DRIVE CENTRAL - 23 April 2012

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MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, welcome to Drive Central.
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But at first, RideApart.
You may have noticed that last week's show
was eaten by a hedgehog.
But this week, they're at Cleveland Cycle Works, where
you can get a cafe bike for the cost of a
cup of New York coffee.
Let's take a look.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's RideApart, here
on Drive every Monday.
And this week on Driven, JF goes to visit the shop of
Horacio Pagani, the guy who builds cars out things like
gold and platinum or something.
They're very expensive.
Let's take a look.
JF: This motor is very unique.
It's a v12 produced by AMG, 6 liter.
There are only 250 units of this being produced.
Now this engine is actually very special.
It's a 6-liter v12 twin turbo.
And it's built by AMG.
Now that may not sound special, but
it's one of a kind.
It's the first time AMG has ever built a unique engine
for, I guess you could call these guys a customer.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Driven, every Tuesday.
And on Chris Harris on Cars, Chris does something awesome.
Let's take a look at what that awesome thing is.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Chris "Slip Angle" Harris on Cars,
here at Drive every Wednesday.
And on Big Muscle, Mike Musto gets a tour of Bill Goldberg--
the wrestler, you know him--
his car collection.
And there's some muscle cars in there, we're assuming.
So let's take a look.

BILL GOLDBERG: For me, when I looked at this car, and I
touched this car, and I know over 250,000 servicemen saw
this car in Vietnam.
I took this car down to Pendleton, and I actually met
a current serviceman whose father has a photo of him in
his garage in this car in Vietnam.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Big Muscle,
on Drive every Thursday.
And this week on ShakeDown Leo Parente gives us the F1
results, the WRC preview with Danny Sorto in a Ford, and
possibly another one of those track lap breakdown things
with a professional driver, which is always kind of cool.
So that's on ShakeDown this week.
And otherwise, that's it for Drive Central.
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