Dairy Can Cause Sinus Problems, Joint Pain, Fatigue & Migraines Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

Uploaded by LarryCook333 on 01.12.2010

Dairy is full of both casein and whey. Those are the two main proteins in dairy, and a
lot of adults don’t tolerate either casein or either whey. Casein is a more common problem
in terms of the protein profile, and cow dairy has higher casein amounts than like, goat
or sheep dairy. Things that people don’t always realize that our food sensitivities
are things like joint pain or fatigue or migraines or myalgias, which is kind of a muscle fatigue,
and that can be kind of food sensitivity related. The other really big one, even if you don’t
have food allergies, so to speak, is sinus problems. If there are chronic sinus problems
going on, the first thing to do is take out the dairy, take out the sugar and see what
happens. Yeah, I can almost guarantee it. I mean, I’ve had people with the chronic
sinus infection for 20 years, and it’s basically take out the dairy, have them start Neti-potting
or using…there’s a spray called Clear that’s saline and xylitol and grapefruit
seed extract, and they go away. So we really have to think about what we’re doing in
our lifestyle that’s promoting problems sometimes.