Blazblue Continuum Shift - Anifest Victory 2009

Uploaded by BadyZh on 15.02.2010

Veni, vidi, vici — that’s a real hero. Not a whiny teenager!
Want your enemies to drop on their knees? Just cut their legs!
Do you want to become such a hero? I will teach you, I know it inside out!
I know how to make a man from a boy. Let’s rewind the time. Look closely, that’s how he was before he met me!
Wow, such a large kitty!
Are you Meow? I’m Ragna. Let’s be friends, here is a balloon for you.
I stand up for love and justice!
On behalf of the Moon, I will.. ?
Hey, have you recognized me?
But I’m from famous anime!
Ewww… What’s anime?
Chinese porn cartoons. Damn con, full of casuals, no one to hang out with!
Hey, do I look like Lara Croft?
Yeah.. you have such a big.. guns…
Whaaat? Kid, go back to mommy, ask her what girls are about!
Mister, how about you hold that?
Don’t be jealous its not my fault. I was born with good looks!
Ragna onii-san! I was so lonely! Let’s play, like always — I am seme again!
Is this the way men behave? Take this!
“How to be a man for dummies” Let’s start from scratch.
A Catwoman. Likes to eat, to sleep and to meow.
I stand up for love and justice!
Chinese porn cartoons fangirl. Uses cosplay as means of seduction.
Let’s do it, Sailor Moon!
Girl without any complex… except her own body.
Hey, do I look like Lara Croft?
Angeline? Jolie?
Yeah, honey, that’s me! Do you want an autograph?
Gorgeous brunette, PhD. Is ready for any experiments.
Mister, how about you hold that?
Why do you need that pole? Use me instead!
Mister, I want you for my dissertation. Here is my phone number.
Cute boy. Loves his big brother.
Have you got how real men behave? Now try not to use that guide..
and remember, more passion, more passion!
Huh… more passion?!
I stand up for love and justice!
Omsk Usagi, always Usagi (Russian fandom meme pun)
Hey, do I look like Lara Croft?
Oh yeah, but let me compensate something you lack sooo much!
Mister, how about you hold that?
Hold it yourself!
Nii-san! I was so lonely!
Here is my nii-chan. And now we are playing a banging train. Cho-choo~
Veni. Vidi. Vici. It seems all right, but why is our hero so gay?
Well, I shall work with him more and more... It can't be helped, we have a lot of time for that.