Sequence of Training for Reverse Penhold Backhand Players - ENGLISH SUBTITLE

Uploaded by stcvideos on 02.09.2011

Hello everyone, we are back with another video lesson
And today we will talk about sequences of training for penhold players
Let's start with periodic training
A training where you will have enough sequence
If you are a Reverse Penhold Backhand player
I recommended to the three methodical training
First to backhand you push the ball
After you hit the ball
This puts your opponent on your forehand, may be in the middle of the table
You hit the forehand and repeats all action again
A backhand pushing the ball, one of Reverse Penhold Backhand striking the ball and a forehand
This is the first training sequence to Reverse Penhold Backhand
Another training sequence to Reverse Penhold Backhand
Reverse Penhold Backhand and then forehand attack, everything on the backhand of his opponent
A ball on the backhand and one forehand
Always attacking forehand and Reverse Penhold Backhand
And the third sequence that you will do
Balls are in parallel
You will hit the ball in the parallel and block in parallel
After the opponent puts on the diagonal, you attack diagonally again
And he repeats it again, pushing and attacking Reverse Penhold Backhand and hitting in the diagonal
Are three sequences of movements methodical and sequential
And be sure to let you know if this evolving this training, you should measure
And how to measure? Note that you will measure its performance
You calculate from 0 to 100% and see how many you hit in this exercise
And you will know if 10% hit, 20% in each exercise, measuring its progress
You will have a great advantage in their training and gonna improve your performance in a sequence of balls
Until the next video and be sure to visit our website and my Twitter. A good training for you!