go away on foot.
Disappeared, lice, Moroccans.
It's the end of the world.
I do not have the lake.
There will be no more true revolution.
Now do not you move more, understand?
Save me ...
take me ...
where you want ...
where you want ...
where you want ...
THIS FILM WAS INSPIRED BY "The Idiot" by Fiodor Dostoyevsky.
It is intended as TRIBUTE TO A GREAT WRITER.
when you ...
when you ...
when you ...
when you ...
when you ...
when you ...