The Alternate Battle of Trafalgar - Fortune Favors the Bold - Napoleon Total War

Uploaded by ltflak on 23.11.2010

We sure as hell can't outrun them fuckers.
Battle stations!
All hands on deck!
We shall beat to quarters!
Get your asses up here, you lazy bastards!
She's not in range yet, stand fast until she’s close enough!
Third and forth divisions ready sir!
Right! Starboard battery, FIRE!
Starboard battery, FIRE!
Keep'em spitting Mr. Calamy.
Reload and give'em hell!
Eighteen pounder.
At least sir.
We're going to have to get closer and poke his eye. Run out the starboard battery.
Mr. Allen come up on the wind.
On the wind sir?
Lay me alongside at pistol shot.
Sharpshooters to the top.
Ready on the guns.
Full canvas!
Aye, full canvas!
Wait till we're board-and-board.
Fire all!
Come on, men.
It be too late to alter course now, men!
For the mainmast lads!
Fire as she bears!
Grappling hooks away!
My division with me!
The rudder is shot away, the steering don't answer.
We're fish in a barrel.
Orders, sir?
Dying is the day worth living for!
Orders? Orders sir?
Sir, what do you command?
Abandon ship!
All hands, abandon ship!
They're retreating!
You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went.
You could swear, curse the Fates.
But when it comes to the end,
you have to let go...