Love Breakups Zindagi (2011) - Full Hindi Movie w/ Eng Subs

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I heard somewhere,
I don't know which idiot said it,
Perhaps you are saved to stuck in this logic,
But we couldn't escape,
And this is our story,
I forgot it,
What? Today is Valentine's day,
She doesn't know that you forgot, You still have time,
Plan something special,
What should I do?
You know I have been divorced twice,
Past 3 months I have gone on three dates,
And do you think I am kind of special plan man,
You know what kind of girl she is?
Which kind of friend you are, Give me some idea!
You know that I...
sing happy birthday out of tune, I don't know how to play guitar,
Why you are not having organic vegetables,
I don't have enough time to learn guitar,
How are you? We all are fine what about you?
Next time I will give you neklace, This deal must take place,
It must be very expensive, So?
Since when you are doing this?
You are laughung alot,
What aunt said wrong?
Why don't you get married?
May I tell you the truth?
Bell didn't ring yet,
What do you mean?
She is pretty, smart and intelligent,
And I guess she is successful too,
Actually she is much successful than you but anyway.
Like you and nandini,
Tired, Regular and stuck in a routine,
Because you always did everything different,
Because your priorities were different,
It was my marriage and I was there,
She ditched you,
I mean you ditched her,
Who cares who ditched who?
Sometimes I almost forgot,
That energy, fun and those college days,
I don't know I will feel it ever again,
Your bell will be ring. When?
Why don't you talk to Radhika?
Talking to Radhika,
We don't talk to Radhika but we listen Radhika,
And discussion about this matter.
If she will kill me then?
Since when power failure has started in Mumbai,
If my ice creams will melt down, You will die if they will melt down,
Why don't you talk to Kunal? He is appologizing since long,
But what he has done?
You are angry about one sms,
I ain't do nothing because I have already read his sms,
Otherwise who knows what he would have done,
How much time sms takes to become a mms,
But it didn't made yet,
It's the biggest problem of our generation,
Who Radhika?
Everyone is screwed up. And you know that,
Throw it then, You will die to keep smoking it,
People says that time makes everything fine,
Who know you will also forgive him,
And till then you have ice creams, Keep eating them,
Ice creams have many flavours,
You are learning guitar,
I have brought it for Dhruv but I think I will have to learn it,
And we dream about to spend our entire life with them,
Guithari is getting married,
She is very happy,
Are you going? Ofcourse! You should also come,
I have heard we can find nice guys in weddings,
You know I have lot of work,
So you really won't come, You will really miss me,
I will sort it out,
Actually I am thinking I am putting lot of pressure on you,
You are so honest and hard working,
And I am such a selfish man,
I don't want to interefere in yourjob,
What happen?
How did you find out?
Arjun told me that you will travel with us,
Since that time I am asking this question to every single girl.
Bus didn't come yet, Bus has already come,
Guests are also arrived,
We all were waiting for you,
What's the worth if you will miss Maayun and Music party,
I will be right back, Sure!
Now we have nice interraction,
We have spend lot of time together,
You always crack these kind ofjokes,
Sure! Why?
I have to crack some other kind ofjokes,
What kind of?
People actually laugh on those jokes, that kind ofjokes you should crack,
I think engine is getting hot, We will put some water,
We have to arrange many other thing in Dance party except alcohol,
for entertainment value,
You looks decent from outside but you are such a devil.
Here on house?
Do something about him, Forget it, talk to me,
Guys and girls side are old fashion,
Guys side always performs better,
You won't resist a second in our presence,
Absolutely! Try it,
Some other day,
They are getting married and their performance is the main,
I think we should order more Vodka they are making the sequel of Indian movie,
You have come so early, Ony day late,
You are getting married so early, She is waiting for you since long,
Anyway you know I like weddings,
Everyone knows you don't want to get married and nothing wil happen here,
He needs more time to prepare himself,
Like my younger sister,
You teach urdu in University, Yes!
I have heard alot about you, Shall we go?
I think you don't like guests,
Actuallt after so long everyone is gathering so my excitement has increased,
You are not performing in Sangeet along with us,
Dance is the good thing,
Nobody asked me for it,
Funda is very simple, All of you will come here,
You will get a chit from this bowl.
Whose number will be match they will ba dance partners,
I need a good partner,
All of you open yours chits and tell me your number one by one,
It means you are 3. Correct! I am 3.
I am 3,
It means you are 3,
Let's rehearsals, We will start tomorrow morning,
You and Guithari are friends? Since when?
I live in Mumbai,
My papa was punjabi,
Today is the practice?
Usually people reply for hi,
You wear Jasmine Perfume,
You are the real brother of Arjun,
Then Sheela is Arjun's Aunt,
Why you keep calling her Aunt,
Would you like if everyone will call you uncle,
If my age will be close to 40 then...
Anything could happen in 2 years,
And you were dancing like a single butterfly.
I would like to say something for Guithari,
When I was in 7 standard I came to my granny's house,
so I saw guithari for the first time,
She was trying to steal oce cream from that compound,
She couldn't steal the ice cream,
But she must stole my heart.
He is coming tomorrow,
I thought he will come in wedding,
Now he can see your world class performance,
I couldn't sleep all night long,
You will sleep and your performance will be done as well.
Jai! But what are you...
What are you doing here? I am walking in the house,
But in blanket like thieves, I am feeling cold,
What are you doing here?
I came here to drink water, Have you finished?
Now go to sleep,
My thirst is over,
Can't you talk without shouting,
If you won't tell me that what are you doing here,
then I will shout like crazy women and awake all the family members,
Tell her...
Where is guithari?
Where we are going?
If you will ask one more question,
then assume it will be for you,
I can hear your voices here,
I am really enjoying in this house arrest,
Put these yellow and white flowers on that wall,
Where are you going? Dhruv is coming,
Leave her, we have to finalize the flowers,
Flowers and me?
All ladies are finalzing jewellery now we have to manage it all,
Make it fast, Alok will kill me,
You have missed the entire performance, No! I saw the last part,
Meet everyone,
You dance well,
Well if you would be here,
After all you will have to become Naina's partner,
I can't do it all.
Lifre is so unpredictable.
I don't believe that she is...
I think...
Whatever Arjun's family will decide,
For Arjun,
You should eat something,
I will bring something for you,
How is Guithari?
I will go and meet her,
Where is Dhruv? He is gone to take shower,
Tomorrow morning at 6,
Can you meet me?
I have problem to wake up in the morning,
I sleep 10 more minutes to save 5 minutes,
What's the matter?
I want to tell you something,
What? After BG's death...
Whatever it is it is now,
It's a chance,
And we can't deny the truth to delay this wedding,
Now he should understand it,
What happen? Why did you call me here?
You don't post pone this marriage,
Have you gone mad?
Listen to me,
B.G. Really wants to post pone your marriage,
What happen to you?
Cheers for what?
Cheers for that you have started talking again,
It's really close to kitchen,
What would you like to have? Soup?
Order anything,
And I really don't like carrots, onions and mushrooms,
Why are you so quite? China Garden is your favourite restaurant,
Yes it is my favourite restaurant but Radhika is already speaking,
Have you got some ideas for your own wedding,
Mode is already ruined, Do you have another question,
Which restaurant is that?
Let's go back to Chandhigarh, I am really missing the wedding,
I mean what are we doing out here,
Dhruv! Wedding is already over,
But there are many more weddings,
Are you sure you are just missing wedding or something else.
That Dehli guy's name is Jai,
Enough Ritu? Why should I enough?
He is not disappeared,
There is nothing like that, Now wedding is over,
I am back in my normal routine and he is back to his dehli's routine,
What happen? You want to quit yourjob again,
You want to get married or you want to maary me,
I don't understand what kind of question is that,
It sounds complicated,
but it's very simple.
I realised on Arjun's wedding,
that we are together but not with each other,
Because our fundas are different, Think about it,
So what are you trying to say?
Last 2 years what I have invested in this relationship,
They all are wasted,
To remember your 21 family member's birthdate and wish them,
they all are wasted,
Tolerating your annoying habbits they all are wasted,
Jai! Do you realise that you are ruining my entire plan,
Because I needed my first baby in two years,
How it will happen? Relax!
I think this plan is wrong,
Somewhere we have many plans and less love between us,
I think there must be someone else for us,
Who will love us,
Someone else,
But nor I am with her nor she is crazy in love with me,
She have nothing to do with our truth,
Have you talk to your mom?
She will kill me,
I was thinking if...
you will talk to her,
I think you are right,
I am kind of a strong woman,
but to hear that...
I thought I would be upset more than that,
We can be friends,
Give me some time,
Whom you met...
If you ever want to persue her,
so please presue her after reform your habbits,
That will be good impression,
Special plans for tonight,
Just me and Arundhati and some coffee,
You are moking with me,
Whom you spend your every night,
Let's change the plans,
You got a nice chance, you didn't scared,
I was...
but I thought I should accept the truth,
and that chance...
We take chances to cross the roads,
Now I am not from your community,
We are back,
did you get her number,
When? What are you doing?
I am thinking I should go for a cofffee with her,
Please accept my friend's request,
I want to add you in wedding pics,
We were together in wedding she just want to share the pictures,
I was also gone to wedding,
nobody shared anything with me, Sheela is sharing...
her old age.
Do you like Naina?
Naina is with Dhruv and she lives in Mumbai,
We have to renew the advertisement contracts,
Last time you cracked the endorsement deal.
Shall we book the plane tickets,
So how come dinner's plan tonight,
I am going to singapore tomorrow,
It means you will miss my exhibition,
My company says if I will like that setup,
so I can get Vise President's position,
That's what you wanted,
Will you marry me?
Everything is going so fast,
But opportunities came to life like this,
I will be back in ten days,
What kind of wedding you want?
Wherever, however you want.
How my super independent daughter missed her mom,
Really? What did you said?
What do you mean?
He didn't gave me a chance to say something,
He was sure that I will say yes,
so he didn't find out what I said,
What's the matter?
You are not happy,
Dhruv and me are best friends,
I am an emotional fool,
and he is a practical person,
And I always felt that...
it will our good combination,
you know he will bring a correct balance in my life,
Little sign and you will know,
you will feel it,
If you ever came to Mumbai...
Call her to reach mumbai,
Do what you always do,
not from the mind but think from your heart,
I know you will do the correct thing,
What are you doing here? I came to meet you,
I came to mumbai for some job reason,
So I thought I should ask you for Mumbai tour,
My dad said that my timing is totally rubbish,
how is that?
His honey moon period has ruined because I born,
Nothing has changed, you and your poorjokes.
Please don't make them more poor,
Many things happened in Arjun and Guithari's wedding,
Now everything seems slow,
I still sing wedding songs in shower,
So Radhika is ready,
Now Radhika is not ready,
I have recognised slightly and perfect option,
Radhika and Me It was a question mark on our future,
But my mom is still behind me,
Moms are kind of that,
His situation is very interesting,
with Sheela?
What happen? Slap,
I am Govind, Sheela's friend,
I don't sell cards,
You are sheela's friend,
I think nobody is coming,
Are you thinking the same what I am thinking,
I am afraid...
that I am thinking what you are thinking,
Let's go!
What we should keep her name? Hungry!
I think I should leave now,
Wait for a minute! I will be back,
I am sure it would be on right side,
Why did you do that? It's cold.
I should leave.
But tomorow is my important lunch meeting,
I forgot that you works.
Assume it like that,
How is everthing going?
Next year we will bring more new products,
How did you get this injury?
Last night... Some guys...
About a girl.
She is your friend,
Special friend,
Does she know how special she is,
No! Why?
You didn't tell her,
Relationships are complicated like you want to make them,
Remember one thing,
In life and movies...
Everything goes perfect in end,
What is in your heart.
Say it,
Where is she?
She is right behind you.
And you fulfilled my wish,
I don't know you are so filmy,
When 99'/, girls meet SRK so they all react like this,
Have you seen DDLJ,
Yes! But it's been a wild.
I will show you right now,
First dry your self then rain,
Look at this,
You decide it, It's chinese and Indian,
Do you know how to make perfect maggi,
Add some water and maggi,
then boil it for 2 minutes,
and besides that...
Add some cheese and chillies,
You are beautiful,
You are smart,
and you can make perfect maggi with a secret ingredient,
you can get any kind of guy,
So why you didn't get...
When a girl borns...
Get her married at any cost,
You got married twice,
What you got?
My logic was simple.
I thought...
When I will find a person like me,
I will call you back,
So which Jai you were expecting,
you are not becoming aunt in 9 months,
I will become aunt after your wedding,
Now tell me this Jai is Arjun's friend,
That you both have some connection,
It's a matter of life,
Think about it,
Shall I talk to Arjun?
How come you are here? May I come in?
Only seven days are enough to love singapore,
I finsihed my work and came back,
When I land here so I realised that I forgot my house key at home,
What this dog is doing here?
It's not a dog,
Her name is lucky, But it's a dog,
Where did you find him? On streets,
She was alone, And you brought her home,
you take shower
and I will be back from studio,
I am taking Lucky along,
Will you please keep lucky for few hours,
I will call you in evening,
And you ring the bell.
This is lucky and she is with you,
She involves everyone in her social service,
Jai with your lucky,
I should have make a phone call.
I gave her meal.
So! I guess I should leave now,
You just arrived, But...
I came to mumbai forjob reason,
And now my job is over so I guess I should prepare to go back.
Spend your evening with us,
I forgot to tell you I have invited few friends,
So now?
Now we have to orgznize drinks and dinner,
But I should leave.
Two players in one team,
One player have to explain the first word written on the card,
Like Ritu is written on some card,
So it's next 5 words will be...
He knows lucky only and he can't play Tabboo,
Your time starts now,
When we were in school so your teacher gave you and you can't make it
Eggs! Not eggs something else.
Where we met first time,
It's very simple.
I said yellow and you said orange,
Everyone was watching you,
Investment banking is a streeful line,
It's hard to get right decision on right time,
I guess like a life,
That's why I got this social smoking habit,
I can understand,
In fact you didn't get married yet,
I didn't get time,
What's your excuse?
I didn't find a right girl,
Everyone is leaving after the desserts,
Plan to have dessert,
Then we will go.
Let's go.
Good to meet you again,
Thank God you have my house key,
So! What did you decide?
About what?
What kind of wedding you want?
You always like beach wedding idea,
There is a weekend in 2 days,
You just have to come and finalise the house,
Don't you think everything is going so fast.
Can I talk to Naina for 2 minutes,
If ever...
you got a perfect option,
If you recognise that,
Can we raise our hands without any fear,
Can we hope...
our story...
will be different,
Jai! It's a right time,
So it is,
if there is a chance,
So it is.
All I need your answer,
that's all.
Jai is totally mad,
He think guys should also rub heena on their hands,
Because of him we got shortage of heena today,
And because of him Gaithari's mayun was great,
I really dance alot after so long,
There is still more,
When I came back from the wedding,
Everything seems changed,
Sometimes I feel I forgot something there,
Even I check my bags,
I think...
Change is not in things and environment,
but it's inside me,
that change is Jai,
I wish I would meet Jai earlier,
So what I have realised,
I would have permission and courage to accept that,
But Dhruv...
he is also a part of my life,
Whom I will have to answer,
What will I tell him?
You should tell me the truth,
First from your self then to me,
Naina we were always friends,
then we decided to get married,
It's not necessary that decision was right,
I wanted to tell you,
It was happening so soon,
Jai I found this diary that morning,
When I met you at Naina's house.
I talked to Ritu,
So she told the same what I didn't want to listen,
And that evening,
what you spent with us,
But it was necessary to testify,
I told you,
It's hard to get right decision on right time,
Like life.
This decision is not so simple,
But it was necessary,
for three of us,
I didn't book your tickets,
You can't say anything earlier,