Anand Math

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I want to see a smile on my mother's face again.
What sacrifice will you make? - My life.
What else do I have?
You do. Will you be able to give it to me?
What? - Devotion.
Devotion? - Yes, the devotion of Motherland.
The devotion of Motherland?
In India, the first battle of freedom was not fought in 1857. . .
but 20 years after the battle of Palasi. . .
where the British wiped out truth and tried to defame us in the whole world.
The great battle of freedom of 1857. . .
has been shown as purely a mutiny.
Bankim Chandra wrote Anand Math. . .
based on our first struggle for freedom.
The British labeled the sages as looters.
But can truth ever be concealed?
Year 1 7 7 0.
During this period, in a part of India. . .
there was such a severe drought. . .
whose example cannot be found in world's history.
Lack of food, and epidemics killed half the population.
Those who survived, forget humans, they lived even worst than animals.
They just lived.
Where you could not get a handful of grains even if you sold your women. . .
how could anyone pay taxes there?
But taxes had to be paid.
Because, thanks to traitors. . .
the traders of East India Company. . .
had become the collectors of land revenue.
Why would they give up taxes?
Sir. - How much money does they owe us?
Rs. 6606.
They owe us so much money? - So much?
Where are your people? Why are they not here to give the money?
Due to drought and epidemic, everyone has run away.
Hurry up! Close that door and window.
Everyone has run away, huh?
Go, present them!
Spare us!
My son ! where had you gone?
Beat them!
He is the Nawab( ruler). In deed, he should protect the people.
But as a fact, he is a mere puppet in the hands of the British.
Lost in merriment, where was he aware of the world?
' O bartender, serve liquor in my party'
' If tragedy strikes, let it'
' Serve. . .serve me more'
' If the liquor overflows, let it overflow'
He's King Mahendra Singh.
It is said he was the richest among the kings of Bengal.
But today. . .
God, don't be angry. You are always with us.
What are you hiding, Kalyani?
Like you have taken something to protect you, even I. . .
What is that? - A woman's last resort.
Come, child. Let's go.
Today, this grand mansion, the ancestral wealth. . .
grandeur, prestige, wealth, money, they are forced to leave all and go.
There was not a drop of milk for the baby in the palace.
King and beggar, all became one.
Look! that's a house? - It is.
Come, let's go.
Kalyani, we can spend the night here.
You sit here.
I'll come back soon.
Where are you going? - To get some milk for the baby.
Where can I get milk here? - Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Hail Mother Kali !
Hail Mother Kali !
Take, eat! Fill your stomach !
You bloody chief! You beat me?
We supported you, and you beat me?
Beat him!
- She's gone! - Where?
She'll be close by. Where can she go? Go find her!
Don't cry, baby.
''O Lord ! ''
Get up. . .get up, my child.
Child, I forgot to ask you. Where is your home?
There is no one left here except King Mahendra Singh.
Oh. So are you King Mahendra Singh's wife?
Don't worry, you will meet Mahendra Singh soon.
You seem to be ready. - We are leaving.
And news on Mahendra Singh? - No.
Will you manage all this alone? - Yes.
Find Mahendra. And if possible, bring him along.
As you wish. - May victory be yours.
Let me go. - Shut-up!
Sir, we have caught this bandit. This gun was in his hand.
Where did you get this gun from? - From my ancestors.
Not one, I have thousands. - You're talking rubbish? Quiet!
Sir, order me, what should I do with him?
Right. What do you do with him?
Just dump him.
Take him into custody for now. We'll deal with him later.
Listen to me. You are making a mistake.
I am innocent. Listen to me.
Sir, he beat an officer. - Put him in the other cart.
I'm a mendicant, sir. They are mistaken.
Shut-up! - Listen to me.
Shut-up! Take him. Put him in the cart.
Look! they are coming.
Mahendra Singh, don't run away.
Hiranand, keep fighting, I'll be back.
You are watching the scene with a sword in hand?
Are you a prince or a coward? - Maybe I am.
But I cannot loot like you people.
These bandits have helped you. - Thanks, but I don't want such help.
Good. Stand back and watch the scene.
These bandits want to unite you with the queen and prince.
Listen ! - Yes?
Atleast tell me who you really are.
Santan ( children ) - Santan? I don't understand.
Whose children? - Mothers'.
Mother's? - Yes.
' Motherland is greater than heaven'
I bow to thee! - O'Mother!
So you want to serve your Motherland by looting?
No. - Then what's going on?
We are looting the loot from looters.
But this is the king's tax. - The king's?
Who king? - Nawab Mir Zafar.
In whose kingdom, to pay taxes, people have to sell their women.
In whose estate, people have to eat the dead to survive.
Under whose rule, government officers. . .
blatantly disgrace the honor of our women.
Mir Zafar! That same Mir Zafar. . .
who has handed over the country's wealth to foreign looters. . .
and himself lives in peace.
Who watches his women folk being disgraced by foreigners and smiles.
But what can we do? - We? We can kick them out.
Who will do it? These handful of Santan?
How many Britishers were there in the Palasi battle?
The question is not how many fighters there are. . .
but their dedication to do or die.
In this battle of freedom, we Santan believe only in one power.
The power of celibacy.
If we can maintain celibacy. . .
our handful of men can make the people fight the British.
Don't you have families?
Yes, we do. - You have given them up?
No, we are keeping our promise.
Will you join us?
If staying away from your wife and children is your promise. . .
I will not be able to do it.
I bow to thee! - O'Mother
What are you looking? - Lord Vishnu.
Vishnu. And what's in his lap?
Who is she? - Mother.
Mother? - Yes, our mother.
I don't understand. - You will, when the time comes.
Salute your Motherland.
See. . . look. . .
the way Mother is.
Great, dark, awe inspiring.
Today, our country has become a graveyard.
That is why Mother is wearing this garland of skulls.
See. . . look. . .
as Mother will be.
Look at her hands.
Different weapons of power in different hands.
With fiends at her feet.
She is lost in power.
Divine power. . .
eliminator of sorrow. . .
eliminator of enemies. . .
O Mother! Mother, I bow to thee!
Mother, I bow to thee! - Mother, I bow to thee!
When will we see Mother in this form?
When Mother's children will call her Mother.
Gurudev, where are Kalyani and my daughter?
Go straight from here. You'll find them in the temple.
I'll come back.
Gurudev, I'll be back. I'll take the oath. I'm coming back.
You are having a good time.
That sage army killed a British officer.
You bloody Nawab!
Tell me, what compensation can you give?
It's okay, sir. What is there to get so angry about?
Take Rs. 200000 more in taxes.
We made you the Nawab.
If you don't maintain law and order. . .
we will dump you.
We want peace.
Give me one more chance, sir.
I'm sending the orders right now.
Santan ( sages ) will either be caught, or killed.
' Let there be rejoicing in my party'
' The state of the people of the world is bad'
' Give me liquor, my nights are young'
' Serve me, serve me more'
' If the liquor overflows, let it overflow'
God's universe, the kingdom of the king.
The order is from Nawab Mir Zafar. . .
the Nawab of Bengal.
Every man, ordinary and special is being informed. . .
that hereafter, as per the king's orders. . .
that the sages, due to their rebellious activities. . .
have been declared culprits.
Therefore, it becomes the duty of every man. . .
that wherever he comes across them. . .
he must get them arrested.
Whoever goes against this order will be punished severely.
Mother, I bow to thee!
Catch him! The rascal !
Make him mute!
Whoever goes against this order will be punished severely.
Have you sent this message to all our branches?
Yes. I sent Devanand and Gyananad right away.
Everyone has become alert, so that no Santan gets arrested by the enemy.
What is it?
King Mahendra is leaving the Math( Home ) with his wife and child.
Shall I stop them? - No.
But Gurudev? - He is aware.
He has to take this burden himself.
Did someone call? - No.
Coming ! - Wait! Where are you going?
Where are you going? - That call ! that same call.
Whose call? I did not hear it.
You didn't? - No.
Then maybe I'm mistaken. - Mistaken? What mistake?
It's nothing, Kalyani. - There is something.
Tell me.
Gurudev showed me Mother's idol in the Math.
Mother is very inspiring. Her eyes draw you to her.
It feels like she is calling again and again.
I don't want to hear that call.
Mother is calling you. Don't avoid this call.
Not to avoid it?
You have to surrender everything at Mother's feet.
What are you saying, Kalyani !
I saw her in my dream yesterday.
Seeing me, she said. . .
' she is the one who is snatching my son from me'
Look, she is calling me.
Kalyani, it is just a dream. Let's go from here.
Where? - Home.
Home? - Yes.
The path that Motherland is showing you, take that.
You go. - Are our paths separate, Kalyani?
I have reached my destination. - Kalyani ! What are you doing !
You decided to separate from me?
No! I won't be able to leave you. I don't want to leave you and die.
Our path is one, our destination is one. Isn't it, Kalyani?
What happened, child? Why are you crying?
Listen ! - What happened?
My child. . . . - She ate the poison.
Child, open your eyes.
Kalyani ! What have you done!
I didn't want to leave you.
My eyes are closing.
Why did you do this, Kalyani?
Here that?
Hail the Lord !
Say it. . .say it.
Say it.
Hail the Lord !
You bloody man !
Leave him! Arrest both of them!
Walk fast!
Move faster!
Gurudev, I don't understand why you got arrested like that.
And why are you taking beatings by these dogs who're fed by the foreigners
Why are you quiet? What is the secret?
You'll know the secret, let the time come.
Move, you traitor!
Officer, it is dusk. If you permit, may I sing hymns?
So you are a sage?
Constable, stop! - What happened?
Officer, I want to pray for some time.
He got angry. - What is there to get angry about?
But sing something nice.
Sing. - Sing, you bloody rogue!
' Slowly moved along the river stream'
' A woman'
This is a message. - From Gurudev?
How did this happen? I'll call out.
' Near the river bank, lies a lady'
Lady near a river?
There is surely someone lying at the river bank.
You go back to the Math.
Mother, I bow to thee!
Where are you going? - To the city, to get news on Gurudev.
Gurudev has been arrested. - What?
Yes. I got his message and picked this child from the river. . .
but her mother is lying there. Go and cremate her.
But what about Gurudev? - Bhavanand has gone to the Math.
I'll drop this kid and come there.
You also come there. - Okay.
Jivanand, where? - Over here, at the turning.
Coming ! - Come soon.
What is it, sister-in-law? Finished writing the poem?
Yes. - Wait I'll recite it.
It's windy. I'll light the lamp. - Don't bother.
''Monsoon in my eyes, autumn in my heart''
''My heart burns''
''I miss my childhood''
''In my eyes dances my childhood friend''
''I miss my school''
''When I became someone's wife''
''I had to leave all my friends''
''Those days and nights, those past talks''
''Keep hurting me''
''I miss my father's home''
''It was the first moment of union with my beloved''
''But I let it pass''
''I roamed crazy''
''But I lost my beloved''
''Like a bird I fly''
''The thought always torments me''
''My recollect my heart's dilemma''
''Where would my heart's deer elope?''
''It was tied with the string of love''
''Two separated stars united again''
''The phoenix joined the moon again''
''One moment of happiness, of a naughty smile''
''It makes me laugh and cry''
''I miss the mirror of my dreams''
''That storm. . . ''
''I also recollect that storm that surrounded the whole country''
''It was the call for freedom''
Coming !
''Breaking the mountains on the way ran out the stream''
Before leaving, I wanted to tell you. . .
but then I thought. . .
Would I stop you from doing this good work?
But before leaving. . .
We will unite again, Shanti. As soon as the war is over. . .
I'll come back to my Shanti.
Shall I leave?
Yes. I'll wait for you.
You are getting late. Answer the call.
Mother, I bow to thee!
Brother, you !
This. . . - Move!
What is this?
Where did you bring her from? Is she your child?
Have you married again? - I'll slap you !
Is there milk in the house? Feed her.
Take care of her, I'm leaving.
Brother, what is this? You are leaving? Eat something.
You have my promise.
You have the same old habit. You give a promise for everything.
Good girl. Drink the milk.
Brother, will you heed me? - What?
Will you really? - Tell me.
You have my promise, don't refuse. - Promise again?
Will you tell me now? - Shall I call?
Shall I call once? - Who?
Brother, you have my promise. Don't leave without meeting sister-in-law.
Brother! - I'll never step in this house again.
Brother, you have my husband's promise.
Move aside, Nimmi ! - No!
Move, or I'll kill you !
You are very brave! You will kill a woman, you will sacrifice a woman.
Move aside, Nimmi ! - Sister-in-law!
Shanti, go away! Shanti, go away!
Take an oath that you will remain celibate by heart, deed and word.
To the extent that you will not even share the same chair with your wife.
Look at your state.
Don't you have enough money even for food and clothes?
Not at all.
When you return and cremate me. . .
Shanti, have I given you up? - No, not given up.
When your oath is fulfilled, when the country becomes free. . .
when you return to me. . .
Shanti, I often think that the world I cannot imagine without you. . .
for it, I had to leave you.
I don't know how to leave you and go now.
Why did we meet, Shanti?
Why did we?
Did your oath break with this union?
Did your oath break?
There is penance. And then, where does our life matter?
Penance. . . penance.
Nothing much, just some charity, taking a dip in the Ganga, prayer. . .
I understand. But this penance can be done only once?
It is so difficult. - And necessary too.
Why? You didn't commit any sin.
I have. - What?
I have broken a rule. I will have to do the penance as per rule.
Rule? Who. .who is he who makes the rules?
If ever I meet him, I'll surely tell him his rule is wrong.
It's absolutely wrong ! - No, it is absolutely right.
No, I won't let you follow this rule.
I won't let you offer penance. Never!
Listen ! Before leaving, promise me. . .
you will not offer penance without meeting me first.
You also promise me you won't live in this state.
These old clothes. . - I won't wear them, I promise.
Then even I promise. . .
Bye, Shanti.
Is she your wife? - No, a close relative.
She will stay here now. - That's okay.
She is a little weak, you'll have to take care of her.
Don't worry, I'll take good care of her.
Don't worry about the money, I'll come once in a way.
And yes, call the physician soon. - Yes, I'm going.
You will follow celibacy by heart, word and deed.
You will follow celibacy by heart, word and deed.
If you break the oath even once, you will pay penance.
And that penance will be, death !
Scream! Scream more! - Gurudev!
Damn your Gurudev! Even his turn will come.
All right, but I want to know, is your jail well protected?
I mean, is it strong?
Sir, we have posted the best guards of my kingdom. . .
inside and outside the jail and asked them to be so alert. . .
that for miles away, forget Santan, no one can wander.
Maid ! I want to give my English friends the feel of heaven.
Get liquor!
''Crazy bee! ''
''There's a glass of liquor, the hand of love''
''The shadow of tresses, and Friday night''
''Every heart is target, the times are mine''
''Eyes meet eyes, the weather is romantic''
''Forget the flowers, O my beloved''
''Make me yours''
''Meet my eyes''
''There is a song on the lips, I want to celebrate''
''It is a lovely night, drink to a high''
''You have to die one day, live life''
''Life is beautiful''
''My heart is a glass, my eyes are a bar''
''I'm that bud that makes the weather romantic''
Mother, I bow to thee!
Gurudev, I have understood why you deliberately got arrested.
You understood? - Yes.
Mahendra, this is Santan's first test by fire.
I wanted to see whether my Santan could rise to the occasion or not.
Come Mahendra. - Glory to Gurudev!
Pardon us, Gurudev.
Mother, I bow to thee!
No! their lives have been taken.
The enemy has hid behind cannons like cowards and killed them.
The cannons of the enemy have killed them.
But their death has opened our eyes.
Their immortal soul has given us the message. . .
that to face the enemy, even we must have cannons.
The enemy, with the power of explosives and cannons. . .
wants to rule over our Motherland.
It wants to target our mission of freedom with its cannons.
So even we will have to answer fire with fire. . .
and cannons with cannons.
Even we want cannons!
Freedom. . .freedom. . .
from atrocity.
Freedom from slavery.
That is our destination. And we have to reach that destination.
How, we don't care.
I am sure you will agree that whatever the path. . .
our aim is to reach destination.
I will leave the Math in 1 /2 days.
It is possible, that for a few years, until I return. . .
Bhavanand and Jivanand will run this Math.
Gurudev, we understand why you are leaving. . .
but how will you achieve your aim?
I will roam the whole country.
And choose the best artisans and send them here.
How will only artisans help?
That is why Mother sent Mahendra here.
I am going to make him take the oath.
His palace will be our fort.
Our cannons will be made there.
Jivanand, I gave you that signal. - Yes, I did go to the river.
The kid was crying. I left her with my sister.
And her mother? - Bhavanand has cremated her.
If any of you has made any mistake. . .
even unknowingly, don't offer penance until I return.
But, choose your own penance.
Take an oath that you will follow celibacy.
I take the oath. - I take. . .the oath.
Until the country does not become free. . .
you will remain celibate in heart, word, and deed.
Yes. - Yes.
You will not even share the same chair with your wife.
Yes. - Yes.
Take an oath that you participate in the war for freedom. . .
and fight till your last breath.
I promise. - I promise.
Now promise that if you break even one vow, you will atone for it.
And that atonement will be death !
I promise. - I promise.
Touch it.
Say, glory to our Motherland !
Mother, I bow to thee!
Come. . .come.
Seeing your young age, I name you Nayanand.
As you wish. - What is your name?
My name. . . - Yes, tell me.
Shanti Sharma.
Why did you do this injustice? Why? !
I have not done injustice. - Isn't cheating injustice?
Being a woman, isn't it injustice to come in a monk Math?
Yes, it is injustice, if the intention is unjust.
You only just said that whatever the path, the aim is to reach destination.
Path. .destination. . .what is your reason for coming here?
Being besides my husband and doing my duty.
This is not your place to fulfill your duty.
Your duty is to live in your world, not here.
Why not? Could Ram be Ram without Sita, his wife?
Would the Pandavs win the Kurukshetra without Draupadi?
You tell me, without Utara. . . - Enough !
Sita, Draupadi, Utara, Shanti. . .
Are you Jivanand's wife, Shanti?
Child, why did you come here? You know he is my right hand.
You have come to chop it?
If he is Gurudev's right hand. . .
it is not so easy to chop it. - Tell me your reason for coming here.
Tell me quickly. - I have two reasons.
One, to tell you, that the penance you ask for is wrong.
It's absolutely wrong !
It is unfair to make someone pay with his life for a small mistake.
Tell me your other reason.
My other reason is my husband, who is your right hand. . .
to save him from penance.
What did you say? !
To save your right hand from offering penance.
Penance? By Jivanand?
Why? What's his mistake?
Yesterday, suddenly, without any intention. . .
he met me.
That is his only mistake.
Jivanand met you? He broke his oath?
Does he realise his mistake?
Yes, he's aware of his mistake, and his penance.
Of his mistake, and his penance.
His penance too.
Mother! . . . Mother!
What will happen now, Gurudev?
Child, rule does not see who the man is.
And without rules, no struggle can succeed.
He will have to atone for his mistake.
And he will too.
I know he will atone. No one can stop him. No one.
That is why I have come. We must save him anyhow.
He has made a mistake. - Forgive him.
That's impossible.
Will all this be wasted?
There is no other way. - No Gurudev! don't say that.
Look at me once. You will have to save him.
You will have to save him.
You have to accept that if I wished, I would never let him come here.
But I did not stop him.
Was it for this? For this wrong rule? Don't let this happen, Gurudev.
Give one chance, just one chance.
Okay, you don't do anything, don't offer any solution. . .
don't forgive him.
You have addressed me as daughter.
Accept your daughter's small request.
Allow me to stay here.
To stop him from offering penance until suitable time. . .
like until the battle, allow me to stay here.
I promise no one will recognise me. Give your consent, Gurudev.
Until you don't say yes, I won't leave your feet.
Gurudev, give consent.
Get up.
Go and wear your turban.
Stay here. . .you will stay here.
Arrange for my departure.
Gurudev left the Math. . .
to defeat the enemy, fire with fire, cannon with cannon.
Artisans were required to make the cannons.
Artisans picked from all over the country.
To pick them, Gurudev searched every corner of the country.
As soon as the artisans reached the Math. . .
King Mahendra, Jivanand and Bhavanand started building the fort.
To increase the army of Santan, Jivanand and Bhavanand. . .
started spreading the message of devotion to Motherland.
The fort was being constructed, and also a workshop to make firearms.
Jivanand would work day and night.
To add more Santan to the army, to get swords, shields and guns made. . .
to train men.
But even Jivanand was after all human.
He would not be able to stay away from Shanti. He was drawn to her.
But Shanti was not Shanti, she was Nayanand.
The union he wanted was not possible in this friendship.
Bhavanand didn't have even a minute's time.
The workload was increasing every day.
But since Bhavanand had seen Queen Kalyani. . .
the ground has slipped from under his feet.
He would think, he has to atone.
But if Kalyani. . .
He once extended his hand and lost the hope of seeing her again.
The Santan army rose in number.
The British began to be attacked more often and more openly.
They were perturbed.
Atrocities increased.
The English would loot people.
And Santan would kill entire battalions of the English.
Santan worked hard day and night and made their first cannon.
Their desire of years was fulfilled.
The attacks by the Santan scared the English.
The news reached London. Warren Hastings was sent immediately.
As soon as he came, he started investigations.
Unaware of people's problems. . .
lost in merriment and debauchery in his royal palace. . .
Nawab Mir Zafar was sent orders.
Nawab was ousted.
Plans were made.
Conspiracies were hatched.
And with their entire ground force, the British. . .
moved forward to surround the army of Santan and rule over India.
Who are you?
Speak out! Are you a sage? I mean, Santan?
Take your gun. Look, I'm not like you.
Who are you?
Who are you? - Me? The secretary of God of death.
Are you the wife of some Santan?
If it was someone else, he would kill you.
But I like you very much.
Will you live in my house as my mistress?
What a monkey!
Listen, we had a monkey at home.
He looked just like you.
But the poor animal died.
His cage is vacant. You come and live in his cage.
I don't understand.
How will you understand, you devil !
Your husband will die in the battle. He surely will.
What will become of you then?
Yes, what will happen?
Let's decide. If you win the battle, I will live in your home.
If I survive. And if we win. . .
then promise you will live in place of the monkey in my home.
And eat lots of bananas.
Bananas? It's a good fruit. Have it now?
Shut-up! Uncouth man !
I'll ask you something. Answer me.
Why have you people come to our country?
To rescue you people.
You people are not happy under the Nawab's rule.
You have many fights.
Okay, so we fight, and it is a fight among ourselves.
Whether we fight, kill, it is our business.
Why do you outsiders interfere?
Don't you have your own country, your own families?
Why don't you go away?
''How will you stop the storm?''
''That has caught the young''
''The stream has turned a river in which flow our lives''
''Many have drowned in it''
''The heart looks for the shore''
''The crazy flight of the heart's bird''
''How will you stop this storm?''
''How will you convince the heart?''
''How will you douse the fire?''
''One that doesn't have a shore''
''How will you cross that ocean?''
''How will you tie up the sky?''
You? Over here?
I could not stay away today, that's why.
But why? Why are you here?
I'm asking you only. Tell me, how do I stop this storm?
Which shore are you looking for?
The one I desire to touch, my heart searches for that shore.
How will you convince your heart? - How will you douse the fire?
Shanti, I've heard Gurudev is returning.
I will have to atone for my mistake.
I have to die. Then before dying, can't I once again get my Shanti?
No! Leave me! - What is wrong with you?
Shanti, listen.
Thank you very much, Shanti.
Listen !
I'm your wife. It is such a shame for me.
Despite knowing everything, how can I cause your ruin?
Why don't you understand and accept that our love is not for this life. . .
but for the next.
And then, why do you think of penance every time?
You have promised never to share the same chair with your wife.
Have you ever?
Hail the Lord !
I'm leaving.
You are right, our union is not possible in this life.
But we will surely meet in our next life.
Listen. You have promised that you will meet your Shanti. . .
one more time before you offer penance.
Will you keep your promise? - Yes, Shanti.
No dear, stop crying. You must not cry like that.
Get up, dear. God will do good for you.
Good? How will good be done to me, Gurudev?
You have ordered me to become a widow.
Jivanand will belong to you. - There is no chance.
You have returned. Now. . . - No, dear.
You can stop him. I know, that if you wish. . .
Me? Why will I wish that, Gurudev?
Why should I be a hurdle in someone's path and commit sin?
If there is a heaven for him, is there no heaven for me?
It is not the question of being a hurdle.
I am thinking. . .
that will Jivanand's brave body be wasted?
You only said, Gurudev, that there is no solution.
But you only requested me to save his life.
God didn't listen to me.
War is not very far away now.
Not far? - Yes, dear.
The British army is moving forward.
Even I met a Britisher.
When? - Today.
Today? Where? - In the jungle close by.
Oh, so they have reached here too.
They may attack any time.
The problem is that because we don't have any moles in their army. . .
we don't have any information about them.
Shall I try?
You? - Just permit me. I. .I. . .
Okay, try.
May you be victorious.
She's some nomad. - Let us enjoy the song.
''Come, O bee''
''My heart is in full bloom, sit on every flower''
''Suck the nectar and fly away''
''We are young, don't be afraid, do as you please''
''The affair begins today, ends tomorrow''
''Sing songs of love, please your heart''
''Who knows what will come tomorrow''
''Come, O bee''
''Tomorrow, you will not be there, nor I, nor this garden''
''Our love will blow up in the air''
''Whose symbol is pain''
''Such is a short life''
''Neither will the king be, nor the queen''
''Only today is ours''
Why don't you dance?
No, I cannot dance today. - Why?
It is late and I have to go very far.
Where will you go? What is the hurry? Sing !
You have my promise. - You have my promise!
No, some other day. I have to reach Padhchin.
Padhchin? You live in Padhchin.
Just sing one song. - Some other time.
When? - Whenever you say.
How many days will you be here? - 4-5 days.
4-5 days? But how will you stay here?
The moment the sages see you, they will. . .
You won't see any of them here.
As if you are very brave. Do you know, they are 10000 of them.
We are 50000 of us.
50000? - What's going on?
She doesn't believe we are 50000 of us.
Everyone is not here. 30000 of them are coming with the Colonel.
Oh God ! 30000 more? !
The Santan army will be wiped out.
Come with me. - Where?
Come with me. - No, I'm getting late.
Come. Sing a small song and take a big reward.
Come here. . .come here!
Stop that! . . . .Where have you come from?
Are any kila ( fort ) there?
Kela (banana ) Lots of them. - Not kela, kila.
Oh, you mean, fort. There is. - How many men are there?
How many?. . 1. . 2. .
Maybe 12. - Nonsense! How many hundred?
Maybe 12 hundred.
I mean, how many thousand. - I said, 12 thousand.
How much is this? - Five.
This? - Nine.
How many men in the fort?
I said ten.
When did you come from Padchin?
Oh ! So why are you banging your feet? Say Padh-chin.
Okay, Padh-chin. Are they still there, or have they left?
Where can they go?
We heard their leader is back, and Magi festival. . .
Yes, fair, he's called everyone to the fair.
Sir, I don't understand English. Now will you give me some money?
No? I'm leaving.
They heard my song for free. - Hey, listen !
I'll give you lots of money.
Come here.
Give. - I'll give you lots.
Give me news on Padhchin. - News?
Okay, next time. - How many are they?
When will they leave the fort?
That's all? I'll inform you day after tomorrow.
No, we want the news tonight. - I said day after.
Let me speak to her. We want to attack tomorrow.
Can't you come tonight?
Keep your gun besides your pillow, drink, and sleep!
I'll go and come in one night.
The bloody chuchundar ( mole ) !
What is chuchundar?
Don't you know?
Chuchundar means brave and courageous.
Brave! Like I can be one.
If you bring me the news tonight, even I can be brave.
I'll give you a reward of Rs. 100.
Whether you pay 100 or 1000, I cannot walk 20 miles.
Go on horseback.
I'll have to, or how will my job get done?
What did you say?
I cannot ride a horse. - A man will take you.
What rubbish ! How will I mount the same horse as a man?
I'll pay you Rs. 300. - Sir, you don't understand.
What will people say? - All right! I'll pay you Rs. 500.
Rs. 500 ! Will you really? - Yes! I surely will.
Okay. Are you coming with me? - No, not me.
Rs. 500, okay?
Come soon ! - Coming.
Kalyani, are you all right?
Are you okay?
Whether I'm okay or not, it's not your concern.
Can't I care even that much for you? Open the door, Kalyani.
Decent men don't knock on unknown women's doors at such a late hour.
I know. But I. . .I don't treat you as unknown. . .
For me, you are. . . Open the door, Kalyani.
I have something important to talk to you.
Come some other time during the day.
Gurudev has returned, Kalyani. And the war will begin in 1-2 days.
So I want to tell you all that I could not in the last four years.
Open the door, Kalyani.
Who gave you the right to call me Kalyani?
You are asking me the right?
Why? Don't I have any right?
I do! Since the day I gave you new life, I can call you by any name.
Kalyani, you belong to me, and nobody else.
Kalyani, I have given you new life.
Who told you to give me new life?
Now I realise. So you saved me for this day?
That is why you could not bring my daughter to me until this day.
That is why my husband doesn't even know I'm alive.
New life!
I will bring your baby, but your husband. . .
He thinks you're dead. - What are you trying to say?
That you can marry again. - What!
Kalyani, if you wish, you can marry again.
With whom? You? - What is I say yes?
What about your oath? - I don't know.
Your deed? - I don't care.
Your name, Bhavanand?
I know nothing except that I love you.
The oath is my life, but you are more dear to me than life.
I cannot take this any more, Kalyani.
Say it once. Only once, Kalyani !
Say you will belong to me.
I think I'd heard it from you only. . .
that a fallen Santan has to offer penance.
And that penance is death.
Yes. . .yes. - Then your penance?
Is death. - What if Kalyani belongs to you?
I won't be ale to do penance.
And if she does not? - Not even then.
Kalyani can never belong to you.
I think I'd heard from you only that a fallen Santan has to offer penance.
And that penance is death.
Yes. . .yes.
Gurudev, give me your blessings.
Gurudev, give me your blessings.
The enemy is approaching.
We had the power to rip the enemy apart.
We did.
But. . .
it is our misfortune.
However much we try, we cannot get the cannons before evening.
Not under any circumstances.
We'll have to think of something.
Rather than be arrested by the enemy, let us not waste our lives.
Putting our country's honor to dust. . .
getting the Santan army labeled as bandits and looters. . .
and accepting defeat before destiny. Will we allow that to happen?
These foreigners will come from outside and enslave our India. . .
will we be able to tolerate that? - No!
I knew that you, chosen soldiers of the Santan army. . .
will never let that happen.
With courage in your heart. . .
and your life in your hands. . .
you will stand before the English as a mountain.
You will snatch their cannons from them and turn it on them.
We will !
Then go, O sons of Mother India !
Write the first chapter of the history of India's freedom struggle. . .
with your blood.
Instead of stone and brick, lay the foundation of freedom. . .
with your body.
One day, when the grand and shining monument of freedom. . .
will stand on that foundation. . .
every Indian will remember. . .
that the foundation of this freedom was laid by Anand Math !
Mother, I bow to thee!
You are the army chief of today's battle.
Victory will be yours!
May you succeed !
Go. . .go.
I had given you a promise. I may not get another chance.
Consider this our last meeting.
Shanti, say yes.
Santan ! We have got the opportunity to attack the British today.
Are you ready? - Ready!
We have to attack their cannons.
Move forward !
Jivanand, I have come now, you return.
No Bhavanand, no point in both of us losing our lives. You return.
I want to die today. - No, I will die today.
Go back, Jivanand. - No, I have to offer penance.
I cannot let go this opportunity. - Whose penance?
Mine. - Then why sacrifice so many men?
There is no other solution. - Why not?
I'll take some men and attack the cannons.
You take the others and cross the river.
All right.
We have to cross that bridge.
Santan ! all the British soldiers will die today!
Men, move forward ! - Bhavanand, don't go ahead.
We have to move forward. Attack!
Santan, look! The cannons have stopped firing bombs. .
Bhavanand must have captured them.
Move forward now, Santan !
We have captured the cannons! Mother, I bow to thee!
But the enemy is still flying its flag.
The frauds are doing that to save their lives.
But they have been defeated. Your condition is very bad, Bhavanand.
Turn back now, Bhavanand.
No, until even one soldier of the enemy is alive, I cannot turn back.
Mother, I bow to thee!
The enemy killed himself.
Remember Santan ! If the enemy captures the cannons again. . .
you will be answerable for Bhavanand's sacrifice.
You will be responsible for the sacrifice of thousands of Santan.
Tell Gurudev. . .
I could kill the enemy. - He is aware.
He had blessed you.
We could not do anything.
Wish Jivanand came here.
Cowards! Traitors! come with me. Or I am leaving.
If you meet Nayanand, tell him we'll surely meet in our next lives.
Mother, I bow to thee!
Santan ! March forward ! Mother, I bow to thee!
Look! Jivanand is coming.
Our army will win !
Mother, I bow to thee! - Mother, I bow to thee!
Get the cannons ready.
Santan army, attacks!
How long will it take? - It's not catching fire.
Hiranand, what happened?
Santan ! get ready!
We have to attack them. - No.
We have to stop them anyhow!
Come, let us strike them like lightening !
Fight till your last breath ! Don't let the enemy win.
Fight till your last breath !
Child Shanti, the one who is the joy of man, why cry over him?
Jivanand can never die.
He has not died?
You are a sage, you are speaking the truth.
Jivanand is not dead.
He has offered penance.
He has offered penance. - Yes dear, he has.
But do you know the penance for which crime?
Her own sons committed the grave sin of enslaving their Motherland.
They have offered penance for that sin.
Many such penance have to be offered yet.
Only then will Mother become free.
Take this water and wash Jivanand's face.
Take some more.
Look, there is no sign of death on his face.
Don't you see a million Jivanand's shining on his face?
Can Jivanand ever die?
Look at the whole of India once.
See how it is glowing with the sacrifice of Jivanand.
Hear the glory of the mute children of India
The victory of her brave sons.
The glory of immortal martyr, Jivanand.
Hear it, dear.
Glory to the brave Jivanand !
Glory to martyr Jivanand !
Glory to the brave Bhavanand !
Glory to King Mahendra Singh !
Glory to Queen Kalyani !
No Mother! This is not victory!
In the first battle for freedom, I lost both my arms?
Mother. . .
are you listening?
They are coming to take my permission.
They are coming to seek permission to attack the capital.
Mother, I know I must give them permission right away.
The enemy will be defeated.
They can uproot the enemy now.
But how do I give them this permission?
How can I? You snatched Bhavanand and Jivanand from me.
You chopped both my hands.
Pardon me, Mother.
Tell me, how do I lift my sword?
I had lifted the sword to break your shackles.
To break the chains of your death, of your slavery, of atrocity!
Tell me, Mother!
No. . . no! This is not victory.
No. . . no! This is not victory.
I don't accept this as victory. This glory is fake!
This glory is fake!
This is your victory, Satyanand.
You have come!
Satyanand, I have come to thank you. You are great.
You have fulfilled Mother's desire of years.
You have started the struggle for freedom.
This will not stop now. It will continue.
The shining lamps of devotion that you have lit. . .
Bhavanand, Jivanand, Mahendra, Kalyani, Shanti, and many more. . .
will guide million of people to the path of freedom.
Sons of India ! Celebrate this great victory of yours.
Sing the glory of Mother!
Sing !
And thus began India's first struggle for freedom. . .
which martyrs wrote with their blood.
The lamp of the divine mantra of Vande Mataram was lit.
The call of a handful of Santan became the voice of millions.
Hundreds, thousands, millions, knowingly, unknowingly. . .
became the target of swords, cannons, guns.
Many went smiling to the gallows. . .
chanting this divine mantra !
The country became free. But today. . .where is Vande Mataram?