Lionel Messi - His biography (English Subtitles) Part 2 of 2

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Transcript: amount impossible to pay for Leo's family
when first inconveniences showed up.
Then I had the opportunity
- because I worked for the company Acindar -
of speaking with the foundation of the company
and could speak with
my social security foundation (ASIMRA) as well
and they both helped us to pay it.
Leo's treatment for two years
after this period it got complicated
because they could not extend the benefit any longer
For us it was so expensive
and as it was getting so difficult
we tried to find a solution
in order not to stop his treatment
because he really needed it
To stop Leo's treatment was no option
so Leo's family turned to the club he was playing for
at first the club accepted to pay it
but soon after the provision of funds stopped
One night at Newells football club
Leo's mother told me she was very tired
because she had to insist many times
I think if Newells had behaved better
Leo would be playing for Newells
they missed a great player
now many managers must be lamenting that.
Newells let Leo get away
while his family looked for a solution for the third time
maybe a bigger club would pay his treatment
then we considered the option
of making Leo play in River Plate
but aiming River to be in charge of his treatment
Lionel and his father went to Buenos Aires
for an admission test in River
in a pitch close to the Stadium
The players to be tested formed a line.
and as they noticed Leo was the shortest one
they said to him "stay there" and put him in last place.
Other kids started to play, time was passing by
and they did not call Leo.
I was behind the wire fence, and told Leo:
"Insist, tell them to make you play,
cos the trial time will finish soon".
and suddenly the guy who was the examiner
looked at Leo and asked him: "what position do you play?"
He replied: "attacking midfielder, playmaker..."
"Ok, get into the field, place there"
but never giving much importance to him...
after around two or three minutes
he received the ball for the first time
and he made two or three of his moves
that were normal for us
and the examiner watched that and asked
"who is his father?"
then I told him "it is me"
"we want him"
and having watched only two moves of him
because he received the ball and in two moves
he shot to goal and the goalkeeper
had to make an effort to stop the ball.
They asked us to bring Leo to River Club
but Leo was a Newells' player so we explained
they had to negotiate his transfer with them
They said "But clubs usually ask
a lot of extra money for a transfer, etc etc"
so all finally was in vain.
River Club did not even want to negotiate Leo's transfer
and it was clear that they could not find a solution in Argentina
but by that time a big Club from Europe already knew
about a kid from Rosario
who could play wonderfully
FC Barcelona knew him already
cos they have people looking for kids out of Spain
They told me there was a 12 year old kid from Rosario
who is a genius.
I usually distrust of these kind of comments
but they insisted so much
so I took it seriously
and after a couple of months I told Juan Gaspar to check
(Mr Rexach) I asked "How old is he?"
They told me: "12 years old"
Then I explained them I was looking
for 18 year-old players to form a new team
but then they insisted that he was very talented, etc etc
I said to them that this kid is likely to play wonderfully
so I said: ok, if he is that good
I commit myself to go to Barcelona,
there we can contact his parents
and fix a time for them to fly to Barcelona
and stay there for 15 days for his examination.
We had to take Leo for an examination,
so we were in Barcelona for many days
Leo and his father Jorge stayed at this hotel
waiting for the day of the examination
Through this window they had to see the City
during 16 days, waiting for Mr. Rexach's return
from the Olympic Games in Sydney
They even considered to fly back to Argentina
When we were ready to leave
they asked us to stay one day more
Because Rexach would be already back
So we stayed.
Then they organized a match
with boys older than Leo, 14-year boys
Here they played that match,
I remember having arrived some minutes late
walked over here, watching them
as usual, walking a bit, stopping to watch
what he could do when he received the ball
When Carlos Rexach showed up
Leo was playing and shooting for a goal
"He was easy to see in the pitch
because he was so short, so he stood out
it was a visual impact
Then I went to the corner
but at that time I was already sure
I wanted to sign him up
He asked: "who is that boy?"
"He is the Argentinian boy you have to examine"
It was simple, we had to hurry to sign him up
because he was a different player
So he said: "he is in"
He was here 15 days but, to be honest,
it was necessary only one day to decide
Messi had made a good impression on them all
but his future was not so clear
They were bad times for Barcelona's first division
so not everyone agreed with his admission.
At that time some managers thought that
the boy was too young,
he could be a future crack,
but by that time we would not be in the club yet.
And there were typical comments like:
"He is too short, he only can play futsal, etc etc"
In the meantime, Messi's family
had to wait Barcelona's contract for over two months,
which was finally made effective,
but in a very particular way...
So, in a cafeteria, I took one of those paper napkins
and in order to show them that the promises were real
and to make them feel more secure,
I wrote: "Me, Carlos Rexach, as FC Barcelona's trainer....
And he made the decission of hiring Lionel Messi
as long as he accepts the amount of money previously agreed.
With that, they could have a kind of peace of mind.
he wrote on that paper, he signed it, and gave it to me to keep it
I know, it was on a single piece of paper, not so formal...
For me is a very funny document
...but the intention was to confirm what I had already said.
The napkin was signed in this cafeteria on December 14th, 2000
and a month later the official document,
this is, three and a half months later from the trial day.
For Messi's family, it was a time for a decission:
to leave or not their home city (Rosario).
Yes, it was a difficult decission indeed,
one day we got together to discuss
if we were willing to leave or not,
and we all agreed, specially Leo was eager to play there.
It was Leo's great opportunity
so the whole family moved to this hotel
with this special view
The dream was very close
but it would not be so simple
In the beginning they were hard times,
cos many things happened...
Well, when you move from your homeland
you start to miss every single thing,
even the tiled floor
We were fighting to get our visas,
as they were teenagers
authorities insisted with their documents
The truth is that many bad situations showed up
so we were facing a crisis
Yes, it was a real downer,
Leo told me that in his last visit,
they cried, they were hesitant...
Leo himself, his father Jorge,
his mother Celia, the whole family
was wondering if the cost of this change
was worth it, or if the price was too high
I know they felt bad at a certain point,
and they even thought of giving up
At first the family had bad times
In order not to make his brothers suffer,
Celia decided to come back to Argentina with them,
wishing that the whole family would fly back
so his mother and his brothers left Spain,
and Leo stayed here only with his father
We are aware and admit that we left Leo alone,
in my own case I think I left him alone,
it is hard to remember those times,
it made me feel bad to remember that ...
Leo and his father decided to stay
knowing that he was not allowed to play yet
not without the Spanish citizenship
But Leo always had the last word
in the decission of staying there
His father let him to decide:
to stay or to leave?
Leo wanted to stay....
Yes, one day I asked to him:
but what do you think about all this?
Would you like to continue?
Because in one word it is up to you...
"I wanna stay here to play in FC Barcelona
and to get to play in first division here"
So in March 1st, 2001 Leo Messi
signed formally his contract with FC Barcelona
For us it is incredible, when we go to the Stadium
we see many people wearing T-Shirts with his name,
it is as if we were dreaming".
I remember the boy I had once here,
and I see the man today,
and I find the same expression in his eyes
He is a man who could manage the values he always had.
He is where he is cos he is a GREAT football player.
And what happens when they shout your name in the Stadium?
"I hear them, but it is as if it were not me" he says
You see him running and it is him, you can recognize him.
He is not trying to prove how he plays,
he is simply involved in the game
I prefer not to watch, it makes me feel nervous to see
when they hit him, or when he falls down.
He does what he loves.
Footbal is his life
He was born to play football
And you see the fans shouting his name
"Messi, Messi, Messi"
it is the best experience a man can have
As you can see,
to become what Messi is
talent alone is not enough,
it is necessary a mix of many factors:
personality, determination,
tenacity, a wish...
and when you have them all,
talent can do things like these:
Lionel Messi is great in every aspect
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