"A Person can Only Take so Much"

Uploaded by cacvoices on 09.09.2011

My name is Austin Moore. I’m from Eminence, Indiana. I have Asperger’s, which is on
the autism spectrum as a disability. I'm here this week because my grandma she wanted to
learn a little more about the autism so she could explain it to people at home because
people there don’t really know much about it. And I ended up getting bullied a lot because
of it. They were like verbally messing with me and
all that. Until the point, because they knew that I had like a short temper where I can
only control myself for so long. Then I like, would just start shoving and pushing and all
that, because I had all the anger built and I had to release it. And I just couldn’t
control it anymore. I got to the point where kids were picking
on me so much and I got so angry that they kicked me out of art and gym.
It took a while but I started showing a little more self-control. But after a while, I just
have had enough. And they say that sometimes a person can only take so much before, can
only keep it all bottled up to the point where they have to just release it all on somebody.
They knew that and they just wanted to get me in trouble so they were doing that to me.
In May my principal, I finally decided to talk to him about it because this one kid
had been bullying me for a couple of months now. And I didn’t walk to talk about because
I don't like talking about it to my principal. I talked about it with my resource teacher
and to the vice principal a few days before the incident. I got into a fight because this
kid had been bullying me so I just had enough and I shoved him.
I told him it’s your guys’ job to make sure kids like me don't get bullied, right?
I think the principal could try and get more facts from it before he does it and ask more
of the teachers who know what's going on. And first of all, I think the principal and
all the other teachers should like know more about my disability because they just think
I’m perfectly normal and I’m just trying to make up excuses when I’m really not.
And I think they should be more educated on the disability.
I like to write a lot so maybe I could write like a little story about this stuff or a
book or something. I write a lot on paper and all that. Not many
people do that anymore. They think it’s easier for the digital but my typing skills
are not the best. I know how to change some parts of a car,
like I know how to change the refrigerant in it. I can change the air in a tire and
I want to be a mechanic when I grow up. I mean my mom's been showing me some of the
stuff that goes wrong with her car. I help fix it and all that. I realized I just have
a lot of fun doing that. I don’t have to go to college and I don’t really want to
go to college for that.