Gönülçelen )) Episode 32 - Part 5/5 [English Subtitles]

Uploaded by FadiaTube on 20.12.2010

what happened. why do you look so upset?
tell him Ethem
Son I made a huge mistake
what mistake
this house in which you were born
in which you have a different memory in every corner
is no longer ours
what is going on?
I went bankrupt with the last textile business
a flaw in the production costed me 1 million dollar
I could not pay off the bank credit and so I failed big time
we're aware you're having rough days
but we still wanted you to know.. Don’t be upset ok?
what’s going on in my life is not important mom
I don’t want you guys to be upset
How could I make such a huge mistake
Who are you to go and do textile business in Singapore?
don’t blame yourself dad
You always said we are a family..
so we will pull through this one together.. All three of us
my son!
See Nesrin at least we did one thing right..
we have raised a great child
we have come a long way today
If we work like this
we'll have the album sooner than I've predicted
we’ll see
see you..
you don’t look well.. Did something happen in the studio
did you not sing well
I did and Murat hoca liked it too
then what? Come on tell me..
how bad in a situation are we?
I have lost every single penny nearly..
Just cause I thought I was great
I should have known my place
dad please stop blaming yourself
let’s try to figure out what we will do from now on
can you excuse me tonight son
I really am tired
let's talk about all this tomorrow?
of course dad
But don’t go upsetting yourself
We will find a way out together
Tomorrow is another day
Levent hello.. Do you have plans for tonight?
what’s your dad doing?
he wants to be alone and rest tonight
Let's leave him alone for a while
I am so worried. What will we do?
we will come over it don’t worry mom
You should go and rest too
hello Hasret?
Murat hoca hello.. Can we meet if you are free?
yes if you are free
is anything wrong?
No. I just want to talk a little
ok. Where shall we meet
ok I will be there.
what are you doing here?
waiting for Hasret, you?
me too
I called you both here because I want to thank you..
you did so many nice things for me
You even made my dreams come true
Your belief in me was so great
that I just had to be successful
No one would have patience on me
But you were very patient
You created a singer out of a flower seller in the streets
Thank you very much
Good evening.. what would you like to drink?
I will have a coffee with milk please
white wine
I will have coffee too
with milk sir?
without milk
I want to thank you too
Just when I thought everything had finished you held my hand
You always told me I would succeed
and maybe worked harder than me for me to be successful
You are very patient too
it is getting quite cold out there huh?
When I see people walking outside huddled up in their coats
I always remember the same moment..
when I was in secondary school
I never forget it.. The weather was very cold
I guess it was one of the coldest winters in Istanbul.
There was snow up to your ankles…
we were in a maths lesson
I was never good at maths
I was scared the teacher would call me up to the board for a quiz
your coffee madame..
- here you go sir - thanks
Bon appetit
I was already sweating with fear
and then the door opened and the assistant principal came in
and there was a woman next to him
He called me and another 2 of my friends up to the board
I told myself there you go Hasret
the math quiz that you're afraid of
My heart was beating so fast..
anyway he said that the school family union
was going to help poor kids and give them coats for the winter
I was so ashamed.. My face went red
The whole class was staring at us..
they handed over to us each a plastic bag
said good bye and went
I wished the ground to break open and swallow me in..
I went home that night and told my father about all this
My dad hugged me and said take the bag back
Say you don’t want it.. Tell them my dad will buy me a coat
I was so proud of this idea
I returned the bag the next day
My dad couldn't buy me a coat that winter
But I did not feel the cold..
I went to school in a cardigan all winter
And I did not even get sick..
you two want to hand me over a plastic bag too like charity
- You are only trying to help me I understand - Hasret... please wait a minute
I heard everything when you were discussing it today
I know you do have good intentions
You want to make a poor girl’s dream come true
But I am the Hasret who took that coat back
And I want to stay that way
I do not need the album, the money or the fame
Don’t worry
I won’t feel cold even if you are not around
I am taking both of you out of my life from now on..