Fear Itself

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 07.07.2011

Fear has a powerful way of making you think and do completely irrational things because
it reduces your cognitive capabilities for fight or flight. If you can't do either like
in the case of hell, the evil gay, feminist, black, mexican Jewish or Muslim agenda, you
are just afraid for fear's sake and those with less self control will let their fight
instincts go in anger. The phrase “people fear what they don't understand” is very
true, and that is true on both sides which is why what sounds PC and hippie of learning
and understanding leads to peace is actually true and not just a nice sentiment. The only
way to overcome your fear is to better understand it. The fear of snakes or wild animals is
overcome by studying them and understanding them, and then you can handle them with great
respect and care. If you don't understand the meme of religion you will not know how
to mentally inoculate people against it, you will just make them feel persecuted which
makes the meme stronger because now its an us vs them scenario.
Park 51 and the growing Muslim “menace” is a perfect example of how fear trumps logic
because of ignorance. I kept hearing people say “watch out or the Muslims will be taking
over the US, its only a matter of time”. Yes our 6% of Muslims who were born and raised
in America will be taking over. There seems to be a divide between the Liberals
in the US and the rest of the west in the views on Muslims. I think a lot of it is due
to our constitution and our experience with immigrants. America has been nothing but a
melting pot of immigrants, and every new wave of immigrants caused a new rash of fear and
bigotry. Its hilarious to see people of Irish, German, Italian or Jewish decent speak out
against the Muslim or Mexican immigrants, especially since just 70 years ago they had
to go through the exact same thing. And you want to talk about a religion that wants to
take over? Anyone remember the Catholic Church? That Church was the very reason why many fled
to the US, because of religious persecution. The Church wanted influence in everything
and controlled much of Europe. The founding Fathers knew this and to ensure that no religion
was to be respected or set up by the government. Did you know Guy Faulks was actually a Catholic
Terrorist and was trying do a 9/11 on parliament to restore power to the church? Catholics who came over here were given the
same reception for many years as Muslims are getting now. Most of them just came to this
country to practice their religion in peace and reap the benefits of their hard work,
but they were persecuted because they were generalized with the agenda of the church.
American Muslims are allowed to intermingle freely with people of all creeds faiths and
walks of life. They have had their standard of living raised and have had their mind expanded
beyond what they would have had in their homogenous nation. The majority love the freedom they
share and would fight to defend my freedom to practice my beliefs just as much as I would
theirs. It is the constitution that keeps us free and would require 3/4th of the nation
to vote to eliminate the freedom of religion. I had an atheist extremist Canadian once tell
me that America needs to pull its head out of its ass and eliminate the freedom of religion.
The freedom of religion is what allows me to be a non-believer and speak blasphemously
about it without fear of legal repercussion. The bill of rights is one of the greatest
documents and set of laws ever written. Sadly because other nations like Britain do not
have a Constitution and everything is set on precedent, And there is not nearly as much
precedent for immigration as there is in the US, they are having many immigration problems
we went through years ago. Dawkins recently made a documentary discussing the major problem
britain is having with religious schools that receive funding from the government and now
any religion can get funding from the government to build a school. These schools can discriminate
based on religion or background or if they deem the person to be not religious enough.
If it was truly a secular nation like the US they would not be allowed to do this without
a fight. The school voucher programs in my home state. Religious schools that allow only
people of their faith ensure that they kids will grow up with no knowledge of people beyond
what they know. Many of these school exist because they don't want their kids tempted
by new ideas. This kind of isolation is what is causing the rise in extremism in Europe
and lack of understanding among the groups. To eliminate the freedom of religion would
be a horrible idea. The Soviet union outlawed religion so their numbers of professing religious
dropped significantly. The problem was that they didn't teach the thinking, reason and
logic skills required to question religion and not be swayed by it. The state dogma and
propaganda was their religion that the USSR despised so much, but blind devotion was encouraged
and rewarded. So when the Iron curtain fell and they now had the freedom of religion,
suddenly there was a massive backlash. Europe's religions had been dropping steadily through
great education and and increased standard of living. Russia now has a much higher level
of believers than most Europe has. Its like instead of exposing a child to reality and
building up anti-bodies you kept the child in a bubble and then the bubble burst. Now
the child is exposed more than ever. Russians had found their state religion of their communist
state was shattered so what do you do if you weren't taught to question? You switch quickly
over to another religion. So why is Islam more violent than Christianity
even though Christianity has a slightly more violent book? It is because Christians live
in the west where they have luxuries and money, education and freedom. Muslims live in poor
or oppressive areas and the rise of the Arab spring is showing them more and more that
they can be peaceful and have power over their lives. Just like with every new wave of oppressed
dogmatic people, education, communication and integration is the only way the end and
reduce the fear they have of logic and questioning. Or we can all just freak out, crawl in a hole
or round them up and send them to special camps like another group of hate and fear
filled bigots.