03 PhD student (Lis): Toys in the park project

Uploaded by ManchesterMHS on 21.03.2012

Well, when I first saw the study advertised, it was called,
'Toys in the park'.
It was about promoting physical activity amongst older people
and the thinking was, really, that there are now two or three older people's
playgrounds like this one
in the UK: there's this one here in Blackley in Manchester, there's one in Hyde Park
and there's one in Lytham St Anne's.
I suppose my supervisors were thinking, 'did anyone actually ask
older people whether this was something that they would use?'
or has the local government, or
local residents associations, just
decided it would be a good idea and see whether people would use them.
part of the PhD was around seeing whether these things were a good idea or
not and whether they would be used.