It Was a Dream I Was Waiting For - Beklediğim Bir Rüyaydı

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Athens and Spartans....Always fighting!
G: in which language you prefer to discuss, because I listen to you
you speak very well Greek...
M: Once upon a time I was knowing, now I am forgetting
perhaps three quarters.
Here we were learning
through preliminary school in 1930.
G: a long time ago. M: long time ago.
Only sometimes I am remembering if
our brothers or sisters coming from
Greek side, I am trying to understand, but it is so difficult for me.
Even long time
I am not speaking English also
and my vocabulary
getting less & less.
Therefore I prefer to speak
your language but it is not
easy to speak to you & to
to explain what I am thinking or what I am knowing
or what I have been trying
from Turks, from Greeks, from Cypriots & so many nations.
Therefore I prefer to speak to you, English insha-Allah.
Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
you are beginning & putting...
G: Yes I have some questions, can I start with my questions?
M: I am a religious
humble servant, if they are accepting me.
But it is my
claim.. I am claiming to be
accepted as a weak servant
for the Lord of Heavens.
Nothing else.
If anyone asking something,
to be through this life, they are on wrong way.
We as a human nature
the children of Adam, all of us
just we have been created for our Creators'
My main point,
that I like to call people,
or to teach them, or to show them a way
for their lives, I am saying always "O people,
we haven't been created to be servants to this
temporary life.
We have been created and honoured also
to be our Creator, The Lord of Heavens' servants."
And The Lord of Heavens, just He sent
from the beginning up today thousands of His
messengers, that they are special
special, their being
is special...
mission, their creation is different
from common people's creation.
Therefore from beginning that whole Holy Books
saying, Allah The Lord of Heavens
Created Adam & Eve
and they were obedient servants to their Lord.
Then, his sons Habil & Qabil
two sons
Qabil, Cain and Habil, Abel
one of them, he was not
hearing and obeying and understanding
the creation of mankind on earth;
and when he coming
and born on this world, he was looking...I must
be on this world, king of this
world, king of this life, king of
people who should be on this world.
And when he was saying this,
he was looking for his brother & he is saying
"you must be my servant!
If you are not going to be my servant, I am going to kill you."
And Habil/ Abel
G: I know the story
you must know, your people
holy book given.
Old Testament, you have New Testament.
We have Holy Qur'an, all of us, from Heavenly books.
Saying "O people come & try to be My servants!"
But people saying "No! We are not going to be Your
servants, but we like to be
kings on this planet, though this life, therefore we are
taking a way just opposite
to Your command."
And Qabil
killing Habil and that's the first murdering on earth.
Beginning and he is opening a
worst door for the children of Adam.
And from that time
so many people murdered or murders...
murdering & murdered.
And this going to continue
because you know, sadanas/shaytan
you are happy with him? G: not at all.
M: you are happy... sadanas that's diabolo.
We are saying shaytan, same one
he was against his Lord's command.
And fighting to his
Lord and saying "I am not obeying to You,
and i shall run after Your servants
not to be servants to You, but to be my servants!"
G: Can I ask you a question? M: You may ask.
G: in november of 2010
you made a prediction about the collapsing of some regimes
like Syria, Libya, Egypt
how do you succeed to your guess?
What did he say?
M: That is something that
just mentioned through whole Holy Books.
Old Testament, New Testament, Holy Qur'an saying that
when the last day approaching, should be a war that it should be
biggest war & people saying Armageddon.
That is just informed
to Prophets, and Prophets they were speaking on it
because this dunya it is not continuosly up to
eternity, no eternity on this.
Therefore this life of
human nature on this planet
it is just in limits,
as it has a beginning, every beginning must be an end
G: do you believe this end approaching us it will be for our generation?
M: Not believing, it is
a reality from Heavens
given to Prophets that
everything that it has a beginning must be an end, & should be an end
for the life of mankind on this planet.
G: I am interested to ask you about the future of my country
because there is a big problem.
M: it is useless problem.
G: useless problem? M: Useless!
M: Big problem is, that it is mentioned
through Holy Books Armageddon.
Armageddon making nations
under mill, like this! That must be.
G: This is the future? Armageddon is the future?
M: very near future.
G: how many years? M: not many years
not years
it is approaching speedfully,
we are running for it and it is running to us.
G: The modern societies does not believe anymore to God
the questions is, how God let this happen?
M: The Lord of Heavens our Creator
giving us something for knowing for learning
and for deciding
you understand? We can learn.
We can think on it, then we can practice it.
Our lives to learn
to do and practice then we are passing away.
Look! Your name?
and asking to me such a foolish question!
G: why is it foolish? M: you are believer!
Believing in God or believing in sadanas?
G: I don't know what I am.
Honestly I don't know what I am.
If I am believer or not, I don't know, I am searching.
M: we say if your child
going to be at home
not going to school learning something?
No, nothing.
Why you are not asking to learn such a things?
You are not interested!
G: I am interested about your opinion.
G: And I want to ask you more things if you permit me.
M: we must ask what is Truth.
Because for everything there is a Truth.
Without a Truth can't be anything in existence.
Even an atom without a real
personality can't be in existence.
How you as a man,
to be without a purpose
without a wisdom to be live...
but we are not using sometime our
power of decision.
We are always looking what coming
to our hearts.
I am saying to you, Yorgos
G: grandpa
you are.... Saranda...
three times...about three times
I am asking to you,
G: is there any chance of solution?
M: I am trying to speak to you
for the first man & his history.
I may say, it was a dream.
then coming others
I may say to you about
Egyptian Pharaohs
I may say, it was a dream, just passed away
I may say to you about Cleopatra
Greek Queen in Egypt... I may say
It is written through books, but I may say it was a dream
I may say to you that Zeus,
in Greek Mystic, it was a..
also it was a dream passed away
then I may say to you, Romulus & Remus
in Italy, it was a
if I am saying you are not saying no,
I am saying it was a dream just passed away
I may say to you about Alexander the
Alexander the Great
so big person
he did so many things but now, we may say
that it was a dream.
Now, from beginning of history
The time from Adam's period
up to day, everything we may say it was a dream
What happened in Greece, it was a dream
What happened in Italy, it was a dream
What happened through Palestine, it was a dream passed away
What happened in Babylon, it was a dream now, passed away
What happened through Anatolia, it was a dream and passed away
What happened in Persia,
it was a dream now, passed away
in Babylonia
it was a dream passed away
In India, in Russia
in Byzantine, in Balkans
in England, east & west
from north to south, everything
even what happened here, in Cyprus
we are saying now, it was a dream
passed away...
passed away, no more anything
And new dreams coming
I may say to highest position person
through religions,
highest one, I may say, Napoleon was a dream
passed away, yes?
in England, in Spain, through east & west
everything that passed away, we may say only that they are
dreams, finish..
Today, everything happened up to now, it was a dream passed away
We are looking new dreams coming for tomorrow
Only people they are on wrong way to know such a secret
knowledge, that making people to wake up
and to know their missions
that is important!
Or what happened, all of them just passed away
as a dream, dream, dream... We must try to catch
reality and our real mission
Understanding, grandson? G: Of course, yes, very much.
M:This meeting also was written in..
through Heavens
If not, everything it has a time to appear
today I am
going up my age and you are like my
this is just now going to be
sealed, finishing
you should say "O I was with someone today
if people asking "who is that person? this person, but
you can't say more than.. and to be our meeting
a dream, it was a dream, I was waiting for it
I was looking for that meeting
that the Lord of Heavens just write it to be known
and I am coming here, and I am hearing
because that person also like me, from the sons of Adam
from children of Adam
And, it is a shame to mankind
to fight each other that they are coming from the same root
but they are using so bad
ideas and bad actions and
they are doing their worst, they are not trying to make their best one
But who is, who did his best
just passed away, who did their worst
passed away, as a dream.
But that is also, should be an end
for every beginning...
for every beginning, should be an ending
It is not going like this, no!
For every beginning, must be an end
But people they are not learning such a things
And, they are running after dreams..
And people, they are destroying
their real identity through such a
foolish ideas and dreams
Anything that you are not understanding, tell me
G: Of course I understand you, M: What I am knowing, I am giving to you
G: I want to ask something else, what is the problem of democrasy?
There is a problem with democracy, because there is a world crisis now
M: Democracy is not from Heavenly Order
It is a..
sadanas' trap
to prevent people from Heavenly,
Lord's Laws
There is two kinds of...
Mankind from beginning up today, they were using two kinds of
to be able to...
To make everything
for mankind's
for benefit
but sadanas, that the worst, worst..
enemy for mankind, he was asking to destroy
System, that it was Kingdom
Kingdom from the King of
The Lord of Heavens, He is King
He is King, from beginning
from endless, from eternity to eternity
He is Lord, He is King, He is not a democratic person
Those thieves, all trips from shaytan
Now you are looking, what is happening after kingdoms
everywhere you can find democrasy
Demos, your language you know.. demos is shaytan
cratis, governing..
demos..English people say demon...
we are making democrasy
foolish administration
all of them..look, what happening
to democracy people, they are killing themselves
When kings, they were saying,
King's orders, it was from Holy books
This from shaytan.. Therefore I am never accepting democrasy
I am always against democrasy, I am only
looking Heavenly Kingdom, and Heavenly Kingdoms on earth
G: Which means Sultan?
M:Kings, kingdoms for you, Sultan for us
G: what do you believe about Osama bin Laden?
M: bin Laden?
Bin Laden is not a Sultan or King
He was a, one person and everyone
they are not asking from real..
orders of Heavens, they are doing bin Laden..
this one or that one, for what this?
The Lord saying
to His people
to His servants: Don't kill!
G: You mean that he was a killer?
M: Through Holy Books, which book saying kill? Why they are doing?
G: You are against "Jehad"?
M:You know through whole Holy Books
we have been prevented to kill each other
but if you are going through a forest, and coming on you
snakes, such a
such a beasts, you are sitting like this for them to eat you?
And everyone from mankind
as I said at the beginning
Qabil's (Cains) structure
he was asking to kill but for nothing
He was knowing that he was dying also,
but he was saying, I must be
first and others should be my servants
therefore, Jehad
meaning, the Holy war
diablo and his followers
not for good ones, no!
Do you think that, Alexander the Great
for what he was great?
Because he was keeping heavenly justice
not harming anyone, till he went to India
So intelligent and so big
believer in Truth
we must believe in Truth, always shaytan bringing
against our beliefs that depended on Truth
bringing a trip to make mankind
to kill each other, that is his way
method and mission
therefore we are fighting only
through Old Testament, New Testament
Psalms, Holy Quran, all of them Heavenly books
showing us to defeat mankind
from the..
zulm, opressions of beasts
that is
But people, they are drunk, they are not asking such a fine points
fine points..
G: Tell me about Mahdi, what do you believe about Mahdi?
Are we going, our generation, are we going to see him?
M: insha Allah
We are believing that Jesus Christ
coming when the time is over, coming from Heavens to down
to make everyone on their ways
true ones keeping and bad ones, taking them away
You understand?
We are waiting also, not Mahdi only.. Mahdi preparing
for Jesus Christ, to come down & to bring
Heavenly Order to take away beasts
and to keep good ones
That is our beliefs
But shaytan making peopleto understand everything opposite
and against Holy Books, we are believers
understanding? G: Understand, I have one more question
What happens after death, when a non believer is a good person?
No good man!
Unbeliever cannot be a good man! That is from shaytan's armies
And fire for them, as Holy Books mentioning
I am not bringing from myself, something speaking
G: No, no, I made a mistake
the question was, what happens to someone who is not Muslim?
Can be Christian, Jew or any other religion, but he is a good person
M: His life and dying.. lives and death
in the hands of our Lord, we can't say anything
we can't say anything, because we are on
creatures, we are not Creator, Creator on Heavens
And He may give last decision
huqum, last Judgement... Why "Judgement Day
on My Holy Book
through Holy Books just mentioned "Judgement Day", you believing?
G: Yes
He is Chief Judge, the Day of Resurrection
It is not any Prophet or anyone from His servants
but He is only the Lord of Heavens
He is Chief Judge for Judgement Day
He is ordering to His Servants, be good ones
Don't be bad ones,
who is coming in front of Me, Divinely Present and he did good things
I am rewarding, If anyone coming here and he did
his worst, I am sending him to hells
noone can prevent it
that is beliefs for whole Book
given people
through Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, Holy Quran
all of them just on same belief
but sadanas making...
kick him out!
But now people welcoming shaytan and making their Lord out!
and that is their punishment, may Allah forgives us
and we are looking now
Jesus Christ must come
must come..through the end or
middle of 21st century
Marhaban G: Amin
You are a good understanding person
If a bad understanding person..
G: I want to have your blessings
M: My grandson.. Anytime you come...