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Kids have the power to change the world.
He may not be fighting for the Final Four, but that hasnít stopped this kid from becoming
a basketball star.
Not only that, I believe they have the power to do it now.
Well, it was a bill nobody had read. The Congressman who passed it hadnít read it. Nancy Pelosi
as Speaker of the House said we need to pass the bill, so we can see whatís in it. Isnít
that interesting? Well, get ready; here it comes. Your medical expenses are going up.
Why? President Obama promised they would go down under his new healthcare law, but now
financial experts say, ìNo way.î
In fact, they warn that the new law will be far more expensive than the White House promised.
John Jessup has the story from Washington.
Two years ago this week, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act. Critics say that law is full of failed promises like this.
President Barack Obama: First, no matter what you have heard, if you like your doctor or
health care plan, you can keep it.
Up to 20 million Americans could actually lose their employer provided health insurance
according to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
The whole idea that thereís not going to be this disruption is just untrue. A lot of
employers are going to drop their health insurance coverage to dump people on the government-run
exchanges to get them off their neck.
Conservatives argue that will force Americans to switch to a more government-controlled
health care plan and violate individual freedom of choice.
The new healthcare law increases the role of government in every corner of the healthcare
system. It inserts itself into the decisions that Americans make regarding the healthcare
plans that they carry, and it will also impact the decisions that we make with our doctors.
Republicans point to more failed promises. When President Obama pitched healthcare reforms
he said it would cut the cost of the typical familyís premium by up to $2500 a year. But
the new report says those health insurance premiums are actually expected to increase
by 10 to 13 percent.
Kathryn Nix: The cost is only going to grow, and we canít afford this. Taxpayers canít
afford it. American families struggling already to pay their health care costs canít afford
And critics point to yet another broken promise. The CBO estimates the cost of Obamaís healthcare
law will actually double. It will cost taxpayers up to $2 trillion in the decade starting in
2014 when the law begins to really kick in.
Thereís at least 15 new tax provisions in the law, and these are definitely going to
hit middle income families despite what the president promised.
I think that the healthcare plan is a complete disaster on every level. Youíre going to
see massive wait times. Youíre going to see quality go down. Youíre going to see access
go down. Youíre going to see costs go up.
But supporters of the presidentís health plan, like economist Henry Aaron with the
workings Institute, disagreed.
Most Americans are not going to see any significant change in their health insurance arrangements.
I donít think anybody, either the critics or the advocates of the bill, think itís
a perfect piece of legislation. Changes will need to be made.
Even the Obama Administrationís top healthcare official has come under fire for not being
able to defend the presidentís promises . . . .
. . . . and why a new report shows the national healthcare law is actually going to add billions
of dollars to the deficit. A grilling by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson at a recent Senate hearing
often left health Sec. Kathleen Sibelius at a loss for words.
So now we are instead of saving $143 billion, we are adding $54 billion to our deficit,
Hon. Kathleen Sibelius: Sir, Iídóyeah, Iíd . . . .
Will submit that directive, that thatís basically true. So instead of saving $143 billion, by
this administrationís own figures and budget, we are now adding $54 billion to the deficit
in the first 10 years.
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments challenging the constitutionality of the healthcare
law next week. Justices will hear a full six hours of arguments, the most time allotted
to any case in recent history. John Jessup, CBN News, Washington.
Well, if Republicans didnít have an issue to run on, theyíve sure got one now. This
was the motivating factor for the Tea Party, and Iím sure itís going to be the motivating
factor for whoever wins the Republican nomination. Wendy Griffith has the rest of our top stories
from the CBN Newsroom. Wendy.
Thank you, Pat. Mit Romney and Rick Santorum are gearing up for their next primary showdowns.
Romney is on the campaign trail in Illinois after a decisive win in Puerto Rico Sunday.
The GOP front runner beat Rick Santorum with more than 50 percent of the vote, and that
gives him all 20 delegates at stake there. Santorum is now busy wooing voters in Louisiana
after beating Romney in Mississippi and Alabama. Both candidates are taking aim at each other
with Romney calling Santorum ìweakî on the economy.
I donít think youíre going to replace an economic lightweight with another economic
See if Gov. Romneyís willing to come out. Heís been turning down every single debate.
Heís hiding behind the billionaires who are funding his Super Pac and spending outrageous
amounts of money, all running negative ads tearing down the opponent on specious issues.
The latest delegate count shows Romney with 521, Santorum with 253. Newt Gingrich was
136, Ron Paul with 50. The winner will need 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination.
President Obama says there is no quick fixes to cut gas prices. The president claims that
any politician who says they can bring down those prices is just looking for votes. That
was an apparent reference to Newt Gingrich who says his energy plan would cut gas prices
to $2.50 a gallon. The president argues that America needs to spend more on green energy
for the long-term. Critics say those projects havenít worked out. Gas prices were around
$1.84 when the president took office. It more than doubled to $3.84 now. Pat, do you think
Gingrich could actually get it down to $2.50 a gallon?
Probably not, but nevertheless, for Obama to call his critics ìflat earthers,î I mean,
itís just insane. Heís into this green stuff, Wendy. How much bio mass can you put in your
car? How much cow manure can you make into gasoline? I mean, the whole thing is nuts.
We have three sources of fuel. One is coal. One is petroleum. The other is natural gas.
The thing that weíve got a great abundance of is coal and a great abundance of natural
gas. If we figure out technology to make the natural gas into a liquid, or to make cars
that will run on natural gas, we will just be sitting fine. But Obama is into this bio
mass stuff, and look what happened to Solyndra. It didnít work. Wendy.
Pat, is really officials reportedly arenít sure if Iran has decided to build a nuclear
bomb. They believe Iran is close but hasnít yet made the decision to move ahead with the
project. Still, Israel believes that Iran is very close to being able to build such
a weapon, and that makes Iran dangerous. So Israel could still attack Iranís nuclear
program before it advances any further.
Last night Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a gathering in Jerusalem
of Christians United for Israel. Thatís the organization founded by Pastor John Hague.
Netanyahu told the crowd the shared biblical values of Jews and Christians set it apart
from Iran and other nations in the Middle East.
And these shared values set Israel apart from regimes like Syria that butcher their own
people mercilessly, and from countries like Iran whose leader omits terrorism and violence
around the globe, and call for our destruction. I think I donít have to explain to you why
this regime must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons.
Netanyahu also told the crowd that at a time when Christians are under siege throughout
the Middle East, Israel is the only place in the region where Christians are free to
practice their faith.
Well, a group affiliated with al Qaeda says it killed an American teacher in Yemen for
quote, ìChristian proselytizing.î Twenty-nine-year-old Joel Shrum taught English at the Swedish Institute
in the city of Tase, for two years. On Sunday, two men wearing military uniforms pulled up
next to his car on a motorcycle and opened fire. Witnesses say the teacher died instantly.
Later a text message from a group called the ìPartisans of Islamic Law,î claimed responsibility
for that murder. The message said, quote, ìThis operation comes as a response of the
campaign of Christian proselytizing that the West has launched against Muslims.î
Saudi Arabiaís highest Islamic authority says all Christians should be removed from
the Arabian Peninsula. Arabic news sources quote the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia saying,
ìItís necessary to destroy all of the churches in the region.î He cited a Islamic tradition
that says, ìMohammed declared on his deathbed that there can only be one religion on the
Arabian Peninsula.î Christianity is forbidden in Saudi Arabia and there are no churches
there. There is six other nations on that peninsula including Yemen, Kuwait and Qatar.
Pat, this seems like such a double standard. They can come here and build mosques; we canít
have churches there.
The whole thing with the Saudiís is incredible, Wendy. Youíre exactly right. Who were the
9/11 hijackers? They were Saudiís, the majority of them. A few may be werenít, but most of
them were. The Saudiís have been the fomenters of the Wahhabi brand of extreme Islam. They
are setting up Islamic centers all over America. They are funding the building of mosques throughout
Africa. The Saudiís claim to be our friends. But on the one hand, they are our buddies
in terms of taking the money to buy their oil and reinvesting it in banks in America,
so the big boys like it. But as the other hand, theyíre reaching out and taking away
the religious freedom in their country and fomenting terrorism against us. They are not
our friends. Wendy.
Pat, bacteria are becoming so resistant to antibiotics that even simple injuries and
diseases could become deadly. Thatís the warning from the director general of the World
Health Organization. Margaret Chan says the changes in bacteria could lead to quote, ìThe
end of modern medicine as we know it.î She says itís becoming harder and harder to develop
new antibiotics, and she warns that something as simple as strep throat or a childís scratched
knee, could actually lead to deaths.
Well, get ready to watch some gruesome images of what smoking can do to a person. The federal
government unveiled its shocking new anti-smoking campaign. And, as Lorie Johnson tells us,
beginning today the new ads will blanket all media outlets, and itís not going to be cheap.
The governmentís new anti-smoking commercials will have people talking about them. Thatís
for sure.
Marie, 61, New York: It began with my big toe. That was my first imputation that I had.
But will these ads be enough to get smokers to quit?
First it was my left leg. After my left leg, it was my right leg. So now Iím a double
amputee, all from smoking.
Will they scare children enough to prevent them from picking up the habit in the first
My fingers started to go piece by piece.
The ad campaign features testimonials from real Americans telling horrific first-hand
accounts of how theyíre suffering, because smoking because smoking caused their limb
amputations, paralysis, lung removal, and more. Itís costing the government $54 million
to put the ads in print, on radio, TV, billboards, and the Internet for three months.
We hope these ads will be a wake-up call for the smokers and potential smokers who are
not yet aware of the enormous damage they may be doing to their health.
Smoking is the number-one cause of preventable death in America. Forty-eight million Americans
smoke, including three-million high schoolers, and 600,000 middle schoolers.
Reviews in the scientific literature are unanimous. Hard-hitting ads convinced smokers to quit
and reduce the likelihood that kids will start smoking.
Still, critics question whether the government should be waging an anti-smoking campaign,
and dispute its effectiveness. Because tobacco taxes and smoking bans have had little impact
on the smoking rate. Nevertheless, the Obama Administration predicts this new shock therapy
will persuade 50,000 people to quit. Lorie Johnson, CBN News.
Well, March madness is here again; and, once again, it brought some upsets in the early
rounds. This year the major college basketball powers avoided more upsets later on. Norfolk
State shocked Missouri before losing to Florida, and Lehigh stunned Duke before getting beat
by Xavier. Now itís on to the next round known as the Sweet 16. And the state of Ohio
set a record this year. Itís the first time one state has four teams in the Sweet 16.
Ohio State, Ohio University, Xavier, and Cincinnati. In both the Big East in the Big Ten conferences
have four teams in the next round including Wisconsin. So that should make Terry Meeuwsen
very happy about Wisconsin; and, Pat, Iím sure your wonderful wife is happy that Ohio
State won, too.
I hesitate to say ecstatic, but sheís a loyal . . . .
Very happy.
. . . . Alumni of Ohio State. Are you happy with Wisconsin?
ìOn Wisconsin, on . . . .î Yes, of course, the badger state.
Oh, man! If I had known we were going to get a song, I wouldíve cheered on more. Thatís
great. Well, congratulations. Well Norfolk State is local here. They just got creamed
by Florida, big time.
Well, there have been some upsets for certain.
Yes there have, and Norfolk State being there was a tremendous achievement for them. But
Florida overwhelmed them. I donít know where North Carolina is. I think theyíre still
in there. I think Kentucky is still in there. They are the top seeds, and weíll see what
happens. All right.
Well coming up, a shopperís dream: fill your grocery cart to the top as many times as you
like for just $50 a month.
Weíll tell you where this is happening and why when we come back. Then later Patís going
to be answering your chat questions, so if you have one for him, just bring it
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Tuesday . . . .
. . . . a global catastrophe that strikes without warning.
No transportation. No medical care. The financial system would be down.
Itís happened before. Will it happen again?
It would collapse electric grids, not just in the United States, but across the entire
Plus . . . .
Hopeless, stripped, desperate, I wanted to die.
A six-year-old with suicidal thoughts. Tuesday on The 700 Club.
Think of this. No long checkout lines, no cash registers. You donít even have to bring
your wallet. Just though your grocery cart and roll on out of the store. Thatís how
600 families shop in Portland, Oregon. Well, as Paul Strand explains, thereís no such
thing as a free lunch.
These racks of food represents sort of a slow-motion miracle going on in Portland. In 1992 Christians
Suzanne and Barry Birch were asking God how could they best serve Him. A donation appeared.
We ended up with a bag of squished bread on our front porch.
A bag they gave to three families in need. More and more people came to the Birches for
help and, like the fishes and loaves, donated food began to pour through this coupleís
We had to move bread when we had company. It just kind of took over the whole house.
Then they finally grew into the nonprofit Birch Community Services, or BCS, a refuge
in home for what they call, ìThe working poor.î And now almost 100 retailers, manufacturers,
and growers, mostly in the Portland area, regularly donate food and goods to BCS. What
started out with just one bag of banged-up bread at their tiny house has now, for the
birches, become this: more than 22,000 square feet where they gave away more than six-million
pounds of products last year. And the key is that itís not just a charity. Theyíve
created a community by requiring those who receive to also give.
God is our provider. He provides on a daily basis, and our job is to serve one another.
We are members of an organization that we also have to give back to. We have a monthly
payment that we make. Itís a minimal $50-a-month payment, and we also have to do volunteer
For that, the 600 member families get to choose food and goods from the these shelves, racks,
and boxes when the warehouse is open for community shopping. They call it ìshopping,î but there
are no cash registers where you pay after youíve filled up your cart. Many member families
save $500 or $600 a month because of BCS. For Kadie Hambletonís family, it was a lifesaver.
Right after we became members, I ended up with cancer, and we wouldnít have survived
without Birch.
Thatís when Kadie found just how caring this community of volunteers could be.
Financially, when you have that kind of diagnosis, it puts you under. And Birch helped us in
so many ways. It wasnít just the food and supplies, it was the support, the love, the
nurturing, people helping at home.
The food and products, though, are but a small part of what BCS offers.
Many no-cost or low-cost classes teach community members how to make more money or stretch
their cash further.
So we offer and require, actually, that our families take a finance class.
Thereís a couponing class. Thereís a canning class.
And we have raising chickens along with our gardening classes.
Many of the vegetables come from this latest push, community gardening. Plants will soon
cover this scenic slope which used to be regularly shaved by these sheep. In such gardens, BCS
is teaching its mostly city folk, a delicious self-reliance.
How we can turn our homes into providing food for our families even in the urban setting.
Like creating and using raised beds . . . .
Itís easier to garden. There are less weeds; you can keep your animals out. The moles stay
. . . . or farming surprisingly fruitful mounds out of layers of cardboard, compost and dirt,
a thing called ìlasagna gardening.î
Just lay down a bunch of cardboard, pile a bunch of dirt on top, and make some paths
and plant your plants.
Instead of walking through the grass, youíre walking through the garden, picking carrots
while youíre going.
Back at the warehouse, itís as busy as a beehive with volunteers.
Getting things ready. Organizing, moving things around.
Much of that activity is preparing goods for other agencies. Because Godís blessed BCS
with so much, they give every week to more than 50 local non-profits.
Weíre helping to provide for over 10,000 people every week just through those agencies.
Meanwhile, among the BCS member families, the Birches work on the next step.
And we have an exit strategy, because our goal is to get them to graduate. Most programs
are just a hand-out, and they never see the people again. But we just embrace them till
theyíre back on their feet.
And the requirement is on that every recipient also keeps volunteering, keeps serving.
And so it becomes a community of people all serving each other.
And thatís part of the success of the Birch Community Services. Paul Strand, CBN News,
reporting from Portland, Oregon.
Thatís the church in action, ladies and gentlemen, and that will work. If we have some kind of
a serious economic downturn, an organization like that could take care of its members and
hook the broader community. We need more self-reliant people. We need people involved in gardening
and canning.
Thatís quite an interesting concept, that theyíre helping the immediate need, but becoming
self-reliant at the same time. Awesome. Wonderful idea.
Itís marvelous. Well thatís what Christians can do when they start thinking, and let the
Lord show them. Okay.
Well up next, heís never played in the pros; but that hasnít stopped him from becoming
an international basketball star. You will meet him when we come back.
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Well, welcome back. Iím here in our studio audience. Weíll be taking some of their questions
for Pat in a moment, along with yours from our chat room. But first I want to introduce
you to Austin Gutwein. Heís never played a game in the NBA or in college for that matter.
In fact, Austin is still too young for college, but that hasnít stopped him from becoming
an international basketball star.
Well, in 2004 I had seen a video talking about a girl who lost her parents due to AIDS, and
I learned that there are 15 million kids just like her. I was very much so moved to action,
just because I realized that we do have a lot more here. You donít really realize that,
I guess, until you look around and you see that there are people who are a lot less fortunate
than us. As a nine-year-old, I didnít know what I could do to make a difference, and
we kind of looked around, and there is nothing for kids to do. So I was just encouraged to
start something of my own and to use my favorite sport to make a difference, and thatís kind
of how Hoops of Hope came into play. I decided to shoot baskets and raise money kind of like
a walkathon. Kids will go out and go get sponsors from their friends or family, their grandparents,
and then they will come together on one day and shoot their hoops. That very first event,
actually, it was just me shooting hoops, and I had found out that every 14 seconds another
one of these children is orphaned because of HIV and AIDS. I learned that 2057 kids
are actually orphaned during my school day. So thatís how many shots I decided to shoot
that day was 2057, and I hoped to raise that much money as well, and it turned out I raised
about $3000 that very first year. After I had done that first event, that first year,
I realize that a lot of other kids would want to participate. Pretty soon the idea caught
on. In the six years that Hoops of Hope has been going on, weíve had about 40,000 people
shoot free throws with us, in over 20 different countries; and weíve been able to raise about
$2 million all to provide a school, two medical clinics, four dormitories, a whole water project
in Kenya, basically just to help ease of light for these kids, and our whole purpose is to
help those who are orphaned by AIDS.
I tell you what, there are children with their parents today, there are people that are alive
today, there are children that have a hope for a future today because of Austin and Hoops
of Hope, and all of the thousands of kids that have just stepped up to the free-throw
line and given it their best shot.
If you can imagine how one person can be able to change the life of many, many people in
this country. A big thank-you to Hoops of Hope, for serving the people of Zambia, for
their saving the lives of the Zambians, for saving the lives of the majority in this area.
I absolutely believe that kids have the power to change the world. Not only that, I believe
that they have the power to do it now, that they donít have to wait to be a certain age
to make a difference, that they can do something now.
Quite amazing, isnít it, the power of one person to make a difference in someone so
young? Very inspiring. Way to go, Austin.
Well, weíve got some questions for Pat. Weíve got a wonderful studio audience with us. Your
Caleb right? Caleb, come on up here. Weíre going to let you ask the first question. Where
you from?
Iím Caleb, Iím from Chesapeake Virginia.
Awesome. Whatís your question?
My question is do you think homeschoolers should be able to play on the same sports
teams as public schoolers?
Well, absolutely. I think they ought to be able to. Of course, I donít know if they
have any home school leagues or anything, but they certainly should be able to play.
Itís going to be hard to get them into public school teams if theyíre not enrolled in public
schools. So thatís a disadvantage. Itís a problem, but Iím sure we will overcome
it, because the homeschoolers, and you are all homeschoolers, the great point averages
are so much higher than the public schools, itís amazing. So youíre doing a great job.
Whatís next?
Tim Tebow on their side; theyíve got a win. Right? Tell us your name and where you are
My name is Joshua Dowdie, and Iím from Chesapeake, Virginia.
And whatís your question for Pat, Joshua?
My question is how long have you been a Christian?
How long have I been a Christian? Dear me. Seventy years, maybe. Something like that,
60. Isnít that funny? I canít even remember anymore.
Youíve seen God do some amazing things over that time.
We celebrated our 50th anniversary at CBN, and I came to the Lord a few years before
that, so weíre into 60 years at least.
Well, Pat, Iíve got a question from our chat room for you. This is Matt who says, ìI understand
that Christians go to Heaven, and unbelievers go to Hell. How do you explain the existence
of ghosts in the world? Where do they belong in the afterlife? Can you get stuck between
two worlds?î
I think you might find a bunch of that on some TV shows like Ghost Whisperer, but I
donít think there are such things as does. I donít think there are such things as people
getting stuck between two worlds. I think thatís fantasy. I think the Bible says to
depart and be with the Lord which is far better. You remain in the flesh, or you depart and
youíre with the Lord, or youíre someplace else. Jesus said to the thief on the cross
ìThis day you will be with me in paradise,î not stuck between two worlds. So as far as
goes, if they appear, their demonic spirits. And, yes, there are demons in the world, but
not ghosts. What else?
Okay, weíve got an audience question. Tell us your name and where youíre from.
Hi, may name if Josh Offer and Iím from Chesapeake, Virginia, and my question is how did you come
up with the name 700 Club?
Howíd I come up with the name? Some years ago, we needed 700 people to give $10 a month
to keep us going, and we called it the 700 Club, 700 people at $10 a month. We are far,
far away from that now.
But the name stuck.
But we had a telethon to try to raise money and get members, and we werenít successful.
We maybe got 300. We could have had The 300 Club, but about the second year out the power
of the Lord moved in, and we saw miracles. We saw healings. We saw great things happening,
and we decided to do a TV program and call itówell, The 700 Club sounded kind of like
a night club and James Bond, 007, so we used that name. Weíve still got it.
Hi, tell us your name and where youíre from.
Iím Hanna Lilimo. Iím from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I heard about CBNís fiftieth
anniversary. I was wondering if, in the future, youíre having a 75th or 100th anniversary.
Well, I donít know if Iím going to be here at our 100th. Thatís 50 years from now, but
I was reading about Job this morning; and after God blessed Job, he had a torment, and
then he got blessed and then he lived 140 years after that. So, who knows? Maybe Iíll
be here for our 100th. That would be nice.
Whoís counting, right?
Fifty more years, whoís counting? Okay. I donít know, darling, but weíll have another
one, Lord willing. Weíll be here. I donít know if I will, but CBN will.
Hereís another chat room question for you, Pat. Sophie asks, ìDear Pat, what is your
favorite Girl Scout cookie?î
My favorite Girl Scout cookie.
Yes, your favorite Girl Scout cookie.
I must say I havenít eaten Girl Scout cookies in a long time.
Shame on you.
Yeah, since my little daughters grew up, we no longer have those.
So that the Girl Scouts donít get slighted, heís really not a big sugar person, right?
Thatís right. But, anyhow, my daughters may have been Brownies or some kind of Scout thing,
and we had to sell a whole bunch of those stinkiní cookies.
Those excellent, stinkiní cookies.
Those excellent cookies. I graduated from that, thank you. All right.
Tell us your name and where youíre from.
My name is Grant, and Iím from Virginia Beach, Virginia. My question is why did God tell
the Israelites to wipe out so many civilizations on their way into the Promised Land, even
though He said that they should not kill in the 10 Commandments.
A lot of people have been stuck on that one, the so-called ìwars of extermination.î Why
did they do it? Well, Israel was a holy nation, and God warned them not to make treaties with
these people and not to get married with them; donít give their sons for their daughters
and their daughters for their sons. Why? Because these heathen people would take Israel away
from God and would corrupt them, and they have always done that. Theyíre out there;
they worship false gods and so forth. God knew that those people would get worse and
worse and worse and worse. If you have evil, it gets worse and gets worse, so instead of
being 100 people, it might be 10,000; and if He had to have judgment on 100, then it
would be judgment on 10,000. So, it would get worse the longer they stayed. So, He instructed
Israel. He wanted to clean the land. I know it was hard, but long-range in Godís plan,
that was it. Cleanse the land of the people who will seduce you and destroy you and take
you away from Me.
Hereís another chat room question. Ed says, ìIím a Christian, but I feel called to become
a doctor. Some of my friends say that if I was a true Christian, I should go into ministry
and become a pastor. What do you think?î
Thatís nonsense. I donít think anybody should go into being a pastor unless heís got a
call from God, a definite call from God. But a doctor can do a terrific amount of good,
more so than many pastors. They have a lot of opportunity to help people that pastors
donít necessarily have. Godís in charge of the whole world. Thatís what we donít
understand. God is in charge of business. Heís in charge of government. Heís in charge
of the military. Heís in charge of truck drivers. Heís in charge of garbage workers.
Heís in charge of all of it. Itís all His world, and you can serve God in all these
capacities. You donít have to be a quote minister to do that.
Hereís another chat room question from John who wants to know, ìIs time travel possible
in Heaven?î
I have been thinking about Heaven. Right now, in order for us to get to the closest star
at the speed of light, it would take 25,000 years. Iíd hate to be in a space capsule
for 25,000 years. Youíd get awful smelly. In any event, what can we do? We can travel
at the speed of thought. So, if I think myself on Mars, Iím at Mars. If I think myself at
the ultimate reaches of the universe, I could be there. So, we will travel at the speed
of thought which is faster than the speed of light.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Fasten your seatbelt, youíre there.
Well, thank you all for your questions here. Itís great to have you in our audience.
You kids are great. Iím glad to see you.
Yes, itís wonderful to have you here.
Congratulations, and congratulations to your long-suffering parents to teach you all. Thatís
Tough, but well worth it, right?
Itís well worth it. Well, all right, youíre a credit to the Lord and to your parents.
God bless all of you. Thank you.
Well, Ashley Fiolek has what many say are two strikes against her in the world of motocross.
One is that sheís a woman. The otherís even more surprising, but nothing has stopped her
from becoming a champion in a dangerous sport dominated by men. Recently, Shawn Brown talked
with Ashley about her amazing courage.
Twenty-year old Ashley Fiolek is one of the top female competitors of womenís motocross.
As the first female rider for the Honda factory team, she became the youngest ever to win
the WMA Pro National Championship in 2008 and 2009. She also won the gold in the X Games
Womenís Moto X and became the first female to appear on the cover of Transworld Motocross
Magazine; but with all of her accomplishments, you would never guess that sheís been profoundly
deaf since birth. (Interviewing): Was there any time when you said, ìLord, why me?î
or be angry because you were deaf?
No, no, not even once. No. I know God made me this way. The rest of my family is hearing,
and Iím deaf; but, you know, I think itís kind of cool, actually. I think itís kind
of awesome that Iím deaf. Itís just part of the plan, and I never even wanted to hear.
I never even thought about it. Itís just who I am.
Ashley started riding when she was three years old. She seemed fearless, but it wasnít until
she became a Christian a few years later that she really understood where true courage comes
Motocross is a dangerous sport, and I know God is with me all the time. I wouldnít leave
the racetrack if I didnít feel that way in my heart. I always say a prayer before I ride,
before I go out on a track, even when Iím practicing. I just feel more confident knowing
that Heís there with me.
For most, riding a motorcycle depends greatly on what you hear. Because Ashley was deaf,
she couldnít hear the gears shift and had to depend on what she felt.
My mom and dad just tried to give confidence to me, and we just kept practicing, and I
was just really frustrated. I didnít think I could get it. Then I just felt like God
was telling me, ìYeah, you can do it. You can work through this.î My dad kind of worked
with me, and I feel the engine now. Thatís how I shift, so itís not a problem for me
that Iím deaf.
Ashley says being deaf pales to just simply being a woman in motocross. (Interview): Earlier
in your career, did you feel like you had something to prove?
Being a woman in this sportís pretty hard, actually even worse than being deaf; because
itís a male-dominated sport. So, the boys are getting all the exposure; the girls arenít
getting paid. So, I think I felt more that I was a woman than I was deaf, and I just
wanted to help the other girls, too. I wanted to raise our sport to a different level.
Now, Ashley continues to turn heads with amazement. Sheís also written a book entitled Kicking
Up Dirt, a true story of determination, deafness and daring; and she says that when sheís
on the track, itís her platform to show off the source of her courage.
Iím just very thankful that God has given me the skill and talent. Jesus and God, this
is the reason why Iím here. This is the goals and things theyíve given me through motocross
and me being deaf. He just means everything to me, and I wouldnít be here, and I wouldnít
be doing what I do without Him.
Unbelievable, amazing, great courage, great strength, smart, very smart. Sheís a credit.
Extremely so.
Yes. Well, coming up later, a teenage with pain so severe, she was forced to drop out
of school.
I had been in pain, physically, every hour, every second of every day.
Weíre going three hours to a doctor over and over, and still no answers.
She how she finally found an answer in an instant.
Since I was 15, Iíve wanted to do exactly what Iím doing right now. (On phone): Looks
like itís going to be a great shoot. Canít wait to meet you and your family. (Interviewing):
I get invited into peopleís homes, ask them questions about how the Lord has transformed
their lives. Then I come back to my workstation, write a script, edit the video, add music
and put it on the air. Iíve interviewed people on skid Row in LA, and Iíve interviewed movie
stars; and the one thing they all have in common is that they all come to a place where
they know that they need Jesus as their Savior. Iím Renelle. Iím a producer, a reporter.
I work at CBN.
Believe it or not, this is a catheter. It's the new SpeediCath Compact for women, now
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Now hereís that free offer I promised. Call Liberator Medical. Get your free, SpeediCath
Compact Sample six-pack. Shipping is free: 1-800-595-1446, 1-800-595-1446.
Welcome back to The 700 Club.
The governor of Utah vetoed a controversial sex-ed bill. It would have required only abstinence
education be taught in schools, prohibiting any teaching on contraceptives, pre-marital
sex or homosexuality. Governor Gary Herbert says the bill went too far. He says public
school instruction should supplement, not replace, lessons taught at home.
A CBN-built well resulted in nine people coming to Christ in Senegal. A missionary pastor
was given permission to build the well to provide much needed drinking water for a rural
village. The chief of the village was amazed that Christians cared so much about his people.
He agreed to allow nearby church leaders to start a Sunday school for the children of
his village. CBN provided one of the visiting pastors with a horse, a cart as you see there,
and television so that he could show the children Superbook. Nine people accepted Jesus. He
now travels from village to village showing Superbook to large crowds.
And you can find out more about what CBN is doing around the world by logging on to
Pat and Terry will be back right after this.
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Well, more than 90 percent of American kids say theyíve been bullied at school, but the
problem isnít just here in America. In Ukraine, we met a girl who was an outcast for most
of her life, until Orphanís Promise arrived in her village. Take a look.
Eleven-year-old Anastasia is a sweet little girl; but everyday the other kids make fun
of her, because she was born with crossed eyes.
When I walk down the street, I hold my head down so that nobody will look at me.
Children call her names like ìuglyî and ìcross-eyes.î She comes home with her eyes
red and swollen from crying.
Anastasia knows that a simple surgery could fix her eyes.
But my mother and father have no money to pay for my surgery.
Anastasiaís parents barely have enough money to feed their children. A church supported
by Orphanís Promise helps the family with clothing and food. At the church, Anastasia
has learned a lot about Jesus Christ.
I found out that Jesus loves everyone, children and grown ups. He even loves me.
Anastasia made friends at the church and gave her life to Christ. She says in time, she
learned to trust Jesus with all of her dreams.
I prayed and asked Jesus to make my eyes straight and to make me beautiful.
Then Orphanís Promise and the church held a medical outreach in Anastasiaís village.
The ophthalmologist said she needed surgery, so Orphanís Promise agreed to pay for it.
I was so happy when I learned that I would finally be able to have surgery.
I never thought such a wonderful thing would happen for us.
After 11 years of hoping and dreaming, Anastasia finally had the surgery she needed and left
the hospital feeling like a new girl.
I could see very well right after the surgery. I was so happy.
And Anastasiaís not worried about going to school anymore.
My eyes are straight now, and I donít hold my head down when I walk.
No one makes fun of her anymore. I am so thankful for that.
Thank you, so much, for everything you have done for me.
Terry, sheís beautiful. Now, that was Orphanís Promise. Tell us about that. Orphanís Promise
arranged for the surgery.
We often have medical missions that go out into areas where children are. You know, we
work with kids who are really technically orphaned, of course, but we also work with
vulnerable children, kids who are orphaned by poverty. Sometimes theyíre mothers are
widows. It can be any set of circumstances; but in this scenario, this little girl whoís
a beautiful little girl . . . .
Sheís gorgeous.
. . . . ostracized, because she had strabismus, an easily correctable procedure, but one her
mother couldnít afford.
So, a surgical team came in to Orphanís Promise and did the . . . .
Corrected the strabismus, and you can see it in her face. She looks right at you.
Sheís gorgeous.
You could see how she was before when she would pass someone. Sheíd look down because
she had shame from it, and I think of the scripture that says Heís the lifter of our
She just looks right at you right now. Sheís got hope and a future.
Orphanís Promise is a branch of CBN. Itís funded by CBN. So, people who are 700 Club
members are part of Orphanís Promise.
Yes, sir. Yes, absolutely.
So, theyíre part of getting that girlís eyes fixed.
Absolutely, and children in 40-some other countries who are being educated and given
life skills and taught about Jesus and helped medically.
Folks, thatís just one of the things; and itís one of the most important things, but
itís only one of the things that you do with the 700 Club when you join. I couldnít urge
you enough right now at this summer time thatís coming on. Weíve got early summer here, it
looks like, in March. But, nevertheless, this is the time. What does it take? It takes just
65 cents a day. It just takes $20 a month. Now, you could do $500 or $1,000 or $10,000,
or whatever. But, whatever it is, we need your help. So, Iíll ask you to pick up your
telephones and call in and say, ìLook, you can count on me.î
ìI want to help those little orphans. I want to help the people who are hungry and are
hurting. I want to help people in Haiti, and I want to help people in China and in Japan,
the victims of that tsunami. I want to help people around the world.î And you can do
it: Operation Blessing, Orphanís Promise, World Reach, all the things we do, $20 a month.
So, would you please pick up your phone and call in? 1-800-759-0700. Thatís easy to remember,
isnít it?
It is.
1-800-759-0700, and say, ìYou can count on me,î and together weíre going to make a
difference. Now, weíre going to show you a miracle. Are you ready for a miracle?
I like miracles. Well, after three years of chronic pain, a girl gets desperate.
. . . . and Iíd often just pray, ìLord, let me get into an accident, just something
quick; so I wouldnít have to deal with this anymore, so that I wouldnít have to have
all this pain, because right now I donít have a life.î
See how this girl got her life back. Not through doctors, but supernaturally. Plus, weíll
be praying for your needs, so stay with us.
I know how it feels to be alone.
To be hungry.
To be afraid.
I havenít had a birthday party.
My own room.
Or a family to call mine.
Iím an orphan.
An orphan.
An orphan.
And there are a hundred million more like me in the world today.
Together, you and I can make a tremendous difference to someone today. We can change
the lives of orphans. Iím asking you to get involved. Give to Orphanís Promise. From
Asia to Africa, from Latin America to Europe, youíll be providing housing, food, education,
job training and hope to children who are alone and at risk. Jesus said, ìWhatever
you do for the least of these, you do for Me.î
Please give to Orphanís Promise and love a child today.
Hey, welcome back. On a scale from one to 10, Amanda Reed says her stomach pain was
a 50. She also said it felt like having her leg cut off and being forced to walk around
on the stumps. Three years Amandaís pain didnít go away, but then one day she just
sort of turned on The 700 Club and watch what happened.
I hadn't felt it before. It didn't feel like the flu. It was so bizarre to me. Just something
that I just, I couldn't explain. And it startled me.
By the time Amanda Reed was 15, she had her share of stomachaches; but this time it was
different. Her mother, Sally, was concerned.
She was in much more distress than an average stomach ache a kid would have. We just decided
to wait it out, just decided to see if it would go away like any, you know, flu or bug
whatever it was.
And it didn't. It slowly progressed into getting worse.
Their family doctor found nothing wrong. So he sent Amanda to a gastroenterologist.
He would say to her that it's just IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, which is sort of an umbrella
diagnosis over a lot of different illnesses. And he did take tests for Celiac disease and
other diseases that were common to make the tummy and insides feel like that. But all
of them came out negative.
Doctors prescribed numerous medicines, but none of them worked. The mysterious illness
was so debilitating that she eventually had to drop out of school.
I tried as hard as I could. But the thing about going to school is they demand that
youíve got to be there a certain amount of time. Even if your homework's good, you still
have to be there. So finally, I had to cut my losses and quit.
She was in pain, and it was not normal. But we were going to the doctors, and we were
going three hours to a doctor over and over, and still no answers.
The pain lasted three years. There were days when Amanda wanted to give up.
And it was just like, ìGod you're supposed to be my support. Youíre supposed to be here.
And ifócouldn't I just be with you instead?î And I'd often just pray, ìLord, Lord let
me get into an accident, just something quick, so I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore,
so I wouldn't have to have all this pain, because right now I don't have a life.î And
He was just telling me that, ìYou know, you're going to be okay. Don't worry. I'm here.î
One day she caught the end of The 700 Club on TV.
I had never heard of The 700 Club, never watched it.
There's somebody who has a very serious intestinal, I think it's like parasites that you've just
been going crazy with diarrhea. God right now is destroying those amoebas and those
other parasites. In the name of Jesus, you'll feel like fire in the abdominal area.
All of the sudden, I started feeling this burning in my stomach, like I was on fire,
but in a good way. And all of the sudden, I felt the Lord wash over me, just so strong.
I started crying. It was so strong. And all of a sudden, the burning stopped, and there
was no pain.
Doctors never tested for intestinal parasites, but they were indeed the source of Amanda's
ailment. Once they passed through her system, she was back to enjoying life.
I had been in pain physically every hour, every second of every everyday for three years.
I had completely forgotten what being pain-free was like, and I had no pain.
Today, Amanda is finishing school and plans to go to college. Her family is thankful for
God's healing touch.
I was so grateful that, once again, God loved us that much that He would save us from such
a terrible, terrible endeavor.
Without Him, I wouldn't have survived. There was no way. He held me up. He literally carried
me through every single day. I want to dedicate every ounce of the rest of my life for the
Lord. And just every ounce; and it doesn't matter what I have to sacrifice, because He
saved my life, and every ounce of it belongs to Him.
God loves Amanda and God loves you. Now, weíre going to pray. Our time is limited, but thereís
nothing that God canít do right now. So, Terry and I are going to join hands. We want
to believe God. Father, in the name of Jesus we thank you for this wonderful healing that
took place; and we thank you, now, as people are in this audience, theyíre crying out
to you. May the anointing fire of God Almighty come into their lives in the name of Jesus!
Be made whole. May arthritis go away. There are many people with arthritis, right as I
speak, at this moment start moving those arthritic joints. In the name of Jesus the swelling
is going down, the power of God is coming into your life right now, in Jesusí name.
Thereís someone with chronic laryngitis. I mean, your voice is just a whisper. Itís
been that way for a long time. God is restoring your voice to you.
Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Amen. Folks, thatís all the time weíve got.
Pick up the phone and call. Weíd love to hear from you. Tell us whatís happened. If
you need further prayer, weíre here for you. Tomorrow, weíve got the global threat of
a solar storm. Today we leave you with these words from 1st Timothy . . . .
. . . . ìLet no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in words, in
conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.î God bless you. Thanks for being
with us, and we will see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.
Where are we?
I cannot look in on our time or location. Ah!
Amazing! Which tribe is he from?
You want the Savior of the world to be born in a stable?
Historyís in the making, mister.
Do you want it or not?
Daniel, you have to listen to us.
And who might you be?
Youíre in great danger.
Master, master! Weíre about to drown!
Why are you fearful?
I say to you arise.
I have been healed!