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[Voiceover] All the characters, songs and locations in the film are fictitious and no where related to us
This person who is holding a stick and running like a rapist is the hero in this movie.
The name is 'Kamesh'. Look how calm he is.
And this person who is running like a streetdog a few centimetres away from the
camera and the stick is the villain in the movie
And the name is Happy...A very big VP*
VP does not mean Very Prominent....just to clarify
Mom, you dont understand! Its not the girl that I didnt like,
the concept of arrange marriage itself is bothering me.
Since my childhood you are repeating the same story.
You said: "Son Kamesh, 10th grade will be good in Bhashyam" I said okay.
Inter at Chaitanya College, I agreed again.
Since childhood, starting from the pencil that i've used till I've joined HCL company
You've decided everything for me. Atleast in this marriage issue, let me go for a love-marriage.
When people who are good for nothing are marrying the girls they love,
why can't I choose my girl? I'll marry a girl whom I'll love!
[Voice over] Just after Khamesh got upset, within the next few seconds,
Happy's life started to take an unexpected turn.
(Guy singing while peeing)
What are you doing?
Can't you see? i'm pissing
I can see that, are you planning for any Niagara Falls here?
My piss my wish, why do you care?
Why do i care?
Let me show you why do I care!
There is just 100ml left sir. I'll just finish it and go. Please bro please
Pass the remaining in your briefs.
I'll show you...I'll show you what I am.
What will you show..... your eiffel tower?
i'm gonna finish out!
Did he just walk away from here to find a girl while talking over the phone?
Mom, I'm not going to look at any photo. I'll marry the girl I'll love.
Just give me one more day. Mom, I'll call you back later.
[Voice over] Just as Khamesh had another peg in Padmaja bar,
his body caught vibes and
the moment awaited has arrived...
Swami (Guru), you've opened our eyes.
From today, you are our Puli Devudu. (GOD)
Me ??? GOD
Only you can change this world.
I curse my fate...My life has become like Osama getting caught by Obama. Come on, lets go Swamis.
Huh... wait guys! How much more do I need to walk?
We've reached O God!
Phew! I was never much happier even when after stealing a laddu(Sweet) in Tirupati Temple.
Hey man
Where are you?
Hey, here's one girl and I like her very much. She's all alone in restaurant. Should I go talk to her?
You just proceed bro. Anyways I've some social work to do here.
Dude, I need your blessings for this operation.
Om Jin Jallak
Boom Bullock
You ...
excuse me...
dont worry there for you
and my Puli fans are here for me.
You just look at me how will i impress her
Hi! I've lost my senses when I saw you for the very first time.
Infact, I even lost my wallet when I was following you.
What do you want, sir?
I want some time.
Yeah, I forgot, my name is Kamesh. People also call me Kaamu with love.
[Speaking Hindi] I dont understand what you are saying.
You please leave me alone.
[Voice over] You need to know two more things about this fellow:
One - He is very poor at handling girls.
Two - He's even poorer at Hindi
What should I do now?
See there.
(Peeing and singing)
I saw... what happ?
What are you waiting for Puli Devuda(GOD)?
Go stop them and bring a change to this world.
Are you mad?
I wont do that!
There is no way out Puli Devuda (GOD)
[ECHO] I won't dooo!!!
See this? If stumped at one end, it'll come out through the other end.
[Peeing and singing]
Get lost... get lost from here!!!
Thats it, right? I'll go now.
Just wait Puli Devuda(GOD)
Hey, she's talkin in Hindi.
You are a Hindi pandit, right? So think in Hindi and
give me an idea in Telugu!
Oh! Now I'm playing golf at Gachibowli.
You do one thing
Whatever she speaks record it in your cellphone.
You are like a God.
Even they said the same thing and made me do this!!!
[Rambling bad hindi]
How can I explain you...My brother's gonna come now!
Huh? For such a small issue why do you want to jump in well?
I will come to your house and talk to your family.
I've never been behind any girl like this.
Please tell me if you really like me or not...
Very recently I bought "Learn Hindi in 30days" book.
If necessary, I'll learn it in 3 days just for you.
Hey Happy
Get lost!
I wont clean, I wont CLEAAANNNN!
What will you not clean?
Oh! You are mistaken. I said I want screen, not clean!
Hey, where is that audio?
My situation has become like Posani getting Pokiri script. Let me try!
I understood everything. Its very simple.
If you you won't go to her house now, she'll jump into the well.
But her feelings weren't like that...
I swear on my highschool hindi master Bull Bull Siddique.
Take the phone and
show me her home.
Hey this is her house.
What are you waiting for? go ahead
Hey just minute
do you see any Chimpanzee faced fellows behind me?
Yeah...Who are they?
They are my fans.
Bhai.. Ghar
Who are you? What do you want?
[Kamesh Voice over] He looks like girl's father. I'll tell him the facts and pull the story fast.
*poor hindi AGAIN*
How dare you come to my house and abuse in Hindi?
I don't think this is the house.
Huh, you hurry at everything.
Let me go and find out.
And dont forget, if mom calls, tell her I had milk.
And one more thing,
be careful with those four people...they'll say God and devotion...
Tiny fellow! Hurries at everything!
[Voice Over] Happy's new mission with dalmation resulted in abdominal injection...
Oh.. extremely hot i say extremely hot
Did they scold you Happy?
Scold? They spoke very soft and formal!
Play the Song!!!
Who are they Happy?
I've become a very big VP*
Whatever happens, You are our Puli Devudu(GOD)
Am I not Puli Raja?
STOP the music... Stop the song
I dont want to listen to any of your explanations
Come on...Come on Disciples...
You just go
I'm not happy.
Just hold on GOD
[Voice over] Exactly after half-an-hour, the happiness which faded in his face appeared in Khamesh's face...
[Bad Hindi] You were out and your dad was in
there was a monkey behind me and
all of this is really confusing me.
I'm sorry! I thought you were doing all this as a joke.
[Kamesh Voice Over] How come she is talking in Telugu?
Didn't think you were serious.
I thought even you like me, so I came till this extent.
Liking a person is different and living together is different
We cant be together. My match has already been fixed.
Please don't waste your time unnecessarily. Bye!
Hey wait... wait
Why aren't you even giving me a last chance to prove my love?
At evening 6, I'm going to Coffee shop near Hitech City. Yeah, okay! Bye!
Fine, if i see you once again before tomorrow,
then I'll accept this fast fate love story.
If I win this bet, what is the guarentee that you will love me?
In love, there is no guarentee or warranty, Kamesh!
I have a surprising news for you, I met a person u know
[Kamesh on the phone] Hey where are you?
I'm in important business conference right now
I'm very busy right now
I think it is better if we talk later...
Hey, what are you doing here?
Yuck, some one pour phenyl in my toilet
You are so posh and and you clean this trash?
I'm GOD, I need to take care of everything
I always see you in Multiplex but what are you doing going around Sulabh Complex?
Oh my Sachin Tendulkar!!!
Stop it stop it right away
By the way, you seem to be very happy
WHat happened anyway?
I understood everything!
GOD, dont you want to continue working?
hey who are they, they are so tall?
One guy is Qutub Minar and another is Charminar
Hey!!! maintain some distance from GOD
I'll say 1 2 3
What about the rest?
Rest we will count while running
Hey GOD is running away from us
GOD never leaves us, we have to approach GOD with divinity
Hey WHere are we running to?
Ask Bommarillu Bhasker
Who is he?
I dont know, GOD doesn't have all the answers
Just keep jogging
Oh even my trouser is coming down
Like meaningless telugu dialogues in tamil dubbing movies,
even the hero didnt go to meet the heroine even after she dropped a hint.
Are you mad? The girl likes you too and
so, she indirectly asked you to meet her there. Why didn't you go?
Love is not meeting in the evening after seeing in the morning.
If our love is true, no matter what, we will meet.
It reminds me of KUSHI movie story
haa please dont say that
Something is ringing.
Its vibrating till here.
Mom told meet you tomorrow at Sazio..
What else did your mom say?
She said even though you are average looking, you are very good at heart.
Please dont get your mom while coming tomorrow
Or else, it'll be time for another Bommarillu movie
Okay! Bye!
Why did my life become like this?
It's like Silk Smitha arriving 30 minutes after the tsunami
Leave all of this. Listen to what I say.
[Voiceover] If you look at the history, Shakuni who changed Mahabharatha script with his dialogues,
even in our movie, Happy gives his VP* ideas to Khamesh.
Lets see the twists and turns he'll have to face...
Hey, I'll say it on the face. Let anything happen.
If something goes wrong, be ready.
Hi, Firstly, I need to tell you something.
I already loved a girl and am searching for her.
If I find her after marriage, I'll go with her.
I don't want you to feel later on.
So I'm telling this before hand.
I dont want to marry you at all. Having someone in my heart
I can't say yes to you. Am really sorry.
Thank you! Thank you!
I need to thank you. I hope you get a decent,
silent girl and not an over-acting girl like me.
I was like.. i was in total confusion. Thanks a lot
[Voice Over] I dont understand even a single bit, brother!
Dont know who is talking to whom! Please give some clarity!
I can tell my mom. No problem!
To be frank, I like girls who are silent.
I hope you'll find him. Anyways, thanks for being frank.
I need to thank you. I hope you get a decent,
silent girl and not an over-acting girl like me.
Mom didn't tell me this thing.
But, its okay! I hope you'll surely find her.
I was like.. i was in total confusion. Thanks a lot
[Voice Over] Like Telugu cinemas getting Tamil directors,
you've exchanged the chics with the same ease. Keep it up, brother!
My oh my look at the way shez feeling shy
The name is Santhosh, Cinema Hero
You must have seen me in movies
Mom said not to watch movies
Your mom told you not to watch movies but not Movie heros right?
So which college are you from?
Me and college???
Do you trust my love atleast now?
If I dont, I guess you will ask for warranty, right?
If the three visible relations are father-in-law, mother-in-law and grandfather
then the only invisible fourth relation is this brother
You act, don't overact!
Try to be natural and the girl will believe you.
Oh you mean natural, look at me now!
Brother...sorry, brother-in-law!
You made my sister pregnant and now you left her.
is this fair?
Please show some mercy with your huge heart.
I should have judged by looking at your beard appearance
that you are not calm
Oh she is leaving... she is leaving
What a performance I want my award
Come on!!!
What kinda climax is this?
Its like mixing Rakthcharitra and Geetanjali in a grinder for an hour and
then adding Malayalam masala bits to it.
isn't there an andhra climax and not tamil?
By the way, when are you going to shave the beard?
Why? Is it bothering you while kissing?
Wow! Just like parrot and chimpanzee, they make a good pair
I think its better even if I make my tank clear.
I'll show what am I...
Oh will you show your eiffel tower?
Bro excellant shot
Amazing angle from here
Over ...
To your side...side
haha ... OK
So, a below average fellow fell for an average girl and with a little above average tragedy comedy,
a new 'tokkalo love story' is started. If you want, ask Happy.
Sujith, is everything Ok?
Super take bro
How was it in between? is everything alright?
Bro, your one take is equal to 100 takes
I'm free for the next one week.No shooting since 26 days and
hopefully no shooting for another week... a big gap
Oh this is like a holiday trip?
yaa, may be you can call it as holiday
just a minute
yes mom tell me
We are out of Tamarind??? I bought it like couple of days back 200gm worth, right?
You use it a lot in dal fry, instead of 2-3 spoons just to get the bitter taste
No shooting since 26 days and no shooting for another week
I came here for dubbing, whenever i ask about money he shakes my hand
He shook my hand like 12 times
How can i ask him, my pride is at stake...
I'll figure out a way and ask him about the money
If he gives money i'll bring Tamarind 50grams. Hang up the phone now.
Sujeeth, how was the voice at that point. There are two modulations of voices.
Bro the way you tell itself is ribtickling, super bro.. you dont have to go for another take
You are single take artist bro.
Sujith, if you have any work let me know.
Dubbing theater looks nice
We got it for free
Oh, you didn't pay for the theater too...
In this gap, you can use me, if you want
26 days no shooting, there is a gap
I encourage lot of short films
Is there anything that you have to give me or I need to give you?
So anything on your mind, please let me know.
Oh i totally forgot
Can you please keep this script and give it to big directors like Rajamouli?
because you keep meeting big directors, right?
Ok SUjith, I''ll leave now... Check your mike i think it's broken.
Hey open the door...Sujith, can you please ask someone to open the door
Hey open the door!
Damn, i've become cheap to this guy because of no shooting
Happy New Year
Sorry this looked exactly like my vehicle...