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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Hey guys, this is Just Dance
for April 14, 2011.
I'm Sheena Dimatteo, professional choreographer and
dancer here in the New York City area, and I'm super
excited to be bringing you some of the hottest stuff
that's going on the dance world.
Check it out.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So MTV kicked off America's Best Dance Crew.
Last Thursday, we saw our first five crews dance.
They were amazing.
I can't imagine what kind of adrenaline was going through
their veins on their first show.
A lot of these people have never danced on TV before, and
to just get out there and do this amazing opening number
they did, all five crews, all together.
They each had their own little feature.
I personally really love I.aM.mE.
They just do these crazy, intricate poses.
They're making all these pictures.
It blows your mind.
ReQuest is awesome.
I went backstage, and we got all these interviews
with all the teams.
And these girls from New Zealand, they're so sweet.
They're sweet as pie.
They're beautiful girls, but when they get on the dance
floor, they look like they want to hurt you.
I was like, whoa, [LAUGHS]
who are these girls?
Phunk Phenomenon, Street Kingdom, all of them, they
were amazing.
That opening number really, really kicked ass.
Unfortunately, Eclectic Gentlemen was sent home, so no
more Eclectic Gentlemen.
But this Thursday, April 14, 10:00/9:00 Central on MTV,
we're going to see the next five crews.
So excited.
There's going to be pole dancing.
There's going to be break dancing.
Let me know anything you want to know from these crews.
I'm going to be back stage with these crews, with the
choreographers, with the dancers.
Anything you want to know, anything you want to talk
about, I'm going to be back there getting it for you.
So don't forget to message, comment, subscribe.
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On iTunes, I downloaded this really hot new song.
It's by a band called Hot as Sun.
And the song is called "Come Come" It literally is hot as
sun, and so is the video.
Kenan Peters is the choreographer and dancer in
this video for this song.
Living in New York City, I know one of my favorite things
to do when it's freaking hot outside is go to Central Park,
and just sit down with all your friends,
and never, ever leave.
It's in the morning.
Everyone's sitting around under a
tree, not paying attention.
All of the sudden, this guy gets up, takes off his shirt,
has a hot body--
yeah, whoa--
and just starts popping and locking and doing the most
amazing hip hop.
But the coolest thing about the video is no one pays
attention in the video.
So you have him dancing and everyone sitting around just
talking, sitting, swinging, not giving him a second look,
which is so New York-- so Central Park.
You'll see someone running down the street with antlers
on their head, screaming obscenities, and everyone is
just like, yeah, it's New York.
By the end of the video, he's still dancing, and no one is
still paying attention.
It's dark.
He finally just says, all right, I'm done dancing.
And it fades out.
All the people are still sitting there at the park.
The EP is now on iTunes, Hot as Sun.
The music is called "Come Come."
OK, I'm so excited for this movie Rio coming out April 15.
It's going to be so adorable.
It is about a macaw, a domesticated
macaw, named Blue--
voiced by Jesse Eisenberg of recent Social Network fame--
who meets Jewel, the adventurous diva macaw voiced
by Anne Hathaway.
And they take a trip to Rio di Janeiro together.
And I'm sure they get into all kinds of shenanigans.
But for our dance purposes, it is really, really cool because
Rosero McCoy choreographed all these cool dance sequences
that go on in Rio.
Watching Rosero's footage of all the animals-- which are
mostly birds--
is really interesting to see--
how he choreographed for animals.
And he was having those birds do little samba moves, and
their wings were going up and down.
So cute.
For a bird with a really long neck--
OK, you can't really do that with a human neck-- but he's
got the neck going up and down and around
and swinging around.
So it's a lot of choreographing to your
imagination of what the animators can do and what they
can collaborate together.
I actually chatted with him a little bit and interviewed him
on the process of choreographing
for an animated movie.
ROSERO MCCOY: Those characters in Rio are going to show you
some really cool dance moves.
For me, it helps if I find people who kind of look like
the characters that we're doing it for.
Like, if you look like a bird, I'll find a bird-like person,
a bird-like dancer.
And the animators take it, and there's one or two
ways you can do it.
They either do it with the motion sensors, or they'll do
it where they the piece that I put together.
They'll put it inside a computer, and they'll animated
the characters around the dance moves.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So I wonder what kind of animal Rosero
thinks I look like.
A lion?
Sharpay from High School Musical has a new
movie coming out.
I actually watched the trailer for it, and it looks like it
going to be really cute.
I mean, I'm not the biggest Sharpay fan,
because she's a [BEEP].
I actually liked her by the end of the trailer.
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure is choreographed by Michelle
Johnston, who has also choreographed Benjamin Button,
the movie When in Rome, and the TV show Mad Men.
And it's got everything you need.
There's music, musicals.
It's Sharpay's moving to the big city for her
big chance on Broadway.
And maybe she finds a really crappy apartment, but of
course, there's a cute guy living across next door.
Never happens real life.
There's actually someone who's a bigger [BEEP]
than her, and so you realize that,
actually, Sharpay's human.
And she's not all obnoxious and I have
to be in the spotlight.
It looks like a really, really cute movie, and I think I you
guys should check it out.
OK, I am not going to lie.
I was a cheerleader in high school, so Hellcats is one of
my guilty pleasures.
Go, go, go!
Trojans, go!
And they've been on a hiatus for a month,
so they're off hiatus.
And their first episode is called "Woke Up Dead,"
involving cheerleaders fighting zombies through
combat dance, which is a little crazy.
It's all kind of interesting to see, how they're going to
fit zombies in with all these hot, dancing cheerleaders.
You know, whatever--
cheerleaders, zombies, always.
Ashley Tisdale, rocking it out.
Sick choreography by Paul Becker.
Definitely don't miss it.
It's Hellcats, 9:00/8:00 Central, on the CW, April 19.
All right, that's all I've got for you today.
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