Reggie Has Left the Building! - The Nutty Professor (9/12) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

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Your mother's so fat,
the bitch need a Thomas Guide to find her asshole!
[ Audience Laughing ]
All right! Wait, wait, wait. Yourmother's so fat,
after sex l rolled over twice, and l'm still on the bitch!
- [ Laughing Continues ] - Your mother is so fat,
she fell in the Grand Canyon and got stuck!
Reggie's mama's so fat that the bitch gets her toenails painted at Earl Scheib!
Earl Scheib!
Earl Scheib! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Hey, hey, get offthe stage, man. You ain't in show business.
Reggie's mama is so fat,
her blood type is Rocky Road!
[ Hooting, Cheering ] Isn't that somethin'?
Reggie's mother is so fat, her belt size is equator!
Get it? Equator?
[ Buddy Laughing Hysterically]
Let's get a big round ofapplause for Reggie's mama's ass...
that brought us so muchjoy tonight.
Yeah! That's a big ass.
Enough! Silence!
l can't take this shit nO mOre.
Now, you done talked about me enough, boy!
l tried to be peaceful, but now it's time for Reggie to ''karatasize'' your ass!
Whoo! Oh, yeah.
[ Laughing ]
, Oh, Reggie, l heard ofdreadlocks but ''shitlocks''?
[ Audience Laughing ] That's notyour hair.
Take that pile ofshit offyour head. You cra- You go too farwith the comedy.
Oh, oh- l- l- [ Karate Yell ] Come on! Come on!
What's that?
What style is that?
Oh, shit.
[ Karate Yell ] Oh! Oh! Aaah!
[Audience Gasps, Cheers ] [ Laughing ]
[ Karate Yells ] Oh, you quick, but l'm quicker.
Watch my feet. Come on with it!
l'm gonna come on with it. l'm gonna- Ha! Hey! Aaah!
- Oh, damn! - [Audience Gasps ] - Ladies and gentlemen,
me and Reggie want to send one out to a vey special lady in the house tonight.
## [ Piano]
# Do-un-do-un-doo-doo ## Reggie?
- [ Bones Crack] - [ Howling ] Let go.
That was pretty.
Ladies and gentlemen, Reggie has left the building. Thankyou, and good night.
[ Cheering ]