Бог кукурузы d:ь [Maize God]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Feb 28, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
And the first is a vid sent by Sh0orik.
So we have a zoo, a bear and a bunch of asian kids [<--- (bear)pedobear ] [<--- asian kids]
And it would be a so-so vid.
if it wasn't for some kickass Polish guy who added the right tune.
And it became clear that the bear is black not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.
What's with those small Jackie Chans! [racist ;[ ]
It's the traditions that don't allow them not to bow back to the elderly?
And that's how black teach asian kids bad things.
How are they gonna hold chopsticks with these hands? [West side] [East side]
Or they still can't realize that the bear is happy they gave him sushi? [food!]
[why is there only 6 sushi?]
Well, little asians, little pieces of meet with rise. Sushi, eh [what a dumbass!]
I hope I won't hurt little asians with this [too late]
I'm a little asian and it hurts my little asian feelings.
I heard somewhere that bears are given to the zoo after circus [used then threw out]
But where did this Winnie Gangsta the Pooh live before the zoo?
[Working for 50 cent d:| ]
[nope, you're not our bro]
This is what happens when your zoo is located in a bad neighbourhood [ghettozoo]
This bear prolly held a piece in his hand.
And did some underground honey business [and is on it himself]
Let's make an experiment.
Aha! I've seen it! You're nodding your head!
Well, nod if you want to. Whatever makes you happy [my little nodder :P]
And this is Horosho!
And beatrissa42 sent us a vid that in no way could end good.
This makes me think that
that people film this only to upload it to the internet [meaning of life]
And it's thanks to those people that I still didn't disconnect from it [thanks for being dumb]
Well, place your bets.
Fly off?
Fall off?
And here they come running!
Bossa! Concrete mixera is brokena!
With this thing would just fly away [but promiced to return]
Not very romantic...
Or even better - an explosion!
Yup, always better with a blast! [always better]
But in reality it's a sad video.
Guys just wasted their last means of escape for 2012. What's so funny?
[mixer gone in 60 seconds]
[so funny in a mixer]
And someone has to live in the house they're building...
[or not %) ]
This reminds me of a certain song...
[this one?]
Ah, no!
Merry-go-round, Merry-go-round, who's not dumb, will not get on
And this is Horosho!
I've seen many videos in my life about
what tragedy happens when beauty contest girls open their mouths.
[Miss smth 2000-whatever]
But sadly these girls are unable to learn from the mistakes of others [goldfish syndrome]
Just like competitors of Miss Tatarstan 2012!
Each of them was asked about the end of the world.
In this situation I propose we take all the competitors of Miss Tatarstan
And we'll all smile beautifully.
Not a shadow of intellect, but cute.
And after this is just plain ridiculous.
And I mean complete bullshit!
I don't believe in it.
This is just silly.
But May (it's not a typo) was also a maize god. Do you really believe in that? A Maize God!
It's like...
Don't even know how to describe it! It's such a ...
It's silly! It's the same as...
a monster that lives under the bed.
Moon is made of cheese [is it not? 0_0]
So sad, Maize God, but you don't exist [sad panda =( ]
I am a Maize God and it hurts my MaizeGod feelings!
She continues on.
Earth is gonna fall.
It can't fall!
Where can it fall? There's no bottom!
Of course the Earth won't fall, that's just silly.
But if the turtles will slip on the whale, that's it! It's over!
Titans get sweaty - edge of the Earth will crumble! [and they better not slip ;[ ]
And i think that from all the girls only this one will survive.
End of the world? When? That soon?
Oh yeah, all the students speak the same words before the exam [and they survive :D]
Also this severe woman made me smile.
Beauty will save the world, therefore beautiful people will sure survive.
And you will die, freak ^__^
And I don't have enough for surgery as well [we're all gonna die. freaks.]
Well, I plan on becoming Miss Tatarstan this year.
And believe me!
I will talk to the Mayans and there won't be an end of the world.
Well, she had a tak with the organizers, so talking to the tribe is a piece of cake.
Did it ever happen to you? Like, when you have some stupid achievement in life [this is a coon]
But because you didn't achieve anything else, you mention it all the time.
[and what did you achieve?]
This girl has it the same.
As I am an actress and I've already played as a stork...
Oh yeah, it's that play where I was casted as a stone [future Steven Seagal]
But I prefer not to talk about it [that's humuliating]
Aaaand the only blond!
She's such a.... blond!
Friends, believe me, blondes will save the world.
Well, finally someone decided to save us! [yay!]
I will jack a heli or a plane.
...fly up and watch from the sky at what's happening.
Oh, thanks, yeah [saved us, uhuh]
Well, I recommend watching this vid frequently [link in the description]
To develop a faith in the humanity! [still a lot of beauties to go!]
And this is Horosho!
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So, what's holding you?
The Earth is holding me. And three elephants are holding the Earth. And they're held by this huuuuuuuuuge turtle!
I'm holding on the bus-stop, holding in the bus... I usually hold it till the toilet
If I was a girl, kitchen would, trololo...
I'm a student. from scholarship to scholarship I'm holding onto ramen and raviolli)
I'm holding on to a good word)
I am a Maize God and it hurts my MaizeGod... mwahaha
This is what happens when your zoo is located in a bad neighbgsdgnbwafhb