American Express Summer Intern Insights 2012 Vol. 2 Episode 2

Uploaded by AmericanExpress on 15.08.2012

Sofia: Ive been doing some pricing analysis. Looking at one of our biggest issuing partners
and trying to figure out exactly what each product within that huge portfolio really
costs us. Ive also been working on doing some analysis of one of our airline cobrands and
figuring out as our relationship comes up for renegotiation. Trying to see really, what
kind of margins do we have to play with and what would the profitability be based on some
assumptions that we have, in terms of future growth and future number of cardholders.
Sofia: This internship experience has been great. Ive been able to have things like senior
executives having lunch with a handful of us. Sharing their career trajectory with us
and giving us some advice. And actually I would add thats something that I think is
something that happens across American Express. Having coffee with a manager, director or
vice president. Theyre all really eager to tell you there story and in a sense thats
very collaborative and not competitive.
Sofia: Fundamentally, this is a place where you can really create your own next step and
I think that thats something thats probably not well known about American Express, Is
that you really have to have some autonomy over whats coming up.
So you have your relationships that youve been building at this organization and through
that you learn about the different opportunities that are coming up in different business units
and thats how, I think you have a little bit more entrepreneurial, autonomous relationship
with your career as a professional here, instead of, you know, straightened arrow all along
the way. No ones laying it out for you.
Sofia: One critical thing you need in order to be successful here which is intellectual
curiosity. If you don't want to ask more questions, learn about the different units, your really
not going to be able to set yourself up for the next thing that could come your way.