Marlene & Rebecca - Part 63-1

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You will arrange for the press to get wind of the matter.
But be discreet, that's what I'm paying you for after all.
I want to see a massive headline in tomorrow's "Düsseldorfer Kurier".
Scandal at the Lahnstein's Van Gogh auction: Forcing up of prices - Own family involved.
The Lahnstein's will send a front man to boost the bids.
It's about the painting "Zypressenweg unter dem Sternenhimmel" ("Cypress path under the starry sky") - have you got that?
The "Zypressenweg unter dem Sternenhimmel". I just want to make sure we stick to our agreement.
Come to the No Limits tomorrow to get your money.
Hey. - Hey!
Wow. Where do you have all that money from?
What am I to do, I just have the gambler's gene.
If I had that now, I'd likely feel more relaxed.
I almost had a heart attack when Rebecca wanted to bid tomorrow.
We would immediately be sued for price rigging. That would be the death of the auction house.
If tomorrow's auction isn't a success, I gave the final blow to the company.
Ansgar gave the final blow. You just try to straighten his failure out.
Yeah, but everyone relies on me.
My breath catches when I think about tomorrow.
Helena. Tomorrow the biggest art collectors will be here.
People who will bid everything they have on Van Gogh's paintings.
You have a strategy!
I witnessed many of your auctions.
As soon as it starts, you'll function. You know exactly what you're doing when it comes to jacking up a price.
You're a professional!
See, everyone has the highest expectations of me.
Yes. But I know you'll make it, that's the difference.
How far jealousy can push somebody.
Tristan thinks Rebecca wants to buy the painting for Marlene.
He'd rather kill himself than grant her the fun.
With how much money does Tristan send his front man?
10 million Euros. You outbid him, the front man bails and we'll blow his cover.
And just like that, the suspicion of price rigging is raised.
After paying the fine the auction house will be dead once and for all.
Welcome, Countess von Anstetten, I didn't know you were intersted in Van Gogh.
Some old friend, Charlie Schneider, infected me with the arts virus.
She had a gallery once. A Van Gogh has yet to be added to my collection.
In that case I wish you good luck!
Ah, mister! If you want a bidder's badge...
No, thanks. I'm from the press - Düsseldorfer Kurier.
I'm delighted the press will finally write something positive about the Lahnsteins again. Have fun!
Helena; it's about to start. - No kidding.
Stage fright? - Mhm.
That's completely normal. Before important presentations I do, too.
Don't worry! Everyone of distinction is here.
The auction will sell itself.
Do you want to go in together? - Yes, please.
I don't see Tristan and his front man anywhere.
No worries, they'll come.
Sweetie here is as good as toast.
She just doesn't know it yet.
What a surprise!
Can we talk?
There's nothing I'd rather do. What's on your mind?
I'd like to know where we'll go from here.
What's this supposed to be? A heart-to-heart-talk?
We love the same woman. It shouldn't be like this, but it is.
But we're still family and have to deal with each other somehow.
You're my brother, your feelings aren't of little importance to me.
That's very comforting.
I know you're looking for a culprit.
Maybe I already found one, don't you think?
A female one, to be precise.
Nonetheless that doesn't give you the right to invade my private sphere.
What do you mean by that?
Somebody was in my apartment recently.
And I think it was you.
It's alright to be angry with me. But if I'm right, you're clearly crossing a line!
A line you already crossed a few weeks ago when you slept with Marlene.
By the way, the "Zypressenweg" will be auctioned today.
The painting Van Gogh made for his secret lover so she won't forget that he always thinks of her.
Although he's not allowed to tell.
It's Marlene's favorite painting. Interesting, isn't it?
Why are you telling me this?
Do you think I want to buy it?
Bollocks! Even if I wanted to I didn't have the money.
On top of that Helena clearly banned us from bidding.
Bans only turn you on.
3.5 million € - Does anyone bid more?
4 million €... 4 million going, going, gone!
7 million €...
8 million to No. 31 going, going, gone!
Sold for 8 million.
If it goes on like this, we'll be rid of all troubles.
I hear 6.8 million, does anybody bid more?
6.9 million...
7 million.
Countess Anstetten, was that a bid?
Uh, no no. Pardon me.
No problem.
Does anyone outbid 7 million €?
10 million.
With that you'll bid on the "Zypressenweg unter dem Sternenhimmel". And remember, we don't know each other!
That's not much for a Van Gogh. Might be a close call.
That's my limit.
You're a professional, so do your job.
I WANT this Van Gogh.
Look, our heroine arrives. - Yeah, it's not going badly at all.
Hello? It's going excellent.
You're fantastic! If it goes on like this, our wildest expectations are about to be exceeded.
I still can't believe you pushed this collector from Austria this far. I sat there and thought she'd bail anytime now!
Yes, but that's pure calculation. She loves risks and wants to be asked, but in the end she snatches at the offer.
Hey! - Excuse my delay. How's it going?
Just like you said: I function.
I tould you you'd make it.
Yeah. It's starting to be fun.
Oh, here comes the big moment: I am so curious for how much the "Zypressenweg" will change hands.
I'm sure top prices will be bid.
It's the Japanese. Have fun bidding!
Sold to the bidder with the No. 17 for 1.5 million €. Congratulations!
Ladies and gentlemen, now we get to item No. 031 "Zypressenweg unter dem Sternenhimmel"...
93 x 72 centimetres large, an oil painting.
This is a painting of neo-expressionism, created in Van Goghs time in Arles.
This painting is a typical example for the fascination that light and colors of the Provence held for the artist.
The lowest bid is at 1.3 million €.
Ladies and gentlemen...