Cloverfield (3/9) Movie CLIP - What the Hell Was That? (2008) HD

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See if somebody else can get there? Yeah, I tried!
Okay, well. I mean, what about police? Fire department?
I couldn't get through! I tried, I...
(roaring) okay, it just seems a little...
(explosion sounds)
Oh, shit. Oh, my god!
(hud gasping)
(hud screaming)
Oh! Oh, my god.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
(screaming) rob! Rob! Hey, rob!
Hud! We're gonna go this way! I can't hear you!
Subway! What? What?
Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Come on! Come on!
This shit is crazy, dude!
(hud panting)
Oh, rob, dude. There's like...
Hud! Hud!
Are you okay, man? You all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right. Come on.
Okay. Okay. Oh, god damn. Oh, shit.
What the hell was that?
Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Did you see that?
Oh, my god. Oh, god. Did you see that?
(all panting)
(loud rumble)
(loud rumble)