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Andrew Ordon:
We have Doctor Ourian and his patient Angela in our procedure room in back right now, and
doctor Ourian, you’re about to perform Lipofreeze on Angela, correct?
Simon Ourian:
Correct, this is one of the most fantastic treatments I have come across that is non-invasive
and painless. The way it works is that we are going to cut, put this protective sheet
right on top of the skin which causes the skin to stay nice and warm while we start
to use the freezing temperature which is the Lipofreeze to cool off the area on the skin.
This is very, very sub-zero temperate that causes the fat cells underneath the skill
to become completely frozen, and your body in a short period of time starts to scavenge
it and get rid of it in a matter of two to three weeks.
Andrew Ordon:
We’ve talked about melting fat cells, so now we’re talking about freezing them based
on the principle that if you make fat cells cold enough down in the dermis they will die
and the body has the ability, those little scavenger cells to clean up those dead fat
cells. Doctor Ourian brought some pictures of patients he has treated, let’s take a
look at somebody who was treated with Lipofreeze. Take a look before, take a look after.
Simon Ourian:
This is a great way of looking at it. If you see, this treatment was done on the patient
who had two _______ only.
Andrew Ordon:
This may be a great procedure if it’s combined with a good diet and exercise for somebody
that really isn’t that big, figure faults. Watch your diets and exercise and combine
that. So interesting procedure, thank you so much doctor Ourian.
Simon Ourian:
Thank you so much, great to meet you.
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