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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Crews kick off season six, Janet sells
out Radio City, and another star goes home.
This is Just Dance for April 7, 2011.
The sixth season of MTV's hottest competition show,
America's Best Dance Crew, is finally here.
Just Dance caught up with the 10 crews
battling it out this year.
And all I can say is, you do not want to
miss a single episode.
From hip hopping to voguing to pole dancing, season six is
packed with original crews from all around the world.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: Personally, I'm very, very excited about
the crews we've selected this season.
I think we show more diversity this season
than we ever had before.
The fact that we lowered the age limit, so now we have an
all-boys younger group, 10 to 13 years old, that dance like
they're 30 years old.
I mean, they're phenomenal.
We have an international crew.
We have a pole dancing crew.
I mean, we have so many different groups and such
diversity and such talent that we're very excited about what
it brings this season.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Stick with Just Dance as we bring you
exclusive interviews with the crews all season long.
And if you have any questions you want us to ask, be sure to
leave them in the comment box below.
America's Best Dance Crew season six premieres Thursday,
April 7, at 10/9 Central on MTV.
MALE SPEAKER: We are I aM mE crew from Houston, Texas.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: It was an emotional week on Dancing with
the Stars, as your favorite celebrity dancers were faced
with picking a song personal to their own lives.
Hines Ward scored with the judges once again.
His samba for his mama earned him 25 points.
And Petra Nemcova's graceful waltz put her on the top of
the leader board as well.
For the third week in a row, Wendy
Williams had a tough time.
The judges said her foxtrot was a step backwards and gave
her a mere 15 points.
But it was Kendra's rumba that nabbed the best
comments of the night.
She was praised for her sexiness and leg action but
called out for unnecessary gyrating.
After the emotional week and America's votes, we bid adieu
to Wendy Williams.
Tune in next Monday at 8/7 Central for an all-new episode
of Dancing with the Stars.

Icelandic trio Steed Lord released a stunning music
video to their single, "123 If You Want Me," which was
choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance
superstar Sonya Tayeh.
The musical artists are known for working on the frontiers
of pure creativity and music making with energetic live
performances, experimental filmmaking, photography, and
fashion design.
Just Dance caught up with Sonya Tayeh for more details
of her collaboration with Steed Lord.
SONYA TAYEH: They let me know what type of mood they wanted
the movement to be, for sure.
But that's what I love about them too, is they believe in
me, and they wanted me to show me in their work and the music
and in their video.
And I was really impressed by that.
So I would create a bunch of phrases with my family of
dancers that are amazing, and I would invite them to
rehearse those.
And so they would just come, and we would talk about what
they liked and what they didn't like and what they
wanted more of.
And it was great because I had a bunch of phrases set before
we started, and then we went to shoot, we just came up with
so many other things.
It's so strange.
We're so viscerally inspired by each other that so many new
ideas just happened when we're there.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: The entire music video was shot,
directed, edited, and styled by the group, which combined
with Sonya's beautiful yet aggressive combat style
choreography yields a colorful and captivating piece of art.
"123 If You Want Me" is off Steed Lord's album Heart to
Heart, which is currently available
for download on iTunes.

The Second City and its sassy gay friend are at it again,
this time parodying a Just Dance favorite, Black Swan.
The hilarious, satirical short shows how differently Black
Swan would have ended if Nina had
herself a sassy gay friend.
Here is one of our favorite clips.
-For one, stop chomping people's tongues
when you kiss them.
Don't pick at your finger.
Number two, when you're going to diddle yourself, maybe
glance around the room to make sure your mom's not there.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: How different do you think Black Swan
would've been if this sassy gay friend co-starred?
And check out secondcitynetwork.com for more
hysterical skits.

Triple threat superstar Janet Jackson is currently touring
the country with her sell out Number Ones Tour.
The Grammy winner gets up close and personal with her
fans during each show, which sold out Radio City Music Hall
three nights in a row.
Just Dance had the chance to chat with Janet's former
backup dancer and current choreographer, Gil Duldulao,
who filled us in on Janet's immense creativity and what
fans can expect from this iconic tour.
GIL DULDULAO: Janet's known for big shows and big
And that sure will come along again.
But this time, the direction was, hey,
why don't we do intimate?
Why don't we do intimate settings, iconic theaters.
I think that's one thing everyone will be able to take
away from this tour, is that you could actually feel her
and touch her and feel the energy.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Don't miss the legend on the road when
she comes to a city near you.
For tour dates, info on Janet's new book, and more,
visit www.janetjackson.com.
To recap, you saw Gil Duldulao talk Janet, Second City talk
Black Swan, and Crews talk season six.
Tune in next week for an all new episode of Just Dance on
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