Russian VDV Paratroopers: Nobody, but us! (English subtitles)

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Gain interval distance. Stretch hands. The rest ones stand in staggered rows. MINISTRY of DEFENCE of RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Airborne servicemen, get closer to the central bench. Watch. TV CHANNEL "ZVEZDA"
First four men. Gain interval of the stretched hand also as in staggered rows. Attention! PRESENT
Guards Colonel Dmitry Glushenkov
I suppose that the hardest thing is when your subordinate is fulfilling a hard task and you are far away and can’t assist him.
You can only hope, that you have taught him well what he has to do.
You wait for the result. Wait for him to return home.
I think, this is the hardest thing.
Situation in the Northern Caucasus remains disturbing.
Leaders of the armed gangs keep preparing subversive and terrorist acts in order to destabilize situation in the Caucasian republics.
Supposedly there is an armed gang up to 7 men strong on the Coldynhoch’s Northern slopes.
The task is to eliminate the gang and then follow instructions of the senior Command.
I remind you that according country scheme this is so-called “Wolf gates”. Limited passage from the right and left.
Movements of the covering subunit, which is to be rear patrol, should form corridor on this route and entice main forces and advance patrol on it.
The only disadvantage of this method is that when the group is to come out, there is a possibility for them to cross line of their fire. Right?
There are two choices. Either you move or they.
At your discretion. It's your choice to decide what is better.
Fall back! Fall back! Fall back!
Ambush! Maneuver!
The first shortcoming. Lines of fire cross each other.
The man is shooting and the other man is running right in front of his gun.
Faster! Faster! Faster!
Bullet wound to the right leg.
You have to understand. The longer we are in the zone the faster bullet streams reach us.
And there are five bullets per one square meter in the ambush. We wouldn’t come out of there.
The only thing you did excellent. You thought right and fast about the wounded guy.
The subunit, your rear patrol, was operatively transformed into the evacuation subunit.
This was invented fast. You did well!
Thumb up to the man, who made this.
Who? Raise the hand. Who did this?
Ah, of course, the commander himself.
Where are you going into ravine? Where?
You’ll come out along the slope anyway.
Go, go, go, go!
Another one is leaving!
Go, guys, go! First one!
That’s all, Commander, two minutes of work. Let’s do it.
Another two minutes to specify the task and then we move.
Airborne Forces as an independent branch of the Armed Forces is intended to fulfill combat tasks in the enemy’s rear.
Enemy is everywhere and you can count only on your comrade.
That’s why they should train during peacetime.
During drill and everyday life they can create team spirit here, on friendly ground, fulfilling study and combat tasks.
Because when a real combat tasks will be set to be accomplishedl in the enemy’s rare, airborne soldier should know that his comrade covers and helps him.
I find this very positive.
VDV (Airborne Forces) have an original spirit and traditions have been elaborated during decades.
And what's most important is that these traditions don’t disappear, but multiply.
Every person here realizes, that he can be number 1 today, but number 2 tomorrow.
It depends on accomplishing of mission, his moral, psychological and physical conditions.
I think, they realized that and got accustomed to that.
The sniper pair acted successfully at our competitions.
Our task as commanders is to ensure, that soldiers fulfill their task with no casualties thanks to our smart decisions and our heads.
It’s necessary to foresee for him and for junior commanders many moves ahead.
I’ve been in touch with Western colleagues and know that a lot there is connected with supplies and comfort.
If all these advantages are taken from them and Command is paralyzed, then the enemy Army General attacking from the front can destroy this enemy easier.
When soldiers come to the Airborne Forces and this atmosphere, their conscience is slowly transformed.
They imbibe feeling of duty and responsibility.
They like to know, that they serve in the Airborne Forces. They wear striped vest and berets.
They feel, that they are Men. They can overcome fear, themselves… and achieve success.
They realize that they serve in Elite.
That becomes a meaning of their lives, life itself.
I know, that their families also imbibe such spirit.
The movie shows real active soldiers and commanders of Special Operations Units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.