National Compact - Senator The Hon Ursula Stephens

Uploaded by fahcsia on 30.03.2010

The launch of Australia’s Compact “Working Together” is a great achievement! It marks
the beginning of a new, active and effective relationship between the Australian Government
and our Third Sector. It’s the result of more than two years work between the Sector
and Government, and reflects our commitment to find better ways of working together. So,
what will this Compact achieve? Well, the Compact is about improving the lives of all
Australians and this is because the Compact aspires to: Support an inclusive society where
people are involved in addressing challenges and opportunities in their communities; It
fosters local organisational development and innovation; It supports active citizenship,
participation and volunteering; It encourages everyone to recognise that they have a stake
and a part to play in their own community; And it improves the quality of policies and
services, and finds better ways to help solve complex problems; And of course it will promote
the independence and sustainability of the sector. We can only hope to achieve these
things if we can understand the different motivations and constraints that we each face,
and the environments in which we are operating, as we work together for the common good. So,
we need to improve the ways we share our knowledge of services, communities and organisations.
And we have to draw on each others’ experience and expertise if we are going to achieve change,
and generate the many benefits this new relationship can bring. And we need to build confidence
and trust in each others’ ability to play our roles in what will increasingly be co-producing
relationships, across the full breadth of the sector. The Compact will only be useful
when it’s actually picked up and used. We need everyone to put it on the table and agree
that this will be the basis of working together and to achieve that, everyone involved needs
to read and understand the Compact and the benefits it will bring. In the coming months
we’ll keep working together to bring the Compact to life. The by-line of the compact
‘Working together’ captures the essence of what we want to achieve and we will continue
to provide new resources and materials to encourage wide commitment to the Compact.
I’m looking forward to building strong, respectful processes around the Compact, and
I encourage you to read what we have agreed to pursue. Think about how this Compact can
improve your relationship with Government, and with other organisations, in your part
of the Sector. I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts about how we can give life
to this document, and in doing so, improve our services, our neighbourhoods and our communities.