Introduction to the Health Center Technical Assistance Website

Uploaded by HRSAtube on 28.03.2012


Hello, and welcome to the Bureau of Primary Healthcare's Technical Assistance Webpage.
The Bureau of Primary Healthcare, also referred to as BPHC (pronounced BIP-HIC) has developed several unique enhancements
to the BPHC Technical Assistance webpage.
BPHC's TA page has user friendly components that have been created with the help of grantee
and staff focus groups.
The TA webpage provides timely and relevant information that is useful to many of our Bureau of Primary Healthcare partners.
One of BPHC's major priorities is to develop and maintain training sessions
that address the needs of BPHC grantees.
With that in mind, BPHC grantees are able to easily access all available training opportunities,
from the TA webpage.
Among the links to our trainings page are listings of new and upcoming professional development opportunities
sign-up instructions, a description of recently completed trainings,
and a comprehensive catalogue of BPHC-wide trainings that are all located in a single PDF document
designed to be a one-stop shopping experience.

Because health center grantees tend to ask similar questions related to HRSA funding opportunity announcements,
or other aspects of BPHC programs and processes,
BPHC has developed a frequently asked questions tool to highlight
the top five recent questions from grantees that is posted on the TA landing page.
These FAQs, updated regularly, include a variety of program and policy-related questions
that are commonly asked by potential and existing health center grantees.
BPHC has also launched the New Start Web Guide for
for new health center grantees.
Recognizing that newly funded organizations are responsible for numerous decisions almost immediately
after receiving their Notice of Award,
the New Start Guide is designed to help grantees achieve full implementation and compliance with health center requirements
and offers ready access to federal programs and resources that support
health center best practices.
The Web Guide's content draw on materials used by consultants to help BPHC
grantees with compliance and performance improvement.
The Guide includes a description of program practices, printable questions for self-assessment, links to sample documents,
information sources, and a wealth of policy information.
More general information on BPHC-related topics is accessible under the TA topics in the TA Resources tab of the site.
The resource library of TA topics and resources contain highly organized links to relevant federal sites,
BPHC National Cooperative Agreement materials, and many other tools that grantees may find useful.
On the BPHC homepage, several other important tools are available to the visitor.
BPHC Open Funding Opportunities includes detailed guidance on how to apply for current Funding Opportunity Announcements.
The Federal Tort Claims Act provides information on malpractice insurance, coverage for health centers and free clinics.
Links to archived training and risk management are provided as well as the current year
application for FTCA coverage.
Health Center Data and Statistics presents the reporting requirements of the health center program,
links to Uniform Data System (UDS), archived training, and a multitude of data tools.
Looking forward, BPHC is enhancing it's online resource library with database functions
for easier, more accurate searches.
The new database system will enable free searches, drop-down menus, keyword/topic/phrase searches,
and easier uploads of new resources.
With so much to offer, we hope you visit the Bureau of Primary Healthcare's
Technical Assistance website. For more information, visit the following links.
Thank you for watching.