120911 - Stack as They Print Away

Uploaded by HyperReport on 11.09.2012

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for September
11th 2012. Here are the prices for for various items;
such as gold, silver and oil for today.
First... U.S. ‘Not Setting Deadlines’ for Iran
Oh, you folks are going to love this... Hillary Clinton, describing the escalating
hostilities with Iran, stated that it’s always been more about
their actions than their words when describing Iran and its ongoing nuclear
program. Truer words were never spoken...
Not about Iran, but, about Hillary Clinton, the U.S. government, and her sycophant allies.
Next... The Economic Mess in China
The mess in China is continuing to unravel. Investment in new buildings and other fixed
assets is in the doldrums. Manufacturers are retreating from ambitious
production goals as they struggle with bloated inventories
of unsold goods. No wonder the Chinese government is destroying
its currency with so much printing.
Next... Central Bankers and Politicians are Running
Out of Ideas
Other than printing, central bankster have run out of ideas.
Politicians, in any political party, need for the economy to look stable and will
lie out their backsides. Even with the manipulated numbers,
real unemployment and inflation are rising and things are more desperate.
So, what will they do? Well, they still have one idea left and that
is thermonuclear war to hide their crimes.
Next... Unprecedented Interventions Will Lead To Chaos
& Destruction
Michael Pento says that central bank interventions are unprecedented
and are the reason for the recent breakout in precious metals.
Of course, Central Banks, like the Fed, have to react when only 96,000 new jobs that
were created; of which,
one-third came from the low-paying food service sector.
Add to that the laugh-out-loud plan by the European Central Bank to monetize the
struggling euro-zone nations debt with unlimited bond-buying without printing
any new euros? Give me a break.
Next... Gold, Silver & A Major October Surprise
When Geald Celente says "Trick or Treat" this Halloween,
he cautions anything can happen with gold and silver.
There are just too many wild cards in this hocus-pocus paper market.
With that in mind... The dollar, euro, rupee, and other fiat currencies
around the world are in an accelerated rate of collapse due
to mismanagement. To that end, after preparing,
keep stacking physical because if you do not have it in your hands then you do not own
Next... JP Morgan Losses
Since the London Whale was made public, JP Morgan has lost over $28 billion.
Will the 11 plus state, federal, and international enforcement agencies finally do their job?
Don't hold your breath.
Next... How “Crazy Survivalists” Make The World
A Better Place
Here are a few of the advantages... 1. Survivalists have their own stuff – They
don’t need your stuff. 2. Survivalists keep to themselves – Your
business is your own. 3. Survivalists stand their ground when it
counts. 4. Survivalists are time capsules for liberty.
Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!