Changes to parking planning laws

Uploaded by CommunitiesUK on 03.01.2011

GREG CLARK: Well here I am in the City of Westminster
at a new charging point for electric vehicles,
sitting in the latest generation of electric cars,
a Nissan Leaf - about to come on to the market.
And one thing we've done today is make it easier to charge up vehicles like this,
by taking away the requirement to apply for planning permission to install charging points.
I think it's crazy that you didn't need planning permission to install a parking meter,
but you did need planning permission to install an electric charging point.
We've scrapped that. And now people, whether they're private individuals or Councils,
can install charging points without the bureaucracy.
TOM BARNARD: Obviously we at Nissan welcome anything that makes
driving electric cars easier for the consumer.
This will allow drivers to know that they can drive to work or to the school,
or to the station, and they will be able to plug in their car.
And basically fill up while they're at the shops or at work.
It will make driving electric cars normal.
GREG CLARK: And we've scrapped another crazy rule today.
That was the rule that limited the ability of local Councils to allow for drive ways
and garages to be provided when new homes are built.
I think it's crazy to stop people providing garages in new homes.
That doesn't take cars off the road and out of circulation.
What it does mean is that people are driving round and round
looking for a parking space, annoying their neighbours, causing congestion,
and actually making life miserable for people.
So we've scrapped that rule and, in future, it will be up to councils to decide
whether or not they want to have garages and parking spaces as part of new houses.