El Al Flight 1862-Air crash Investigation -The Full Episode

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fifteen kilometers from the city center
one of the world's busiest airports
more than six hundred aircraft take off the land here
someday october fourth nineteen ninety two
she forty p_m_
an aircraft enthusiast
takes this footage of an israeli l_l_ seven four seven cargo plane
arriving from new york
the jumbo will load up on refuel before flying to tel aviv in israel
there's quite a bit lower one eight six two
three p_m_
living begin
supervised by jerry present
allows operations officer
today's guddu includes consumer products
but some boxes and labeled
dangerous goods
jerry has a good idea what's inside
on el cargo flights he seen the huge range of military hardware
as unical case write a reply preferably existence jijaji krish succeeded feces
all these weapons supply the israeli military
which is not in a forty five-year-old conflict with palestinian militants
the ongoing crisis makes a lower atop targets for arab terrorists
seven years ago
gunman opened fire on l_l_ checking jews in rome and vienna
killing nineteen people
the airline stays on permanent celeste for more things
armed security guards keep a close watch on all its planes and personnel
and before loading
all freight policies through pressure chamber
today estimates any balms planted by terrorists
five twenty p_m_
slightly sixteen response security check
now the crew arrived without the flight inspections
two seven four seven is thirteen years old
but it still has at least five years of useful service before retirement
fifty nine year old captain you tceq folks is in command
like many l_l_ pilots
folks is a combat hardened veteran of the israeli air force
he's got twenty five thousand pilot hours under his belt
flying alongside folks
a flight engineer did a year sophia
and co-pilot arnaldo had the rookie of the crew
just thirty two
he's been claim jumpers the less than a year
flight one eight six teams take off
will be supervised by at traffic control left and he had been opened
post it was wonderful simona
he could see to the end of the world
all the flight cost the united states will
passover densely populated areas of amsterdam
under one of them lies the bowler suburb
thirteen kilometers to the east
eizenstat the sprawling good of an apartment block
incident almost two thousand people
among the molly to try to run and that's
angry emma
uh... alfred every take trains would come open he got used to that after a
we are most celebrated seventeen thursday and friday stone he's a typical
teenager into pop music and martial arts movies
but today reasons insurance with his mother
that's where the men's room is on the fifth floor of the good of a block
well there are dozens stanley originally from surinam of former dutch colony in
south america
grouchy ela
their fourteen-year-old daughter is a popular girl who's doing well that's
politics in the heart arkansas always laughing always
because it didn't work for everyone will seek to support
six p_m_
runway won a triple
that improves powers of the seven four seven four friends and with the engines
his young co-pilot
on on the ladder
to give him more trying experience on the seven forty-seven
six minutes after take-off
l_l_ one eight six two heads east of amsterdam suburbs
six twenty seven pm and thirty seconds
the engines is still a full thrust
as the jumbo close to six thousand five hundred feet
everything is running like clockwork
the crew settles in for the flight to tel aviv
in less than five hours they'll be back on whom soil
with their families
a terrifying jobs lost the play
it starts to lose altitude
violently to the right
veteran pilot captain folks grabs the controls caught up
he travels to stabilize the jumbo
if he fails the aircraft was spiral out of control
and out one night
after thirty seconds
captain foods manages the wrestling with jumbo practice thirty flights
flight engineers sophia desperately sketches control panels to try to find
seconds later
another crisis
the instruments revealed that both engines on the right wing
are out of action
it's a pilot's nightmare
captain folks
must get back to skip over an emergency landing
he still could lie the loudest he needs the airport small usually
a traffic controls clears the job over the journey back to scribble
they have it
the return root to runway twenty seven
will take the jumbo over the bell miss suburb
whether try to moon family lives
they impose needs of others in the crippled gets wyckoff
are completely unaware
of the drama
unfolding of office
el al one eight six two
a fully loaded seven four seven cargo plane is badly damaged
rapidly losing height
it happened
six thirty p_m_
this race is a position at schiphol airport
where the jumbo is due to arrive in less than ten minutes
the symbolism was make a descending turnover ends for them
to reach the correct altitude and line up for runway twenty seven
its final approach will take it over the good of an apartment complex
rather try to my family lives
monitoring stanley decide to visit a friend of mine
they tell their children if we have all graduate
they'll be back soon
six thirty three pm in thirty five seconds
air traffic controller painted brock clears the stricken jumbo to land of
runway twenty seven
parking plastic
fans out here
four seven is two minutes from the velma suburb
low interest only
operate at a friend's apartment
it's a typical summer evening
many people are at home with their families
s dozens it was very relaxed outside because you the children playing
you can see the people on the walkway is
at this moment
as captain flukes lifts the nose to slow the job of the landing
jams the run-up further to the left
but now the plane barely response
provided a lot of all that stable holding off
starting from
music sends a chill truth about that
he immediately called sex is probably henrietta rental payment
south of happiness for myself to going to come in the senate
is no indeed cpg in detroit will meet the probate
ninety seconds later
proves still battles to control the role but it's getting worse
the jumbo is losing height
it's just seconds from the belmont subba
unaware of the looming danger
marlena and standing near their friend's apartment
teenagers william will address shall at relax at home
four floors up
that the other end of the grant of a blocked thirty one-year-old andre balls
he has the approaching rumble object engines
antipathy to describe the noise was getting louder all the time
intervention and the stars to rule
the royal accelerates to an extreme
ninety degree angle
and each of those higher
also wants the belmont backpack
the role of the jet is not dampening
entree grabs the voting for the emergency services
seconds later nightmare on posed just needs is the result of days
knowledgeable and injured as it flew straight past my broken
marlin is certainly
reach their friend's apartment
in his ten th floor apartment thirty six-year-old banquet arenas the han is
about to be doing
industries from his bed cast brings into his balcony
he's paralyzed by what he sees
the jumbo is heading straight for his abominable
get in the course of my life go by my friends from my childhood
it's over
six thirty five pm in under forty two seconds
bailout one eight six two
you smashes into the sixth floor of the eleven story apartment blocks
this usually is
it wasn't until some clues to the like a bangs so far
the impact
knox renews unconscious
burning aviation fuel rains down on the dozens of apartments
the size of the crash
cave in the direction of my later instead of his home where they let their
children just minutes ago
the couple racetrack
gripped by fear
watch terrible disaster has struck their neighborhoods
and doug we have all aggression ally in danger
allow one eight six two
a seven four seven freighter laden with cargo
smashes into the sixth floor when a possible block in amsterdam
six thirty five pm
and forty seven seconds
addresses the lessons of rock a realizes the signal from the jumbo stops
off in the control tower him yet but i know payment can see why
karma flame and smoke reveals the jumbo
has crashed
marlena and so is wait a minute graceful ocean
suddenly through the trees
they see a towering wall of flame
stand city needs monday now
itself latins
no that's impossible
dissecting he said money now
out children our children
he was screaming
stanley freezes
but marlena runs to the burning apartment block
she finds a staircase
and races to the fifth
i was only thinking we need to find my children i'd need to find my children
but the exact point where her home used to be
she's facing an abyss
informed so that means i couldn't believe that my house was gone
stay tuned for finances print remained alone
live customer in a
ruth sixteen-year-old we have both and fourteen-year-old pessoas
may have heard the plane coming
and escaped
she stops a frantic search for them
on the ten th floor
bank what they're really stop
regains consciousness
he staggers for his front door
so his heart
it won't budge
shock waves from the crash have shifted the phrase
and jammed the door shots
arenas realizes he survived the crash
but now
there's no way out
not even his catherine jumped from the ten th floor
so i thought this is the end i thought if i come out of the american
andre bosses apartment two hundred meters away escapes the impact
now he rushes to the crash site
to see if he can help
mary fishy to me champagne and what you see is the enormous harm to the far ec
for instrument of every household
alternatives that could be hundreds
strapped or injured
and many could die before firefighters arrived
with no thought for his own safety
he smashes open doors which exam go aloft
and bring some apartments would-be suicide
there were too many flames
but in others
he rescues people who've been overcome by smoke
sums local people rushed to the scene
molly let's wait a minute desperately questions everyone near the crash site
have they seen her two children quiere mowing grass shelhah
still trapped in his ten th floor apartments
renews dot on feels the temperatures soaring
as the blaze rages outside
international looking at that moment he was fifty eight degrees celsius already
in my house
timeslot int pints purple
andrew this is he's got his minister lives
but he can do nothing except for a dirty at his cast
will be rescued
just when you think she's about to process
they russian from the info
in the maker of china
six forty pm
less than five minutes after the crash the first of sixteen fire engines from a
process that i am
arrives at the scene
via the life of a possible ready for many survivors from the crash so
now firefighters take over the rescue operation
and tackle the info
news crews capture the scene
as paramedics stop to treat the injured
fifty minutes after the crash
still searches for her children
but no one has seen them
the terrible truth starts to sink in
she said goodbye to quiere will address shelhah less than an hour ago
and promised to be back soon
have seeing them alive again
at that moment at that moment
preferences if real estate myself
i felt as if i had died inside
wanted this have to happen
wanted my children have to go
use of the disaster
spreads around the world
has two hundred may be dead tonight after the worst air disaster ever in the
dorm reveals a gaping hole in the building
the crash destroys thirty-one apartments on eleven flawless
the official death toll is forty three
including captain folks and his crew
the netherlands aviation safety board
quickly mobilizes eight investigators
friends that hot is a senior member of the team
he's a former fighter pilot with twenty years experience as a
accident investigator
but now he's facing his worst nightmare
hope to see you hope it'll never happen than it does happen
amount going in the middle of a residential area remaining victims
one treated collins worst air disaster
and why did the seven four seven
fly steadily for eight minutes after the may day
bonita nosedive without warning
into a crowded apartment block
now by reminding the events of that fateful day
by going deep into the investigation
we can reveal
what really happened fell out one eight six two
advanced computer simulation will take us
when no cameras and go
into the hot other disaster zone
residents say relief is really
they are not subject recordings from air traffic controller triple
he revealed a co-pilot oh hot
reported losing power in both engines on the right wing
valenti enough
investigators know that touring jan's failing of the same time is almost
unheard of
the team begins the suspect
a more sinister reason for the loss of the israeli jets
we thought from the beginning and i was possibly targeted by terrorists
the investigators fear the flight one eight six two
was down by a terrorist bombing
of ground to air missiles
and they have a second mystery to solve
if the jumbo was hit by a missile
why didn't stay aboard for a full eight minutes
for dropping out of the sky
to see if the terrorism theory stands up
investigators need to find the jumbo is engines
and it's black boxes
which record technical flight data
a cockpit conversations
but it's a daunting task
even if they survived the crash andy eleven hundred degrees celsius in fellow
they now live buried under a mountain of rubble
face-to-face so complete
for closing argument is so many pieces during the crash
but we didn't know where to stones
early the next morning
sixteen stop to sift through the mention of wreckage
investigators though they may face a long waits for clues
an unexpected developments
an off-duty policemen reveals that he saw five one eight six two
as a client
to amsterdam's aspects
what he tells the investigators
gives them an electrifying new leads
investigators and
to explain why it allow one eight six two
into an apartment
in amsterdam
yen cast as a detective with the amsterdam police
tells them an extraordinary story
on the evening of the disaster in an old friend were enjoying a guilt trip on
going near lake ten kilometers east of amsterdam
devotes was more than riding the allow one eight sixties like bob from schiphol
in sports
at six twenty seven pm
they're preparing dinner
loud bang that
casper's rushes onto the deck
in the sky he sees a seven four seven
two objects a falling away successful didn't patients just as they were both
teachers i realized that he might be
it's a startling revelation
air crash investigators friends at heart immediately orders a team of died as the
search going there lake
recovering the engines
could solve the mystery
it's not clear to investigators
but the two right-hand engines didn't simply failed
memories and uh...
french guitar
unable to see the engines from the cockpit
the crew had no idea what has happened
now there's a new mystery facing tutsies
wants to drift to find some inches of a seven four seven
case for a terrorist grounds where missile obama
now looks good
to prove this theory
investigators must recover the engines from the bottom of going near lake
and examine them for clues
against all the odds
after just a few hours of searching
diverse gets a lucky break
he spots a message onto that crop daybreak
thirteen quickly identifies it
is the outta ranging from the seven four seventy right wing
and there's another key find on land near the lake
pieces from a ten meters stretch of the same wings leading edge
it's the team's first chance to find out why the engines fell off
they were rushed the wreckage to their lives
scientists while the engine and the chance of winning for traces of the
chemicals used in explosives
examine the metal surfaces for the telltale micro quitting caused by glass
it takes two days
the analysis draws a complete blank
investigators complain no evidence of an explosion
nor any other cludes why the engine broke away
fixing dead end
now the investigators only chance to solve the mystery
is to find a seven four seven mins intervention
in the hope that it holds the key
or to locate one of the plane's black box flight recorders of the crash site
the dutch maybe joins the search for the in arranging
they deploy still specialized salvage vessels
and more diverse
without the two more days
they find nothing
investigators are worried
with every passing hour
crucial evidence
is slipping away
about salt coral sea
the water woodstock corroding the prompts because of that really can't
afford it as soon as possible
first thing
is equally bleak at the crash site
substance complain no trace
of either of the seven four seven is critical black boxes
to make things worse
as another setback
within twenty four hours of the crash
the mayor of amsterdam
order diggers and bulldozers to clear the sites
he's on the huge public pressure to recover bodies as quickly as possible
a lot and his team a powerless
their only option is to follow the day breach of its new home
and amsterdam garbage dump
it seems a hopeless task
then up to three days
and others in his amsterdam office
rifles when he gets a cool it's good news
one of his team has found the seven four seven flight data recorder
we were very happy it's last week it take a step forward in our investigation
this black box
records all the aircraft's critical technical data
it could prove the breakthrough they so desperately needs
but when they open it
it's a terrible letdown
the tape inside is broken in four places
and data from the plane's critical final two-and-a-half minutes
is indecipherable
they send the recorder to specialists in washington d_c_ in the u_s_a_
it's a long shot
but it's the only hope
eleven days after the crash
the investigation teen is at rock bottom falls but just as investigators are
beginning to despair
they hit the jackpot
a diaper
plays the in arranging
harbury by month
it's still attached to the mounting affix it to the wind
bail out of the team are excited but cautious
wanted his engine bruises on enlightening as the first
its president indented
with the casino obvious evidence that it was hit by a missile
and when they're on the battery of tests for explosives on this engines once
again they find nothing
investigators meet a turning point
the rule out a terrorist attack
as the course of the disaster
in fact they can find nothing wrong with the engine itself
good when they examine it's traveling all outta casing
they quickly spot something all
undaunted smears of black paint
where did it come from
they send the brains for analysis
but they must still find out why d_n_a_ ranging broke away in the first place
since the engine was still fixed two x manzi the separation most of the car at
some point where it was fixed to the wind
fifteen studies the some four servings engine attachment system
forfeiting his hold the engines to the wing
but on the beach
is a fourteen centimeter lol hollow steel balls
call the fumes him
the fuse pins a strong enough to take the load of a five hundred engine had
cooled crust
but in some circumstances they're actually designed to
for your bidwell engines offers a crisis
like a mechanical seizure for those strikes
taken by a great violently
if the vibrations get too severe
the engine might tear itself the destroying the wing
with dive consequences
to prevent this investigators know that all seven four seven zc kind of damage
limitation system
when vibrations reach a critical point
the fuse pins uh... engineer just now
allowing the engine before away harmlessly
but there's no signs of the in arranging suffered a crisis
so the team was consider chilling possibilities
did something go terribly wrong
with a few spin system that led to the treasury
hits he makes them is the mounting
that fix the generations of the wing
they focus on what's left of the to central fittings which carried the bulk
of the lord
houston's they tell both missing
investigators want something intriguing
for the top of the lodge that held the fuse payment
this standoff
did this happen when the engine hit the lake
or idea
literally just examine the break and make a dramatic discovery
the stress muggings i'm not typical of a violent impact
he revealed that the log snaps
because it was overloaded
i realize this can only have happened ifdef use been inside broke at one end
this would transfer significant stresses interesting forces
onto the ladder the all the rent
making it's giveaway
fuse pins i designed to break at both ends of the strain on the engine reaches
a critical point mail believes that a partial failure
can only mean one thing
metal fatigue in the fuse pins
it's a startling new theory
could metal fatigue in the agency's bins
view of the rooms
of the disaster
but they're not moves the in arranging with only shear off
if both central houston's failed
to prove their theory
investigators will have to find the missing few spin
from the albert central fitting
the chances of finding such a tiny part to go in there lake are remotes
there are some milk
for the significant fragment was still attached to the wing
when the jumbo crash
he deploys more than twenty workers to search the garbage dump where crash
daydream allies
no one holds out much hope
the missing houston if was only fourteen centimeters long
and may have shown to the olympics
to canada said she was a little looking for the essential parts of the
was like a looking for any length haystack
forty eight hours into the search
they have still found nothing
on day three
one of the team sports a piece of metal hoffman by copycat models
it's part of the missing central fitting from the intervention
and against all the odds
as a child refused n still inside
investigators node
it may be their last chance to solve the mystery behind the disaster
fabian scanning the fragments under an electron microscope as soon as it
arrives from the rubbish dump
and they find their answer
in the wall of a few spanish as a crack
four millimeters d
the patents around the faulty show all the classic signs
of metal fatigue
the floor started
hello machining grooves in the hope in central board
it's the breakthrough the team that worked so hard to reach
they already know the metal fatigue
made one of the in arranging stu critical central fuse pins
they had indisputable evidence
that the other essential fuse pins
was also defected
with every flight
a microscopic cracks in the inner engines fuse pins got bigger
on october fourth
nineteen ninety-two they've reached a critical point
at six thousand five hundred feet
with the engine at full price so faulty houston's
but the investigation team
why the seven four seven
spouse arranging came off as well
it's almost inconceivable
said two sets of houston's could fail
at the same time
band they receive the test results on they'd smears found on the is arranging
the smears aren't exact specs for the previews
on the central friendly it's been a every house arranging
we realize there's only one
possible explanation
the in arranging was a poll frost
as the plane flies
so what did she is off
it doesn't fall harmlessly away
fiction sports
a split-second later it falls back
advice she excels
strikes the alger engine smashing it also waiting
the impact
also rick's away at ten meters stretched
of the wings leading edge
investigators now knows that if
freak accident
forced to engines to fall off
flight one eight six two
and that's the manufacturer boeing
immediately instruct airlines operate in the one thousand seven four seven zero
on the world
to inspect all fuse pins and replace any that are faulty
but the traumatized residents of the belmont
how desperate for the onset to another major mystery
why the plane crash
a seven four seven should be publicly capable of flying onto engines
so what made flight one eight six two
suddenly nosedive just minutes from an emergency landing
fishing for him
investigators study the section of win recovered from going their way to
it's clear this damage would have reduced the plane's lift
they also realize that key flight controllers lost hydraulic power when
the engines breakaway
but it says damage was severe enough to down the plane
haven't kept in foods he declined steadily
for another eight minutes
it's a paradox
eighteen days after the crash
fifteen get some good news
experts in the u_s_a_ have received the information from the damaged flight data
the technical readings it contains
proved to be the final piece of the puzzle
they revealing chilling details
finally done
one eight sixty
investigators know that
metal fatigue caused one engine to shear off l_l_ one eight six two
a special assassination
incident also destroyed a section of the right wing is leading edge
disabled he controls
but the damage was clearly not severe enough to down the plane immediately
he did some respond about the control before eight minutes after the made a
fifteen thousand test pilot the never voted no engineer he had to go out to
find the answer
he analyzes thousands of technical readings from the seven four seven
flight data recorder
after eight months of hard work
tequila has a dramatic new insights into what happened to flight one eight six
for the first time
he's able to explain the complex relationship between the loss of the
some angle wing
and the damage control
he discovers but although the crippled plane could still fly
a crash was inevitable
as soon as it tried to land excellent impression
the crew didn't have a choice they could do nothing else
they would do to crash
playstation analysis
finally reveals why al l one eight six two
nose-dived without warning
off the pilot at the jet airborne for a full eight minutes
and how hundreds of people on the ground will lead
seconds from disaster
states minutes to disaster
detectives used in his holding the in a wrench into the winning snap
causing the plane to lose not one
do engines
this catastrophe also damages attend media stretch of the wings leading-edge
causing a major disruption of air flow over it
this reduces left on the right hand side
uh... makes the seven four seven
rolled to the right
jeff influences also lost to idyllic systems
controlling heat ten zero devices
he only manages to wrestle but jumbo bags level flight
by pushing his remaining controls to the limit
the flight data and alice's reveals that his courage as needed two hundred and
eighty knots is the key
it's just high enough
to get sufficiently out of the right wing to keep them off
thirty nine seconds ago
five kilometers from the bellman apartment complex
now captain food splits the jumbo his nose to slow the plane down for a
unaware that his routine procedure
will have fatal consequences
for friday said reveals the this change in angle
worsens the disruption in their floor over the mangled right wing
the results isa for the loss of lift on this side of the plane
and it starts to roll again
captain fields
struggles the bullet level
but his air speed has now dropped
wouldn't sixty knots reducing lift even more
this time
is damaged controls cannot save him
thirty seconds to disaster
as the role of loss of lives
reach a critical point
the three hundred and thirty eight am jumbo
plummets further with
allow one eight six two
microscopic falls into fourteen centimeter long components
leads to the death
rescue workers found the bodies of sixteen-year-old reimold
and fourteen-year-old grandchildren
the morning after the crash
just meters from whether home once stood
medical experts believe they were killed instantly
part of the disaster
the children's parents molly moore and stanley move to another part of an
they couldn't bear to live in the area where the two of them don't
doesn't matter
it's not easy to use your child for your children
the that you can get strength from the good times you've had with them what
you're saying
injuries from this best of the day
no one can take away from you
he could use the same it's important thing here
feel their presence
correct misty
the apartments in the crash seven
would demolish
but their foundations for me
nearby is a permanent memorial to the victims
but the disaster
also leads another legacy
boing goes on to strengthen the folsom for seven engine to win attachments
including fuse pins
it also rolls out for more stringent inspection regime
with new ultrasound testing to detect metal fatigue
the changes brought about by the skip will crash
make every seven four seven flying today
a safer aircraft