Autodesk Revit: Modifying Components in a Stair

Uploaded by AutodeskBuilding on 11.05.2012

The surrounding walls in a stairwell have been modified, and you need to adjust the existing stair to fit in the changed space.
Select the stair and click Edit Stairs to enter stair assembly edit mode.
Use the Align tool on the Modify panel to align the exterior edges of each run with the interior wall edges.
In an elevation view, drag the landing up and the steps are automatically rebalanced between the two runs.
After rebalancing the steps, you notice that the stair does not meet the next level.
Drag the solid dot control at the top of the run to add a step so that the upper run meets the next level.
Use the Align tool again to line up the end edges of the two runs.
The landing shape adjusts to accommodate the new run position.
The landing shape is not correct.
Select the landing, and on the Tools panel, click Convert to convert the landing to a sketch.
In sketch mode, you can customize the landing shape.
Use the sketch tools to edit the landing boundary to fit the edges to the curved wall.
Click Finish to exit sketch mode and save your changes, and click Finish to exit stair assembly edit mode.
The finished stair is aligned and shaped to fit into the existing stairwell.