Anderson Silva being officially presented to Corinthians

Uploaded by vatafuck on 06.09.2011

Once I tried out for Corinthians in football
But I came in late for the tryouts and couldn’t participate
And the boxing athletes were just arriving to train
and I watched them train and ended up being invited by Vitor Ribeiro to represent boxing for Corinthians
For me it was a huge satisfaction seeing all the Brazilians (cheering for us at UFC Rio)
The football fans need to understand that we are there not to represent the club only, but Brazil as a whole
the President of Corinthians made sure to officially present the new acquisition in person
Joked, had a face-off, hugged, and explained
We are going to have a social project, as we have in football, to train kids from the community by professionals for free…
If I hadn’t been late for the Corinthians tryouts, I would be Corinthians to this day
Just a reminder Anderson, you are Corinthians today